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Anatomy of a Love Affair: (My Life in the Movies) Read ì 107 À These poems explore the constant interaction between everyday life and art and the imaginary space it provides all of us In the first section which gives its title to the collection a poetic seuence retells a real life love affair from beginning to end from tAir from beginning to end from the encounter to the break up through memories of love as it is remembered by the author and through the lens of pivotal and memorable movie scenes that seem to mirror her own experiences With rit. Note April 5 2017 I just edited this review to correct two typos And I'd thought I'd proofread it when I posted itMy recommendation of this book is for fans of contemporary poetry and those would indeed be its primary audience; but its appeal can be a bit broader than that since I'm generally not among those fans but still rated it at three stars which for anyone who needs reminding is a positive rating on Goodreads' scale euivalent to 's four That's an overall rating; some poems here are absolute gems which would earn a much higher rating and a few I didn't care for at all While I like well written poetry as such I tend to read much fiction and in general don't seek out modern poetry so this isn't a book I'd have been apt to pick to read on my own But my Goodreads friend Lynne King was kind enough to gift me with a copy and to urge me to read it right away The short time it took to do that wasn't wasted by any meansThere are 39 poems in this collectionchapbook arranged into three parts Part One which has the same title and subtitle as the book as a whole contains the first 22 of these Thirteen of these are basically of an autobiographical nature speaking directly of the poet's feelings about the course of an affair she had about ten years ago written after the break up but not long after since the book was published in 2007 Her lover was married but he didn't drop that item of information on her until she was already deeply involved with him These directly autobiographical poems are interspersed with nine others that are suggested by movies she saw during that time each one identified after the poem title by movie title and director Here the poems' relationship to the course of her doomed romance is usually less obvious and much indirect; but some of the connections are obvious than others especially with the last poem in this section The Heart Is a Phoenix A reader of these would undoubtedly benefit from being familiar with the movies referred to I wasn't but that isn't a necessity for responding to them The poems in the other two parts titled Photographs Part Two and Places and People Part Three arise out of her own life experiences but aren't related to the titular love affairFrances' style has been called prose poetry but IMO it isn't that exactly; her writing is free verse at least I can't tell if it has meter; it doesn't rhyme but it has a true poetic uality and the arrangement of words into lines does matter they aren't simply put down to use every bit of the page except for paragraph divisions as prose is She generally uses a relatively long line but not always It would be fair to say that she's influenced by the Imagist school and a strong suit of her style is command of beautiful language and ability to conjure vivid images this also impressed both of my Goodreads friends who've reviewed the collection Her fluency with the English language is particularly impressive when we consider that she was born and raised in France though one of her graduate majors is English Generally speaking she's a poetess of emotional feeling than of thoughtful reflection though a few pieces here do express and invite insightful thought Despite the subject matter of Part One there's very little sexual content there or elsewhere in the book and nothing offensive in that way except for Loved in Part Three which may also be autobiographical and provided much information than this reader needed or wanted Similarly there's only one instance of bad language in the whole book an f word in Letter to Whomever Is Watching The latter is one of the few poems here that for me completely failed to communicate; Frances like all poets often uses indirection and metaphor to convey her meaning but in the main she does convey it accessiblyThe preoccupation with feeling is especially crucial in Part One; this isn't an exercise in moral reflection about the ethics of her or her partner's behavior nor an attempt to defend and glamorize it either just a rawly honest description of her own feelings at the time including in The Others her own pervasive pain like needles under my fingernails at the lack of monogamy in the relationship In part writing these poems was clearly a cathartic exercise as was including the texts of the only three letters to her lover that she'd kept copies of the only part of this book that's actually in prose which follow the 19th poem The Lost Letters I didn't read these in their entirety; despite the last lines of that poem since they are no longer yours and since they don't belong to me I send them back into the world I found them very definitely the private property of original writer and reader and wasn't comfortable entering that sanctum to violate it But this isn't simply a self indulgent wallow in a pointless pity party; it's a journey towards healing If you think that you will never love again look upSince they aren't as sharply differentiated we can consider Parts Two which only has five poems and Three together A couple of poems here Edward Hopper and Joseph Brodsky by Richard Avedon are directly inspired by visual art; the former speaks for itself even if you aren't very familiar with Hopper's paintings but the latter responding to a portrait or photograph of the famous Polish born American poet Joseph Brodsky probably reuires a familiarity with his poetry to be fully appreciated I didn't have that familiarity; but I have read some of Isak Dinesen's stories and know something of her life so African uiet which bears the notation For Isak Dinesen and conjures an image of the dying writer had meaning for me and is one of my favorite poems here Perhaps my top favorite is the final one Kirkwood Missouri which isn't really about the titular town so much as about the myriad opportunities for experience and human connection that life offers us and how we either embrace them or let them slip This one IMO is a modern masterpiece Another that I find particularly powerful is Sierra Leone The most purely Imagist selections here are Work Heartland and MobileI don't have nearly enough familiarity with contemporary poetry to assess Frances' place in it But I can truly say that she's in the top tier of contemporary poets that I've actually read; and at her best here she produces work which I would consider eual to some of that which has gone before her and already stood the test of time

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Ualistic cadence and use of the long line the poems in this collection weave a web of stories that illustrate the ongoing interplay of personal experience and art photographs music and films that haunt us and make us who we are. Love happens when the gods decide to punish you and they grant you your wish One of my favorite lines and a catalyst which ignites this passionate collection of interconnected poems by Melanie Frances Going back to re read many of these what amazes me is how effortlessly and with great charm she distills the emotions and trajectory of a love affair; from the amplified hyper saturated feelings when sparks start to fly through an emotional breakup and finally settling cooly into acceptance But if there's a love affair in this collection it's as much for music film and books as anything else As her relationship unwinds the film reel spins and Melanie's built in soundtrack plays along and through this lens you can't help but think about your own experiences and how a great song or movie scene can freeze a moment in time and inform our lives and loves Whether it's a flashback of dancing to Al Green across from a now vacant house Woody Allen racing to meet Mariel Hemingway through the streets of Manhattan or Frank Sinatra's 'Moon River' slipping through cracked doors of a steamy bathroom the details are lush and often haunting and the entire collection resonates with the warmth of an old record

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Anatomy of a Love Affair My Life in the MoviesThese poems explore the constant interaction between everyday life and art and the imaginary space it provides all of us In the first section which gives its title to the collection a poetic seuence retells a real life love aff. I’m not really a great lover of poetry although there are many poems that I thoroughly admire but when I read Dolors’ review my inner voice told me that I would be thoroughly enthralled by this book And this proved to be the caseI really don’t mean to exaggerate but this is the most wonderful exhilarating book of poetry that I have ever read How the author arrived with her sublime prose is completely beyond me but I compare it to an out of earth experience It is a work that is heavenlyThe concept is also fascinating and uite a daring thing to attempt to do that of comparing the beginning and ending of a love affair with memorable memories from moviesIt is not a large work purely 73 pages but from the first poem “Champagne” through to “Kirkwood Missouri” I remained enthralledThis work is a true “mélange” of colours experience of life sexual sensual experiences travel memories both past and present exuisite poetry past thoughts mixed in with the cinema well I absolutely loved itNormally I like to give uotations from the parts of a book that I love but it was unnecessary here as I loved every single wordA majestic subliminal work It’s divine and left such a good feeling within meI look forward to reading other works with anticipation I understand that the author is currently working on a novelBravo Mélanie Francès