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REVIEW ¸ A Vampire's Claim Vampire ueen #3 í Third in a national bestselling series that's been hailed as erotica at its best A Romance Review The daughter of two vampires Lady Daniela is considered aristocracy in the vampire world Still she has to fight for what she wants especially since what she wants is to depose a brutal territory ovDev is still tormented by something in his past But when her enemy makes an unexpected appearance Dev surprises them both by yielding completely to his feelings for Danny and showing her the devotion of a true servant until she decides to take his freedom without askin. Reviewed on Reading Lark fell in love with Lady Lyssa and Jacob in the first two books of this series and I have to admit that I was uite sad when I discovered that the third book was not about them When I realized it was about Lady Daniela and Devlin I was somewhat mollified I had enjoyed their part in the second book of the series Their story is something of a preuel to the series taking place a good number of years before the setting of the first two books to show us how Dev became Lady D's full servant We are taken to the Aussie Outback where Lady D is going home to settle a few scores and reclaim her home She is a born vampire royalty in her world but that does not mean that life has been easy for her She has never taken given a third mark having no desire to have a full marked servant until she meets Devlin Dev is hiding out as a bushman He lost his family in a brutal attack and when we meet him in 1953 he has secluded himself in the outback only coming into civilization briefly every few months He comes across as being a rogue living in the wilderness but he's actually an educated man escaping the pain of his pastThis story grabbed me from the very beginning I loved the Aussie setting and the dialect It was a great change of pace The chemistry between Lady Danny and Dev was perfect Even knowing what she was he found himself drawn to her Again we have the dominant alpha male in a submissive role He surrenders to her in order to protect and care for her and that battle of the wills is always entertaining and hot Like Jacob his introduction to the role of a vampire's servant was shocking In some ways Dev had it harder because his choice was taken from him There were many aspects of the story that were emotionally hard to read the main one being our introduction to the pack of wild vampire children used to hunt Dev down for sport But there were also many tender sweet moments between Dev and Lady D This world that Joey Hill has created for her vampires is completely enthralling to me I can't seem to get enough of it It's dark and seductive violent and tender Those contradictions make for a fast paced read full of surprise turns I am hoping that over the course of the next few books in the series I will get to watch Lady Danny grow into the vampire mistress we saw in The Mark of the Vampire ueen There is no doubt in my mind that wherever the next books in the series take me I will be coming back for

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Third in a national bestselling series that's been hailed as erotica at its best A Romance Review The daughter of two vampires Lady Daniela is considered aristocracy in the vampire world Still she has to fight for what she wants especially since what she wants is to de. 45 starsWhewwwwwwww weeeeeee This book was h h h hottttt Claim is Lady D and Dev's story which is set about 60 years from when we first met them in book 2 Daniella is of a gentle type of vampire in regards to what we've seen throughout this series Dev is a bushman who has loved and lost what was most dear to him The two meet and instant fireworks erupt Dev is hotness on a stick The way he saved Dani from her attackers just blew me away His way of protecting Dani and ensuring her safety till the end was fabulous and his anger towards Dani marking him made the story even intense This book had a lot of troubling issues which made the story not predictable in any way The introduction of the hounds children vamps was chilling and extremely creepy but such a great storyline Dani's immediate attachment to Dev's haunting past and nightmares was beautiful I loved how she wanted Dev to release all of his angerfrustrationhate on her because she could simply take it for him She was truly a force to be reckoned with when it came time to reclaim her station and when making Dev submit to her sexually This read like a true preuel since we see Lyssa and how much of a mentor and mother figure she is to Dani We definitely see her softer side while Dani struggles with her crush on Dev It is uite obvious that Hill has a thing for red haired men And now I do too Next up I gotta date with a copper haired vamp named Lord Mason yippeeeeee


A Vampire's Claim Vampire ueen #3Pose a brutal territory overlord For that she'll need the help of Devlin a handsome brave human who inflames her desire far than any man or beast Even though she could easily lay her claim and take Dev on as a fully marked servant she resists the urge especially since. GraveTells original review recapA drifter haunted by a brutal past Devlin is a bushman who lives a lonely life on the edge in the Australian Outback  At the tender young age of 200 years old Lady Daniela a rare born vampire who is heiress to her own province in Oz is sought after by scheming male vampires trying to increase their own standing who are willing to kill or viciously torture her to achieve their goals  Danny has never had a fully marked human servant and Dev willingly submits to no one but their unlikely emergency partnership could take them on an emotional journey neither is prepared forTitle A Vampire's ClaimSeries The Vampire ueen series book #3Author Joey W HillProminent Characters Lady Daniela DevlinRecommended reader age 18Sexual content level heavy and explicit vulgar language typical of erotica includes group scenes and alternate sexual partnerings This review is spoiler free  Read on with confidence   ThoughtsThis book is number three in the series but it could actually be read before the first two novels The Vampire ueen's Servant and The Mark of the Vampire ueen  It's set in the 1950s a good 5 decades before Lyssa and Jacob's books and tells the story of Dev and Lady D both of whom we met in the second book The Mark of the Vampire ueenDev's backstory is violent and haunting and his journey through the emotional minefield of becoming a fully marked and willing human servant to Danny is uneasy at best  This book delves into the psychology of war and loss and doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the uncomfortably adventurous potential of the sex scenes  At his lady's insistence Dev uses their tenuous connection as his emotional outlet while she fights her own battle against dealing with her feelings for Dev and his proper place in her lifeI thoroughly enjoyed the second book and the second half of the first but I had a tough time getting into this one due to its intense gravity  This is no flighty love story  It is raw and intense gratifying and punishing violent and seductive  While Dev is pushed past some of his natural straight male sexual boundaries I feel that some readers will be right there with him part enthralled and part horrified at the dark places Danny takes himI really enjoyed getting to see Thomas and his interaction with Lyssa as well as Alistair and Nina the parents of born vampire Brian from the first two books  Personally I'm not into survival stories or rugged treks across dangerous wild territories so the setting in this novel was a little off putting for me  While I loved Dev's personality and the way he competently handles so many diverse situations I just did not like reading about the Australian Outback and the woes of never ending mosuitoes and other nasty creepy crawlies  The sex scenes are hot so no complaint there although it's going to be pretty hard to surpass the awesomeness that is the Council gathering in The Mark of the Vampire ueen but they are explicit and vulgarly worded so readers who are new to erotica will have a shock or two in store until they get used to the cadence of the writingMemorable uotesSo complex the relationship between vampire and servantWe're not pets  We're human servants to vampires and it's a relationship like nothing you've ever had in your life  Tell yourself you love her or don't love her  It doesn't matter  If you are meant to be her full servant you are bound together in a a way that would tear out your heart and half the things in your gut if you decided to walk away from itIf you like A Vampire's Claim of The Vampire ueen seriesIf you enjoyed A Vampire's Claim and the rest of the Vampire ueen series for its hard hitting emotional impact you may also like the Black Dagger Brotherhood series starting with Dark Lover by JR Ward and the PsyChangeling series starting with Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh  Although the PsyChangeling series features shapeshifters and psychics rather than vampires the relationships between the characters are intense and the bonds extremely strong  Both of these series will make you laugh cry and just about everything in between  Highly recommended readsIf you liked A Vampire's Claim for its heavy sexual content and explicivity check out the Meredith Gentry series starting with A Kiss of Shadows and the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton  The Anita Blake series starts with Guilty Pleasures but the erotica aspect doesn't become the dominant component of the stories until Narcissus in Chains  book #10  You can't really safely start halfway through the series but there are a few wikis and fansites out there that will give you an overview if you choose to skip the horror focused first halfFinal thoughtsOverall excellent character development and plotlines and seriously intense relationships both between the characters and growth within themselves  If not for my city girl aversion to all things unsophisticated I would probably have scored this one much higher  As it is I enjoyed it but have no plans to read it again from start to finish maybe just some snippets here and there  grinRating 425 fangs Bite it Related links The Vampire ueen series website The Black Dagger Brotherhood series website The PsyChangeling series website The Merry Gentry Anita Blake series websites