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Rebel Cities From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolutionرحه ديفيد هارفي لأول مرة في كتابه ? This is part of VERSO Books’ ‘essential David Harvey’ series of four landmark texts of political theory by the DH A timely series for my ongoing efforts to work my way through all things David Harvey For me he is one of the most exciting political theorists of our time I also like that he’s this old school Marxist who’s been teaching Capital Volume 1 since the 1970s or so Every year and he’s still super excited about it Cannot recommend his podcasts highly enough He’s this white old man and while occasionally pointing out that Marx leaves plenty of room for contingency and ‘cultural things’ and that nothing is determined in the last instance by economic structures yes yes we got it he’s just not interested in the whole post structuralist ‘reading’ of Marx ❤ DHSo this book ‘Rebel Cities’ VERSO 2012 is a collection of essays from the 2000s on what I find also increasingly interesting looking at cities – rather than factories – at the central site for capital accumulation and exploitation through appropriation of rent and privatization of formerly public spaces and services and revolutionary politics The essays provide a tour from the Paris Commune to Occupy Wall Street and the London Riots and explore how cities might be reorganized and become the focus for anti capitalist resistance Ever since the 2008 global financial crisis when insane amounts of global capital went into real estate and cities with associated displacement and increasing ineuality much has happened in terms of radical municipality and cities becoming sites of anti capitalist struggle The book should be read together with ‘Capital City Gentrification and the Real Estate State’ VERSO 2019 which has some empirical stuff on post GFC real estate capitalism with a real estate tycoon taking power in the US in 2016

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Rebel Cities From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution ePub Æ 240 pages Download ☆ الحق في المدينة ليس بمفهوم جديد يطرحه ديفيد هارفي لأول مرة في كتابه هذا، فقد سبقه هنري لوفيفر بأطروحته?ذا، فقد سبقه هنري لوفيفر بأطروحته In this book Harvey argues that cities have become the center of capital accumulation trade banking and culture etc Those who posses power and capital shape the architectural structure of the cities according to their class interests Architectural structure of the cities reflect the class character of them He suggests that if the city has the potential to acummulate capital take under control the citizens and empower class power then the prospect to organize the working classes and people from all walks of life as a focus of resistance against the capitalists exists Cities produce a huge amount of rent and all the city dwellers have the right to the city for subsistence Citizens should claim the right to the city so as to benefit the rent and resources of the city Historically cities have been a space for resistance and future revolutions will be carried out in cities not in the countryside Harvey's soiological and philosophical reference is Henry Lebfewre Besides Lebfewre he refers to M Bookchin's thoughts with regard to urbanization and how to shape cities as ecologically friendly settlemets

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الحق في المدينة ليس بمفهوم جديد يط David Harvey the man who systematically lays down the abject failures of neoliberalism tries to plot out his course for how hopefully a revolutionary replacement can begin Rebel Cities is divided first into a further analysis of the failures of neoliberal capitalism and second into an analysis of where any kind of revolt would startAnd it's really in this second part where you get some serious originality of thought Harvey has absolutely no patience for naïve optimism or the sort of hierarchy free autonomism that while it sounds great on paper is inevitably going to be a capitulation to market forces Instead Harvey makes the simple argument of starting locally city by city A socialist consciousness starts at home and if socialists fail to engage in the ordinary meat and potatoes of public works and city council meetings they won't have a chance at revolution