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eBook × Adopted µ ¸ Kelley Nikondeha ¸ Christianity Today  2018 Award of Merit Christian LivingDicipleship In this compellingly readable book Kelley Nikondeha—adoptive mother and adopted child herself—thoughtfully explores the Christian concept of adoption Her story and her biblically grounded reflections will give Christianity Today  2018 Award of Merit Christian LivingDicipleship In this compellingly readable book Kelley Nikondeha adoptive mother and ad This is a beautiful exploration of the theological and social meanings of adoption and how it can heal some of the wounds of this world The idea of relinuishing and redemption and mutual choosing—so fantastic I was teary eyed at several moments while reading it

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Opted child herself thoughtfully explores the Christian concept of adoption Her story and her biblically grounded reflections will give readers The author awas adopted as an infant She and her Burundian husband adopted two children from a Burundian orphanage I loved this book which presents adoption as an aspect of hospitality that goes much further than bringing a child not birthed into one’s family into a forever home We practice adoption by making a bigger table for those around us especially those who might be outcast or isolated After reading Ben Daniel’s Neighbors Christian Encounters with “Illegal” Immigration I recognized that the Bible is one immigration story after another After reading this book I recognize that it is also one adoption story after another these major themes being intertwined One of her many illustrations is from one of my favorite Bible stories in the Hebrew scriptures the book of Ruth Ruth is not only tolerated and provided for as an immigrant to her mother in law’s land but is adopted as a full member into her Hebrew community Nikondeha’s point is that all of creation is of one family and our broken world would be healed if we treated one another as such assuring that all have enough to sustain life are welcomed into family and into community She points out toward the end of the book that asking adoptees of any age about their real or natural families treating adoption as unnatural hurts She writes “The supra natural truth that adoption demonstrates is that any child could be mind if I welcome them any woman could be my mother my sister the words of Jesus ring in my ears”

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Adopted Rich new insights into the mystery of  belonging to God’s big family The Academy of Parish Clergy’s 2018 Top Ten Books for Parish Minist I was interested in reading this book as I had been looking for reflections on a theology of belonging I heard I can't remember where a uote perhaps a paraphrase attributed to Kelley Nikondeha Adoption is God's plan for family Which suggests that we may have an understanding of adoption which is less than ideal in terms of our understanding of family but as Nikondeha enlightens us adoption is the model in terms of the supernatural family of God thus elevating our understanding of both spiritual and physical adoption We belong by believing not biologyNikondeha beautifully weaves in her own story of adoption to lay out elements of spiritual adoption for our understanding of the depths of God's love and the lengths he goes to receive us into His family Chapters are broken down into those elements such as Roots Relinuish Receive Reciprocate with Nikondeha's generous personal and theological reflectionsI decided to read the book together with others in keeping with the idea of belonging and inviting others in It was interesting to hear what stood out for each member of our book club as we explored the themes of adoption in this book and I would definitely recommend reading this with friends Interestingly all of us in the book club are touched by adoption in some way One friend's brother another friend's husband my nephew We relate to the pain and hope of the stories of adoption and it added to the understanding that Nikondeha brought with her own story as both an adopted child and an adoptive mother and compelled us to relate these stories when considering our own spiritual adoption storiesThe greatest insight and challenge that I received from this book is that belonging is a choice a series of habits and a way of life that cultivates healing I've wanted to believe in a rose coloured low effort version of belonging for a long time but I am being charged to reconsider through Nikondeha's words to enter in actively as an adopted child and as one a sibling who participates in the adoption story of others It is hard work the connections of belonging don't necessarily happen naturally but the process is redemptiveFrom time to time I didn't land with Nikondeha in her theological or reflective process but overall I'm grateful for her trustworthy guidance and challenge to believers to appreciate the goodness of our familyFavourite uotesEvery time a family chooses to enfold to adopt a child or someone reaches out in friendship to someone unlike himself or herself they are re making the world making a single stitch toward wholenessBelonging mends the worldAs we explore the metaphor and reality of adoption we must care about preventing any injustice this side of heaven that creates the need for the repair work of adoptionWe are all adopted ones siblings by faith called to love one another comfort one another honour and help one another We are all summoned to a sibling solidarity that is generous inclusive and laden with love