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For the past four years Nary May’s heart belonged to Saxon “Vicious” Black Despite the painful reality of unreuited love her feelings never strayed no matter what he did But there comes a time when surviving means letting go What she never expected w Like always I thought that I could read Lila’s next gripping instalment and be satisfied for at least a few months But I was wrong Whilst enchanted by Nary Saxon’s story Lila introduced characters that I need to know of I need to know what happens between Dallas Melissa and I need of Kelsey and Gypsy I will admit that in previous books I wasn’t a fan of Saxon I didn’t like the way he treated Nary even though he clearly had feelings for her But my dislike of Saxon fast disappeared when I read this book instead of disliking him I felt sorry for him he truly felt like he was protecting Nary for himself Not only did Saxon want to protect Nary but he was also scared of her rejecting him because of his scars I wasn’t sure if I would like Nary at first don’t get me wrong I didn’t dislike her I just hadn’t formed a connection with her But I LOVED her She is strong feisty and caring although she was put into a horrific situation she still put a brave face on and tried to protect her new friend Kelsey The bond those two formed was unbreakable Instead of letting what happened to her dictate to her future and drag her down Nary used what happened to her to make a decision to change her careereducation path to be able to help other women that have been through situations like she and Kelsey did There were no faults what so ever with the storyline or the editing I will definitely be reading this book again and I cannot wait for from Lila Ps I am not going to let slip any spoilers but I adored what Nary did for Saxon by saying what she did to his father It’s also thanks to this book and Lila that I have discovered a new author new to me – Marialisa DeMora And have a new biker series to read For years Saxon has pushed the woman he loved away scared about what happened in his past he pushed her away But when the club princess Nary is kidnapped by an enemy of the club Saxon will do anything to get Nary back avenge whatever Baxter has done to her What Saxon also realises is that when he gets Nary back he isn’t ever going to leave her side he is going to tell Nary that he loves her Nary thought that she was going to be headed home to have a pizza date with her boyfriend Jeremiah Instead she is thrown into the back of a car and kidnapped Thrown into her own personal hell she soon becomes friends with another prisoner Kelsey as the days slowly pass Nary is left hoping and praying that the hawks will hurry up finding her and saving her and Kelsey But will the Hawks be able to track Nary did and break her out of the hell she is being put through Will Nary and Kelsey be rescued in time? Will Saxon confess his love and make Nary his? Will Nary be able to get over what she went through?

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Living Without Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter #4 Away than leave himself open for heartache However when faced with the possibility of losing Nary to the monsters that invade her dreams the time to run was overTo save her means risking it all but to continue living without his heart was no longer an opti Saxon could be so charming at times “now you gonna kiss your man before you start bawling?” The man couldn't care less what his woman did to the apartment as long as she was happy “right Gonna head back to see what t my woman bought to make the apartment all girly” I loved this book the first part really did hell on your emotions but I wouldn't change it because that's when we see Saxon come to his senses

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Mobi ï Living Without ´ Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter Download ë For the past four years Nary May’s heart belonged to Saxon “Vicious” Black Despite the painful reality of unreuited love her feelings never strayed no matter what he did But there comes a time when surviving means letting go WhatAs to find herself fighting for her life and trying to survive a new form of torment threatening to swallow her whole Saxon was broken Never feeling worthy the last thing he ever wanted to do was taint the woman he loved But it was easier to push and walk After such a long wait for Saxon and Nary's story I'm glad that they finally get together but I'm mad about the reason he treated her so mean and acted so indifferent towards her I won't say what it is as I hate ruining stories for future readers but I will say his reason for not pursuing Nary was uite frankly stupid as fuck He did what he did to protect him self fuck he was a fourteen year old boy in a fucked up situation I think many kids would react the same I understand how he may feel guilty that isn't something you come away from unscathed but to treat Nary like she was a piece of shit smeared on the bottom of his boot was super excessive and fucked up He was such a douche to herIt's so funny that at the end of the day when he finally decided to get his head out his ass Nary and her family accepted him in spite of what he did in his youth so basically he wasted five years of a potentially awesome relationship for nothingidiot SighsI guess everything happens for a reasonNary I always saw a uite pathetic especially when it came to Saxon damn she was all in for that dumbass I pitied her Then she gets kidnapped and the way she faced her kidnappers and attackers I had to give her character so much respect because she owned that shit No female should have to go through what she and especially Kelsey went through that can break a woman like it almost did Kelsey so Nary being so fierce despite her fearmad props to herMy Rebel Wayfarers Yeah baby I screamed when Melissa said Mason's name The RWMC only makes an appearance a few times but man was I glad they were able to help GypsyYUM He was just so fucking sexy and the way he cared for Kelsey after her ordeal couldn't ask for a better man If ya'll haven't read the Rebel Wayfarers MC series by MariaLisa deMora I suggest you go ahead and start reading It's an excellent series very enjoyable and emotional Totally recommendOverall a very enjoyable read thankfully Julian and Hellmouth's appearances were kept to a minimum as was their usual very annoying vocabulary so I definitely enjoyed this read and seeing Saxon and Nary finally come full circle