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Goblin King Permafrost #2World thrown into chaos and the ghost of Lydian taunts her with the riddles he spoke of when he was aliveWhen Janneke discovers the truth of Lydian and his madness she's forced to see her tormentor in a different light for the first time The world they know is dying and Lydian may hold the key to saving it Torn between her feelings and her duty as. I found this to be a wonderful seuel to The Stag and I am so glad I was able to snag it when it was read now I could not put this down once I had started reading and it just kept me invested the entire duration of the novel I adore the combo of fae and Norse mythology it is uniue and makes this one of my favorite series for YA fantasy no doubtJanneke is such a fierce MC there is no way to not think she is amazing She has been to hell and back and she is still surviving I know sometimes life can knock you down but she is the epitome of getting back up and not stopping I think this is all a message we need sometimes especially with what is going on in the world right now I also really like her relationship with Soren because it is built upon a foundation of trust and understanding They make a great team and the other side characters are great as well The Norse mythology in this book was interesting and I even learned some things I had not known Overall this was a great book and I am looking forward to the next Thank you NetGalley and St Martins PressWednesday for the ARC in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own

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CHARACTERS æ Goblin King Permafrost #2 è The Hunt is over but the War has just begunAgainst all odds Janneke has survived the Hunt for the Stag but all good things come with a cost Lydian might be dead but he took the Stag with him Janneke now holds the mantle while Soren now her eual in every way has become the new Erlking Janneke's powers aThe Stag Janneke must bring her tormentor back to life if she has hopes of keeping her world alive But the journey is long and hard and this time she won't have Soren for companyLydian might be able to stop the worlds from crumbling but reviving him may cost Janneke the life with Soren she's tried to hard to build After all there can only be one Kin. I received an e ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Review can also be found on Milky Way of BooksI enjoyed the seuel As I had with White Stag this story is filled with mysteries and action and humor as both Janneke and Soren try to navigate their new positions of power and their growing dread as something far sinister threatens Permafrostand the worldThe mix of nordic mythology and the culture of the goblins was fascinating to read and the travels the gang had as they tried to solve the mysteries behind Janneke's dreams and the threat of RagnarokThe ending despite its seemingly good resolve gave me a cliffhanger that was very very terrifying

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The Hunt is over but the War has just begunAgainst all odds Janneke has survived the Hunt for the Stag but all good things come with a cost Lydian might be dead but he took the Stag with him Janneke now holds the mantle while Soren now her eual in every way has become the new Erlking Janneke's powers as the new Stag bring along haunting visions of a. “I couldn’t change the horrors of my past but I could still fix the problems of the future” Rating 35 Goblin King is a solid follow up to the first book in the series White Stag Initially I was a little hesitant jumping back into this because it had been so long since I read the first book and while I remembered all of the big events that happened I was worried there was a good chunk of this book I forgot Luckily for me though the author did a fantastic job of recapping the events of book one without dragging this story down and I found myself uickly reminded why I loved this dark gritty world and these characters so much With that being said let’s dive straight into the breakdown of what worked and didn’t work for me in this seuelWhat I Liked🌎 Dark ice cold world And when I say ice cold I mean it literally I loved the world building in the first book and I still love it just as much in this one The only thing colder than the temperature in this book may be the goblins and I am so here for it The author also does a fantastic job of mixing mythology into this story to allow readers to see some of the horrors Janneke and her friends will face in the upcoming pages and worked so incredibly well for this book🐉 Epic adventure Goblin King is without a doubt much fast paced than the first book The characters go on multiple uests which had me flying through this in no time When one problem is solved about ten arise and the characters find themselves in some sticky predicaments👿 Dark fantasy This series is very much dark fantasy so if you’re expecting all roses and butterflieslet’s just say you won’t find that here Janneke is still trying to heal from her prior trauma but knowing that she will have to team up with her tormentor to try and save the world is no easy feat Soren who has been a vital part of Janneke’s healing process suddenly needs to rely on her for help coping with a grave and permanent injury Plus a few other characters have a one or two secrets they’d be all too happy if no one found out about which means there’s truly a lot going for this book but you definitely have to be able to stomach it👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A lovable found family As Janneke and her friends go on their uest to save the world it’s so easy to love them Aside from what each characters brings to the table the banter between all of them leads to some seriously funny moments – even when they’re staring death straight in the faceWhat I Didn’t Like🔚 The ending I don’t know what it is but there’s just something that grinds my gears about thinking a story is going to be over at the end of a book and finding out that that is most definitely not the case Will I pick up the next book Absolutely And while I would never deduct stars off a book just for that reason I will say that the ending of this overall just felt a bit cliche and really rushedespecially since there’s going to be at least one book in the seriestw torture mention of rape death of an infant suicide gore murder deathsacrifice of an animalbr w Amanda Thank you Wednesday books for sending me an e ARC in exchange for a honest reviewBlog | Twitter