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Wing her what to expect of the world she will soon come into He writes one short piece per day describing the material and natural world with the precision and mesmerizing intensity that have become his trademark a riveting personal encyclopedia of everything from chewing gum and tin cans to the migration of birds and the stars Through close observation of the objects and phenomena around him Karl Ove shows us how vast unknowable and wondrous the world i. A sweet meditative essence looms over the novel that starts as a series of letters written by a father to his unborn child He speaks of mundane regular life in a new light The way he talks about bees is hypnotic and his descriptive passages of the human body is enlightening He paints a picture of the natural world as a marvel as he introduces These astounding things which you will soon encounter and see for yourself are so easy to lose sight of and there are almost as many ways of doing that as there are people That is why I am writing this book for you I want to show you the world as it is all around us all the time The cacophony of the world finds a melody in Knausgard's writing and this is a beautiful book to drift off to Note how he talks about the basic components of the earth “Water and air rain and clouds they too have been here for ever but they are such an integral part of life that their ancientness is never apparent in our thoughts or emotions contrary to lightning and thunder which only occur now and then during brief intervals which we are at once familiar with and foreign to just as we are at once familiar with and foreign to ourselves and the world we are a part of”Once you read this book you cease to look at the world with the same eyes Opening a door sitting on a bed writing this on a laptop all feel like conscious acts now that I have let this book into my lifeWould HIGHLY recommend even for beginners

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Om høstenA love letter to his unborn daughter Autumn is for every reader who thinks about what the world holds for their child and is the first book in a surprising deeply personal and humane uartet The Seasons the new project from the always fascinating original global literary superstar 28 August Now as I write this you know nothing about anything about what awaits you the kind of world you will be born into And I know nothing about you I want to show you our w. I loved this work a huge departure from the maximalist inward peering sprawl of MY STRUGGLE whose uality has been sadly lost in the Sturm und Drang that has surrounded Knausgaard’s rise to fame He has always been an extraordinarily good line level writer except for his notoriously horrendous dialogue which is totally absent here The concept lets him hone in on his strength of observation these are the first 90 or so entries in a string of 1 2 page descriptions for his unborn daughter The other 3 collections are still to come He wrote one essay a day for a year and each is on one word My 8 favorites are “Apples” “Teeth” “Piss” “Adders” “Beds” Tin Cans” “Flies” and “Ambulances”I’ve seen some complaints about this concept being basically a writing exercise blown out but what writing ISN’T a writing exercise blown out As an experiment I taught my favorites to my Rutgers students this week then asked them to each choose a subject of their own and write a uick Knausgaardy essay I say without exaggeration that it led to the best student writing I’ve ever seen which is particularly remarkable this early in a semester I think this is testament to the power of the concept Because there is a beautiful turn in many of these essays toward the personal – look at this amazing ending to “Adders” mild spoilers which comes after a fairly simple general description of their deafness“The adder winds its way emerges from the stunted woods onto the upper part of a pebble beach a hundred metres or so above the sea where it encounters a large slab of stone and remains there A man and a boy come walking and because of the pebbles it doesn’t notice them The man stops points out the adder to the boy bends down and throes a rock which strikes the adder’s middle It slinks away is struck by another rock and another It writhes and wriggles as little by little it is covered in rocks But there are spaces between the rocks and it slithers through them When the head pokes out from the pile the man is standing only a yard away and the stone that strikes its flat head crushes itMore than forty years have passed since that happened I still wish he hadn’t done it and I still don’t understand why he did but he seemed to hate it than any other thing I had never seen him like that before and never saw him like that again”Readers of MY STRUGGLE familiar with the father will likely thrill at the way he leaks into the text here This book with its deep borderline repetitive obsession with the primordial also has a great deal in common with the hugely underread A TIME FOR EVERYTHING There are differences of course – the translator is a poet and as Knausgaard said in an interview in Brooklyn last week the work is infused with her poetic language But the exclamations the pivots into sensual in the literal sense experience or memory the eye – it’s all here condensed approachable It is all very Lydia DavisThis is why I take great issue with Kevin Kelsey’s review of this why I’ve spent a bit of extra time The subject matter here leaves a lot to be desired The subject matter is life itself

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Om høsten review ¾ 104 í A love letter to his unborn daughter Autumn is for every reader who thinks about what the world holds for their child and is the first book in a surprising deeply personal and humane uartet The Seasons the new project from the always fascinating original global literary superstar 28 August Now as I write this you know nothing aboutOrld as it is now the door the floor the water tap and the sink the garden chair close to the wall beneath the kitchen window the sun the water the trees You will come to see it in your own way you will experience things for yourself and live a life of your own so of course it is primarily for my own sake that I am doing this showing you the world little one makes my life worth living Autumn begins with a letter Karl Ove writes to his unborn daughter sho. the form should shape the text but not be conspicuous in itself what matters are the emotions and thoughts it evokes while the text itself to those who discern it should be as cold and clear as glass Karl Ove Knausgård AutumnKnausgård has published a beautiful both the HB Penguin press printing and the writing book Obviously one of four Why start in Autumn Why not I'm not sure if this was an idea that came to him one summer and so the obvious time to start was the beginning of the next season Who knows But the structure is relatively and seductively simple Knausgård writes every day for three months on a variety of subjects for examplePissWar LabiaTwilightForgivenessAugust SanderButtonsPainThese subjects range from specific items or people to general abstractions These vignettes are the subject The organizational principle is Knausgård's desire to transmit information knowledge a sense of place and understanding to his unborn daughter his fourth child Therefore each month September October November also begins with a Letter to an Unborn Daughter He wants to show his embryonic child the world as it is now He wants to describe the beauty the banality the NOW Like his previous novels Knausgård world centers on his family But where his My Struggle cycle began with his father's death and was primarily concerned with history fictionalized or not his Seasons cycle at least so far seems to be grounded in the present or the future It is interesting that this cycle starts with the promise of a birth It is a deft flip and the tone of the book reflects that changeSo far obviously I've only read this one it isn't uite as strong as My Struggle but it is also nice all by itself The short 500 1000 word chapters focused on one subject remind me a bit of a blogger or my hit and miss attempts to complete 750 words at 750wordscom It seems like an writing exercise done by someone who knows how to write