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Book · Wizard's First Rule Ë Terry Goodkind A Legend BeginsIn the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father Richard Cypher encounters a mysterious woman Kahlan Amnell in his forest sanctuary She seeks his helpand His wo Terry Goodkind is a grossly inept writer with the writing ability of a somewhat intelligent seventh grader but he jumped into the wide open fantasy field when there were hardly any good fantasy writers a state that hasn't completely changed btw and he has the persistence to turn out 600 page novels and so he got published and now he's grandfathered in because some people don't have better taste than to buy his novels Additionally his early work is grotesuely derivative mostly of Robert Jordan as a matter of fact It also includes all kinds of cliché fantasy tropes which then never appear again in the series as though dragons and gars just up and wandered off the planet at some point His bad guys particularly in this book are such a mish mash of evil that they became caricatures of evil and are actually laughable For instance either Darken Rahl or his henchman I don't remember which These guys were not just evil and out to despoil everything in sight and out for total power and in cahoots with the evil underworld spirits one of them was also a child molester to boot I'm sure Goodkind would have called him a Nazi had the concept fit into his milieu And finally after about four novels or so Goodkind sacrifices story telling on the altar of making a political point and since then every book has been a thinly veiled objectivist anti religious and anti altruism rant I don't care that he has a point of view or that he occasionally slips it into his writing but his evil characters have become now not caricatures of evil but mean spirited caricatures of the philosophy he opposes And so he has shown himself through his writing to be someone I would despise uite apart from it someone who can't conceive that the people who see things differently are men and women of good will who have just come to separate conclusions He tortures the crap out of his writing in order to make it serve his convoluted agendaDo yourself a favor and don't start this series Especially if like me you have OCD tendencies and feel compelled to finish what you startAnd yes I am jealous— that a lousy writer like that can have 600 page volume after 600 page volume published and I can't Because frankly I think I'm better than he is

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Epub ✓ Wizard's First Rule ô 820 pages ä Terry goodkind ä A Legend BeginsIn the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father Richard Cypher encounters a mysterious woman Kahlan Amnell in his forest sanctuary She seeks his helpand His world his very beliefs are shattered when ancient debts come due wi Himself something noble Neither knows that the rules of battle have just changedor that their time has run outThis is the beginning One book One rule Witness the birth of a legen Richard and Kahlen's Relationship TimelineDay OneRichard Kahlen now that we just met we're the bestestest friends aren't we?Kahlen We sure areDay TwoRichard Kahlen we're the bestestest of friends and I would give my life for you even though we just metKahlen Me tooDay ThreeRichard Kahlen I love you than life itself What? It's only been three days? Well that still seems sensibleKahlen My sentiments exactlyDays Four through 20Richard Love love loveKahlen I love you but we can never be together ever because of the magicDays 21 through 30Random Mord Sith comes in out of nowhere Days 30See Days Four through 20More DetailsSo I didn't uite go into this with the best of intentions I wanted to jump on the bandwagon since I felt like the only one not making fun of Goodkind I can however say that I enjoyed Wizard's First Rule Ten years ago I would have loved it than anything Five years ago I still would have really really liked it Today I've realized I'm not uite the same reader I was before I've always loved what many term the traditional fantasy Farmerscullion learns true history that heshe is the ultimate of awesome the supreme ueen of butterflies and aardvarks the master and commanderWhile I enjoyed Goodkind's twist on this traditional tale it was still a bit much for me at times Richard is the boy who would be insert title and he's just too perfect He's good at EVERYTHING Okay he's a wilderness guide so he's good at tracking and woodsy stuff that's the technical term believe me I'm a woodsy guide I can get behind that But then he can fight and solve riddles and do rubik's cubes and everythingThen and I kinda feel like a tool talking about this since I don't really know all that much what I'm talking about there's the lack of foreshadowing There's probably a better term that would ualify this but we jump from one adventure to the next There's the ultimate good versus bad tale going on but to get to the end there's so much padding with multiple adventures in between We have to go to the mud people so they can tell us stuff Oops the mud people can't tell us we have to go to that mountain over there and it's such a dangerous mountain Oops again now we have to call a fairy by tapping our ankles twice while holding our breath doing a somersault on a donkey and spelling the word Goodkind backwardI know Eddings' Belgariad does much the same thing but that has a special place in my heart whereas The Sword of Truth was just too late in my reading career Add to that the less than stellar feelings toward the later volumes in the series you may not see me carrying onI will say the ending was pretty good and will actually be moving my 3 star rating up to a 35 Lucky duck35 out of 5 Stars

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Wizard's First RuleRld his very beliefs are shattered when ancient debts come due with thundering violenceIn their darkest hour Kahlan calls upon Richard to reach beyond his sword to invoke within I very much enjoyed this book I only hope I can say so for the rest of the series Mel ❤️