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Laura und das Geheimnis von AventerraDüsteren Träume und unheimlichen Zwischenfälle Bei einem Ausritt mit ihrem Pferd Sturmwind wird Laura von Krähen angegriffen und ein dunkler Reiter verfolgt sie Oder spielt ihr nur die Einbildung einen üblen Streich An ihrem dreizehnten Geburtstag wird ihr Leben vollends auf den Kopf gestellt Denn Laura ist als Wächterin des Lichts auserwählt den Kelch der Erleuchtung a. Reviewed for the Reviews from Depth of Time MarathonReviews from Depth of TimeI don't exactly remember how and when I first picked that book up but I have an idea as to where I bought it from And I distinctly remember reading it while on a children's camp 6 or even years agoActually it was uite funny when I saw those pink pages and was wondering what had happened to the ink but soon realized what was going onAlthough I can't really say much about the writer's writing skills because I read those series in greek and usually I'm not a fan of translated books his imagination and train of events on this book was surely captivatingLaura soon became my friend someone I'd really like to know in real life and have as a friend Her best friend has the same name with me so it wasn't all that hard to picture itThe series about Laura consist of the second affecting and inspiring books I've ever read and are some of those I have always in a corner in my mind ready for use and reminiscenceI actually feel nostalgic about Laura and her adventures right now and totally planning on reading the books all over again but then I'd also like it very much if I could get my hands on the original ones Such a pity I don't know German But anyway I got totally excited awhile ago because I found out that Laura is back with a new adventure And now she's 17 years old Oh gosh I am so touched that I'll be able to have a new piece of her soon It will be just like we are old friends and after some time I get news from her I'll stop before I start crying Sniff

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Laura Leander hat den Kopf voller Sorgen Vor einem Jahr ist ihr Vater Marius spurlos verschwunden Eine ewig nörgelnde Stiefmutter macht ihr das Leben schwer In der Schule drohen Laura zwei Fünfen auf dem Halbjahreszeugnis Ihren jüngeren Bruder Lukas hat sie zwar tief ins Herz geschlossen doch seine ständige Besserwisserei geht ihr ganz schön auf die Nerven Und dann diese. 35 stars THE NOSTALGIA To be honest I had forgotten pretty much most of what happens in this book and generally in this series I only remembered that I LOVED Laura as a child I still do see NOSTALGIA aboveBut now rereading as a mature adult HAHAHAHAHAHA I was able to recognise some probematic elements Fatshaming There was a severe case of fatphobia and harmful comments I really hope this issue gets resolved as we move further along the series I honestly don't remember if it does Black as bad white as evil This is the Tolkienistic approach and it is not neceserally bad but not good either At the last few pages of the novel this issue started getting resolved as we come across a character who physically appears to be bad and evil but is actually good Still this is a tiny step towards the dissolve of this stereotype

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SUMMARY Laura und das Geheimnis von Aventerra 100 õ Laura Leander hat den Kopf voller Sorgen Vor einem Jahr ist ihr Vater Marius spurlos verschwunden Eine ewig nörgelnde Stiefmutter macht ihr das Leben schwer In der Schule drohen Laura zwei Fünfen auf dem Halbjahreszeugnis Ihren jüngeren Bruder Lukas hat sie zwar tief ins Herz geschlossenUs den Händen der Dunklen Mächte zu befreien Nur so kann sie verhindern dass Borboron der Schwarze Fürst der Finsternis auf dem Planeten Aventerra endgültig die Macht an sich reißt Damit wäre das Schicksal Aventerras und der Menschenwelt besiegelt Beide würden ins Ewige Nichts fallenEin erbitterter Kampf beginnt in dem das Böse stets einen Schritt voraus zu sein schein. I understand that this is a book for children but that doesn’t excuse it from using some really cheap tricks to make the kids like it Right of the bat the room of the heroine is a bombardment of other famous fantasy titles The author openly admitted he was inspired by them for writing this story but as an adult reader this only managed to take me out of the experience I was seeing the whole thing as self aware of how derivative it was Second issue is the very simplistic descriptions of the characters It’s one thing not to bother describing a peasant who only spoke two lines in a single book and a whole other to not say much about vital characters I have no idea how does anyone look in the book other than the color of his hair and clothes Weapons can be either gold or black the sky can be either blue or gray Third issue is the overly simplistic characterization of most characters Yes I get it it’s for kids but you can’t expect me to care when your main characters’ personality can only be “the curious teenage girl the good knight and the evil knight” Same goes with the painfully straightforward plot of “heroine is the chosen one destined to find the macguffin with the aid of a good knight so the forces of good can triumph over the forces of evil” You think there are any surprises There aren’t so what am I supposed to remember after reading this I clearly remember every title the author was inspired from and mentions a lot but the same can’t be said about Laura It’s as simplistic as it gets and leaves you with no fond memories of it other that loathing for having the audacity to think it can imitate the classics that easily