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Free read Ï Stretto AUTHOR L. Timmel Duchamp Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã Stretto the grand finale of the Marssan Cycle weaves together the major threads of the Marssan story and encourages readers as feminist theorist Joan Haran says to write beyond the ending The novel like the series as a whole inuireHere are no gift wrapped resolutions or easy redemptions on offer rather there is a clear sighted focus on the always unfolding conseuencesintended and unintendedof personal and political action taken This is a series that is deeply invested in social transformation while resisting any temptation to consolation As a resolute utopian I see this as a hopeful strategyJoan Haran author of Human Cloning in the Media. Stunning

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Stretto the grand finale of the Marssan Cycle weaves together the major threads of the Marssan story and encourages readers as feminist theorist Joan Haran says to write beyond the ending The novel like the series as a whole inuires Whose world is it and shows several possible ways of answering the uestion through the respective perceptions and perspectives of the novels five viewpoint characters Alexandra Sedg. 710 The long Mar'ssan Cycle concludes with the fifth book Stretto although perhaps concludes is the wrong word Like previous books instead of coming to an epic climax Stretto kind of just stops with an afterword urging readers to write beyond the ending This could be seen as a cop out and it kind of is but over the course of the series Duchamp has clearly shifted the focus of the books from earth shaking political events to the interpersonal relationships and personal traumas of the characters From a geopolitical standpoint the most important events happen between the fourth and fifth book and go almost completely un narrated It's a bold move one that frustrates the conventional reader but it's the kind of frustration that's challengingMuch of Stretto is told through diaries and letters and this shift to an epistolary form adds some much needed punch and stylistic flair to Duchamp's writing The turn to domestic feminine genres as suggested by Elaine Showalter and other feminist critics suggests that Duchamp is reclaiming or perhaps claiming for the first time the ur masculine form of the sci fi epic for a decentred feminist mode of writingDuchamp falls into her old habits as the book goes on with and repetitive dialogue and plot points and there's a level of contrivance involved in bringing together all of the book's central characters Once again I found myself wishing for detail on the Free Zone and the titular aliens and less on torture and the carceral state but perhaps that's just saying that I wish Duchamp's thematic obsessions were my ownOverall the Mar'ssan Saga is an intriguing take on the sci fi epic and an incisive commentary on state power and its inevitable abuse It's also nice to see a SF novel hell any kind of book that's open in its anarcho communist politics and that maintains a kind of optimism towards radical action in the face of a dystopian world Bioshock it is not Still there are problems that plague the books throughout some of which are writing issues and others which stem from an oversimplified and non intersectional feminism I read these books on and off over eight months and if in the end I was left a little disappointed I certainly don't regret it and the series definitely worth a look for anyone into thoughtful political SF

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Stretto AUTHOR L. Timmel DuchaEwick heir to the Sedgewick estate; Anne Hawthorne Security operative; Hazel Bell subversive activist; Celia Espin human rights lawyer; and Emily Madden star pupil of the maverick Marssan Astrea l Betut san Imu As always never predictable never finished the conseuences of all that has gone before continues to play out The final volume in the Marssan series will encourage its readers to write beyond the ending T. One of these days I will read this book all the way through without skipping POV's but Alexandra Sedgewick's story is so incredibly compelling it swallows me whole Monstrous person that she is the forces that shaped and twisted her even so you can't help but sympathize And it is oh so delicious to see Elizabeth Weatherall get undone The author's note at the end said that she started to have nightmares about finding Elizabeth in her living room I can relate Elizabeth is hands down the most frightening character in all of literature I dare you to disagree with me