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The Waste LandOlf Gilbert Seldes Edmund Wilson Elinor Wylie Conrad Aiken Charles Powell Gorham Munson Malcolm Cowley Ralph Ellison John Crowe Ransom I A Richards F R Leavis Cleanth Brooks Del Schwartz Denis Donoghue Robert Langbaum Marianne Thormählen A D Moody Ronald Bush Maud Ellman and Tim Armstrong A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are included This is the hardest poem I’ve ever read Certainly the difficulty experienced when reading something is not enough reason to leave a bad review I’m currently reading Ulysses a notoriously difficult book but I am enjoying it nonetheless This however is an entirely different creature Despite being an English student I do find poetry difficult It may be because of my background I transferred from sciences into English so I had very little experience beyond a few poems I read at school So when I entered the world of poetry at degree level I was way out of my depth It took me a long time to catch up on what I’d missed and it took me even longer to actually enjoy poetry The point is reading poetry is different to reading novels It’s harder to do and I have to concentrate greatly to do it But every so often when you find the right poem for you it takes you away as you become lost in a mirage of words images and metaphors And sometimes it strikes a chord within you and you feel everything the poem is saying The Waste Land does none of these things Instead it bombards you with countless intertextual references and information In order to gain a thorough a succinct understanding of this poem a poem that takes no longer than thirty minutes to read I would likely have to spend five six hours researching the meaning of the terminology phrasing and historical mentions That’s how difficult it is Perhaps if I was a white middle class highly educated man from the nineteen twenties then I might be able to appreciate this poem But as it stands I’m not The worse thing about the poem for me is its lack of coherency This in itself is not a bad thing It’s a modernist text; this is what modernist authors did But when combined with the fact that the surface level of the writing is near incomprehensible to me it became rather a painful experience to read it There are some obvious things to take from the poem It is post world war one and the content is an image of the destruction that followed the deprivation the sadness the darkness and of course the actually wasted land ruined by war But these images aren’t enough for me to enjoy the poem It would be like reading Shakespeare’s The Tempest and coming to the conclusion that it is a play about the follies of revenge This is true but it is also about many other things that combine to form a piece of artistic brilliance When I read The Waste Land I feel stupid I feel like I’m reading something that I cannot uite understand and this annoys me I feel like at times TS Elliot is being pretentious inserting references just do demonstrate his intellect rather than contribute something meaningful to the poem at large And I don’t like it I don't want to find out what they mean For me this poem is everything great poetry shouldn’t be But this is just my opinion For the right reader this poem would be excellence itself However it’s not something I’d personally recommend And if that wasn't enough as a side note TS Eliot is highly critical towards Shelley we could never get on

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Epub » The Waste Land 320 pages Download ☆ Moneyexpresscard Ô The text of Eliot's 1922 masterpiece is accompanied by thorough explanatory annotations as well as by Eliot's own knotty notes some of which reuire annotation themselvesFor ease of reading this Norton Critical Edition presents The Waste Land as itThe text of Eliot's 1922 masterpiece is accompanied by thorough explanatory annotations as well as by Eliot's own knotty notes some of which reuire annotation themselvesFor ease of reading this Norton Critical Edition presents The Waste Land as it first appeared in the American edition Boni Liveright with Eliot's notes at the end Contexts p You know one of the greatest poems of the 20th century and that kind of thing I must know a fair amount of it by heart Here's a story about The Waste Land that some people may find amusing Many years ago when I was an undergraduate in Cambridge a friend of mine asked me for advice on how to impress female Eng Lit majors Well I said you could do worse than use The Waste Land Just memorise a few lines and you'll probably be able to bluff successfullyWe did some rehearsals and eventually agreed on the following script He would start off by uoting the first few linesApril is the cruellest month breeding Lilacs out of the dead land mixing Memory and desire stirring Dull roots with spring rainAnd then he would say But that's not my favourite bit and uote the followingWhat are the roots that clutch what branches grow Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man You cannot say or guessHe tried it out a couple of times and it worked Female Eng Lit majors I apologise for assisting with this deception It wasn't very nice of me

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Rovides readers with invaluable materials on The Waste Land's sources composition and publication history Criticism traces the poem's reception with twenty five reviews and essays from first reactions through the end of the twentieth century Included are reviews published in the Times Literary Supplement along with selections by Virginia Wo Some people are born to become the trendsetters and I will say that T S Eliot has opened the new gates to poetry after the publication of his masterpiece The Waste Land Poetry was supposed to be about lyrics and music only He created a different kind of disturbing music but that rang to the ears the alarming sound of perversion in humanity The Waste Land will be remembered for its uniueness and incompleteness and even then for creating a new trend