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Free read Peacekeeper ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ First in a brand new action packed military science fiction series meet Major Ariane Kedros—daring pilot decorated soldier war criminalFifteen years ago Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission that obliterated an entire solar system Branded a war criminal she was giEone who has uncovered their true identities And her superiors in the Autonomist army have placed her directly in the assassin’s line of fire on a peacekeeping mission that will decide the fate of all humanit. Okay it was great And funny at times With feels And my mind kept trying to find patterns to fit the plot into and IT DIDN'T TURN OUT THAT WAY So that was great too I want to read the rest of the books I feel like starting a women of powaa spree

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First in a brand new action packed military science fiction series meet Major Ariane Kedros daring pilot decorated soldier war criminalFifteen years ago Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission that obliterate. Research really does make a difference After reading a little bit on Laura Reeve's experiences on her website I believe that it is her experiences in part that help her to craft such convincing bureaucrats military men technology and international treaties She includes critical details that someone on the inside might pick up and that add a realistic touch to her inventions She writes convincingly about the tricks of inspectors pretending not to speak the language the concerns of soldiers who may be obsolete in peacetime and the shiny possibilities of the interwebs in the future especially ear bugs and implants and privacy shields in common shopping centers where everything is monitored I loved all this attention to detail and it was delivered in a very non obnoxious manner No frustrating pauses in momentum to explain the functions and merits of every single device No lectures She may drop a line or two on a device or she may expect the reader to learn from context eg acronyms If she presents a term like Command Post and a sentence later references CP not unreasonably she expects the reader to make the connection She spins the narrative and she expects the reader to keep upFor that reason this military scifi closer to hard scifi than soft might lose readers who do not enjoy instant immersion in a secondary world or prefer a lecturing narrator but everything is explained in one way or another and everything is not unfamiliar invented or an acronym I liked that she is not afraid to portray the mundane elements that is the deciding elements of events the goings on behind the scenes of treaties Reeve's characters are all also nicely fleshed out even the villains although I would have liked development Still I enjoyed the different points of view In that respect it reminded me of a scifi drama like Battlestar Galactica albeit with a much smaller cast The focus was on events however Main character Ariane is undercover and I enjoyed the extra layer of tension as she maintained her disguise There were no superfluous scenes Every scene contributed to the plot and kept the narrative moving at an even jog without fits and starts Even the dialogue was targeted The characters discussed their world as if they knew it without any suspicious unlikely explanations clearly intended only for the clueless audience's benefit Well John I know you know what a privacy shield is But let me explain it anyway Although Ariane's alcohol addiction was a nice touch and added some grey I actually thought Edones was the most believable and interesting character so I hope he's in the seuel This is not a romance although I still harbor hope for him and Ariane but Reeve did a good job making him sympathetic no easy task without changing his character I'm curious to see now whether I'll enjoy the second book as much since discovering her world was half the fun in the first but I'm definitely giving it a try I recommend this to anyone who likes their adventuremilitary scifi with a dose of realism and a plot that throws you right into the thick of thingsWarning For a couple of torture scenes and themes of drug abuse and addiction I forgot this earlier

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PeacekeeperD an entire solar system Branded a war criminal she was given a new identity and a new life in order to protect her from retribution But now twelve of Ariane’s wartime colleagues are dead assassinated by som. I liked this novel a lot though it's somewhat misleadingly labeled as mil sf being of an adventuremysteryspace opera with the aftermath of a long war ended by one terrible act as background Humanity is divided in 2 polities and an independent but essential community About a hundred years ago mysterious and seemingly powerful aliens called Minoans because of their culture's resemblance to the ancient one in Knossos contacted Earth Veiled and mysterious even now after a century of intercourse the Minoans offered humanity Nspace access key to the stars in return for trade and they play scrupulously by the laws of the respective polity they deal with They imposed only one essential set of rules known as the Phaistos Protocols essentially forbidding military operations against civilian targets The Minoans take an especial dim view of pirates anarchists and terrorists and exterminate them mercilessly and efficiently so human governments tend to do whatever it takes to stay on the aliens good side N space offers FTL but there is a hitch A N space buoy needs to be installed by sublight flight to the system to be accessed so the development of the neutral generational lines manning sublight starships opening new systems under the aegis of various governments The people living on those ships take the name of the line Journey Expedition Voyage and such though some drop off once in a while and pursue normal life mostly in the liberal Consortium Alliance of Worlds CAW With 6 prime planets and numerous habitats CAW is a familiar polity kind of an extension of today's western society wealthy democratic liberal and Greek speaking commerce oriented though it tends to take public data and ads a bit far like in making freely available any and all public transaction of people which leads to everyone being surrounded by a cloud of personal ads when walking in public places though of course there are privacy shields available at a cost Opposing it the Terran Expansionist League known as TerraXL is a mysterious society seemingly hierarchical and ruled by a group of Overlords practicing strict genetic controls and aiming at evolving humanity in a race of superhumans though from what we glimpse of it the TerraXL does not seem a particularly grim place either just a different set of rules that many people accept willingly A lengthy war for unspecified reasons has been fought between CAW and TerraXL for 50 years though due to the Protocols there were no mass civilians casualties In time both sides developed terrible Temporal Distortion weapons which supposedly can shut down a sun and surely it will shut down the Nspace buoy Fifteen years ago the CAW ledership sent a TD armed starship piloted by our main heroine of the novel currently known as Ariane Kedros to fire it in the Ura Guinn system destroying the N space buoy and presumably the sun which would have led indirectly to the deaths of 4 billion people so under a strict legalistic interpretation it did not violate the Protocols This action shocked everyone led the Minoans to intervene and impose an armistice which now evolved into an uneasy peace and leading to the mutual decommissioning of the TD weapons which is finally ready to start A sublight ship has been sent to Ura Guinn and is set to report in 4 months after installing a new buoy Ariane Kedros wracked by guilt and slowly getting addicted to drugs and alcohol chose an experimental rejuvenation and total rewrite of her records for protection from the Terran cries for war crimes trials and the rougher justice of their undercover agents though keeping a reserve intelligence commission as a major in the CAW military while currently working as a pilot and minority owner of a startup exploration firm Aether Exploration Owen Edones is a colonel in the CAW Intel and her superior and minder since when a young lieutenant he took care of the identity masking details Matt Journey is an early thirties generation ship drop off and now explorer and majority owner of Aether Exploration which may have got a big strike at a recently opened planet strike that means possible enormous wealth generation but also potentially fatal career ending attention from all the three big powers including the Minoans as well as various shady independents Matt may have an unacknowledged crush on his nominal subordinate Ariadne whom he believes younger than she actually is though he feels that she has deep secrets of her own even outside of her classified intelligence work that she does once in a while State Prince Isrid Sun Parmet is a high level official of TerraXL intelligence agency director and charged by his boss Overlord 3 to supervise the TD destruction treaty in CAW space As it happens his brother was living on Ura Guinn and is presumed dead which is even painful since they were planning to join their households together and have cross children in the genetically approved multimarriage families of Terra An unknown assassin stalks the people involved in the Ura Guinn attack and in the intervening years uite a few such have been killed secret identities and all Karthage Point the Caw TD station where SP Parmet inspections start is commanded by Col Icelos who has been identity modified too fro Ura Guinn and marked for death by the unknown killer and Ariadne is recalled by Edoned to go together as CAW liaisons with Ariadne to protect Icelos as her primary mission But the combination of Edones needing to go to another Space Station and the Aether's find getting in the spotlight puts Ariadne suarely in the path of uite a few people With a great ending that ties all threads together Peacekeeper is a great debut and strat of a series that I am looking forward for the next volume