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Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on EarthJimmy Corrigan has rightly been hailed as the greatest graphic novel ever to be published It won the Guardian First Book Award 2001 the first graphic novel to win a major British literary I guess I understand why people MIGHT consider this a masterpiece I myself not a wholehearted admirer of the graphic novel am usually very surprised by the narrative techniues and posh styles used in famous graphic novels like Watchmen Maus most recently Ghost World This one is said to elevate the medium to another level and it kinda sorta does like witnessing Jim Carrey going from funnyman to dramatic actor The story is so droll boring sad did I really need this type of monotony and even ironically with the than 3000 illustrated scenes which change beautifully in scope color emotion etc It was like watching an Oscar inclined indie drama with no end in sightlong yes beautiful yes poignant well put together even avant garde But James's face never changes; neither does the reader's interest peak or descend Nothing here spoke to me in a blatant colorful or graphic novel way

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PrizeIt is the tragic autobiography of an office dogsbody in Chicago who one day meets the father who abandoned him as a child With a subtle complex and moving story and the drawings that Imagine life eclipsed by imagination The bloodiest the most beautiful the most vulnerable imaginings and the disintegration of wishes as we make them This is how life unfolds in the mind of Jimmy Corrigan the desolate main character in Chris Ware’s graphic novel Jimmy speaks full sentences—only when he imagines In his mind he has courage kills people commits suicide has sex and is “the smartest kid on earth” In his actual life Jimmy is a spineless aging man with no friends and no romantic ties It is only with some courage and eual trepidation that a reader might see hisherself in Jimmy With a little of both I found that I could And I did It’s the language of this piece that I identify with most This book assembles history memory and make believe in such a poignant way It speaks a language that reflects how we build the narrative of our own lives A single moment in the novel can span across several illustrated panels that call the reader to absorb information—to taste and savor the moment—and hold off on situating it within the chronology of the story at least not immediately Jimmy’s imagination works alongside the narrative to shock and dissemble it You never know what to expect His imagination is so easily pierced so fragile that it bleeds The image I see of this character both figuratively and physically is one of a big walking wound Even in the story Jimmy walks around bandaged most of the timeAs you may expect this story is depressing It’s not about plot or character development—these features of the narrative endure little change Early on we learn that Jimmy is abandoned by his father A few pages in we see Jimmy as an older insecure socially inept man The story’s life carries on despairingly Even after Jimmy gets a letter from his absent father inviting him to come visit the father and son’s time together suffers from Jimmy’s volatile mind Old memories family history and violent make believe interrupt what could have been new development in the relationship between father and son Time shifts between the past and present with repeated returns to 1893 and the Chicago World’s Fair the year Jimmy’s grandfather was also abandoned by his own father We see here a pattern of father abandoning son Jimmy remains lonely unwanted disturbed He does not grow out of the mold This instructs the reader not to wait for ‘what happens next’ but rather to give an eye to how moments flower A single page may rest on capturing a memory a sound a place even a bird from different points of view The seuence may be interrupted suddenly by a memory by a violent wish A new image may evoke a previous one asking the reader to retrace hisher steps or to borrow and bring into play clips from an earlier scene What’s special about the performance of this novel is that it uncannily reflects how we make into a story our own lives It uietly captures how we edit our life time moment by moment on the fly calling on memories fears visions prophesies to help us assimilate the conditions of our present world This novel is visually and grammatically stunning Yes the story is deeply sad but the language is arresting and beautiful

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Book ✓ Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on Earth Ê 380 pages ´ Chris ware ´ Jimmy Corrigan has rightly been hailed as the greatest graphic novel ever to be published It won the Guardian First Book Award 2001 the first graphic novel to win a major British literary prizeIt is the tragicAre as simple and original as they are strikingly beautiful Jimmy Corrigan is a book unlike any other and certainly not to be missedONE OF THE GUARDIAN'S 100 BEST BOOKS OF THE 21st CENTURY I read Jimmy Corrigan sitting in a Denny's in Florida in 2000 watching the BushGore election returns I just finished rereading it again today It's nowhere near as depressing as it was the first time but then how could it beI remember putting the book down in 2000 when I got to the last page and realized the complexity of the joke that has been pulled on him the author and us He will never be happy It will never end and never change Superman is not going to save himThis time it was nowhere near as bad Instead of thinking He'll never be happy I thought Yep he's still never going to be happy It was less terrible Of course things have changed We survived Bush My friend that I went to Florida to visit in 2000 continued his inevitable decline and inevitably died of an overdose and has inevitably remained dead since Many of the things we worried about came to pass and we survivedJimmy Corrigan is a living character in a way that most characters never dream of Somewhere right now sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard Jimmy Corrigan is alive and suffering terribly The book is a blueprint of his failed miserable life the lives that came before the damp and clinging hope that maybe there will be lives afterHe is trapped When you read the book you bring him to life and that is the meanest thing you can do to him But we are not trapped This is a book about the 90s Time has passed The elder Mister Corrigan is certainly dead by now Jimmy still hasn't found love He still calls his mother every day His journey to personal growth was to find that the journey was too far that he can never do itBut we can go visit himOn the technical side this book is a formal masterpiece and it's easy to see why it has dominated the visual conversation of the last decade this is the book that invents the language of cartooning that we use today That said I'm ready to move beyond it and try a new visual language with a bit zip But Jimmy Corrigan is a monolith an era defining book