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REVIEW ✓ Pet Sematary ☆ ' This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00K3NEE56 When the Creeds move into a beautiful old house in rural Maine it all seems too good to be true physician father beautiful wife charming little daughter adorable infant son and now an idyllic home As a family they've got it allright down to the friendly car But the nearby woCian father beautiful wife charming little daughter adorable infant son and now an idyllic home As a family they've got it allright down to the friendly car B. While reading this book all I that runs through my head is the song the Ramones made for the movie So I'm going to link the video so all of you can have it running through your head as well Kickin' it old school Pet Sematary The RamonesOkay let me just go ahead and say there will be SPOILERS for those that haven't read the book or seen the movie I have seen the movie about 6 million 5 hundred and 8 times And I love it THIS is the first time I have read the book and as there are a few differences in the book and movie they both rock monkey butt The book didn't scare me at all for some reason I think because of the said 6 million 5 hundred and 8 times that I have seen it that maybe it acclimated me to the book Although the movie is still creepy as hell I totally freaked at the introduction to the book Mr King tells about moving to said place teaching at the school they had a cat named Smucky their son was running to the road chasing the kite string like in the movie but uh didn't get killed And some other things It was like a whole new little world right there for me that he actually wrote this based on some home stuff Remember in the book where Jud the wonderful neighbor takes them out to the Pet Sematary SMUCKY THE CAT one crate board marker proclaimed The hand was childish but careful HE WAS OBEDIANTOkay so there was a real I wonder if it's still there Pet Sematary and their cat Smucky is buried there and that is what Mr King's daughter wrote I mean I can't even I want to go visit there now and see if the place is still there So wonderful Jud from across the road has a great friendship with Louis and the kids a little iffy with Rachel Anyway Jud is the one that has Louis bury Church the cat when he gets hit on that damn road all of those crazy trucks would fly down But little did Louis know that Church was going to come back even when the poor boy from the school Pascow who got hit by a car and killed came back as a ghost to warn Louis Why don't people just listen So now Church is back home and he isn't the same any But the family didn't find out anything happened to him while they were out of town They just think he's weird and stinks when they get home Uh yeah So then it all goes to hell in a hand basket Gage is killed on the road and in the movie you get to see who presides over the funeral Yup the King and then don't do it don't to it He does it Louis takes Gage to the Pet Sematary and yeah Gage isn't the same when he comes back He kills Jud Damn it all and Ellie had been having bad dreams about her daddy so Rachel comes home and goes to Jud's house and she gets killed because Gage isn't Gage any And Louis finally takes out Church and Gage but does he learn from his lesson Nooooooooooooooo he takes and buries Rachel in the Sematary Well you can use your imagination for the rest of that one This was an awesome book to read for Halloween time or any time really but it's extra special at Halloween ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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Ut the nearby woods hide a blood chilling truth terrifying than death itself and hideously powerful The Creeds are going to learn that sometimes dead is bette. 455 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺Pet Sematary Sematary Isn’t it cuteOkay maybe not that cute if you consider the fact that some kids bury their dead pets in a sinister place and fulfil all kind of procedures meant for burying people applying them on their pets But you have to admit the misspelling is adorable So innocent I’ve read this book almost three years ago and I literally have no idea how I read this because I felt like I forgot a lot of important things about it But thank the Almighty Divinity up there for the film I actually enjoyed the film than I expected but it was good because it was different from the book and it helped me remember better because my brain has its own way of functioning and processing don't askI am not going to talk about plots and plot twists and also I am not going to talk that much about the characters either But I do want to talk a bit about one of the characters though First off I want to say that after seeing the film the image of Louis Creed the main character has somehow grown on me When I was reading the book I must confess that I didn't feel a real connection towards any of the characters maybe at some point even despise them a little And Louis Creed is not an exception I actually felt like he was warmer in the film than it was in the book And I had this impression about all of the characters to be completely honest Maybe I was insensitive three years ago when I read the book Or maybe not Who knows I'm still pretty insensitive thoughBecause I remember feelings sometimes better than words I must say that this book had some very intense passages that managed to raise the hair on the back of my neck To make you understand what I’m saying I have prepared a nice story for you one that is actually real as it comesI have a small house at the countryside typical Romanian you know with Persian rugs and a terracotta stove and a dim lightbulb that annoys you than actually helps you see It was the Easter evening my folks were outside preparing the grill for the barbecue and I was all alone in my bed reading this book clearly running away from responsibility As I said the light was kind of stupidly annoying the stove was cracking from time to time and sometimes someone was making weird noises from outside like crashing things or something clumsy like that Apart from that everything was semi shadowy and uiet The passage I was reading right at that moment was the one when Rachel Louis' wife was describing the last time she saw her sick sister alive before she died I remember that scene as ‘the closet scene' King created a masterpiece out of that scene It felt so real and so immediate that I started looking at my own closet in the room and praying not to see some inhumanly claws creeping from between the doors In that particular moment I felt a chill going down my spine and my heart started somehow racing I actually yelled for my mother too and she actually came to check on me like I was some kind of baby she rolled her eyes and left after I told her why I summoned her but at least she cameGiving the fact that the book has some mysticism spice I think it is worth a shot just for the glimpse of a myth And maybe who knows The individual research could go on and maybe even discover something new interesting and exciting because as I always say we always have something to learn from a book even if we have only a tiny detail that grabbed our attention Everything is worth knowing Even if it comes from a horror novel Just make it enjoyable Everything comes from within

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Pet Sematary' This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00K3NEE56 When the Creeds move into a beautiful old house in rural Maine it all seems too good to be true physi. Wow Just wow I've put off reading this one for years because well I'm a wimp There I said it When one of the most well known names in the contemporary era of the horror genre says something is his scariest book I take note It seems bizarre that I finally chose to tackle this one while having children the same age as Louis Creed's it was precisely the perfect time to pick this up I listened to almost the entire book over a 24 hour period while road tripping and the experience was unparalleled to any I've had in the scope of reading thus far Side note Michael C Hall was the most excellent narrator for this What likely was a 4 star read initially became a 5 star with no second thought If you haven't experienced this version I cannot recommend it highly enoughRather than a gory blood and guts type of horror this is a slow burning ueasy unease that explodes in the final chapters The suspense nearly did kill me; by the final 25% I found myself wringing my hands and grinding my teeth preparing myself for the inevitable that I knew was coming deep down ever since the beginning I don't think I could have fully appreciated what King intended to accomplish with this novel if I'd read it before having children of my own That's not to say that people without kids won't appreciate this as highly just as statement in my own personal journey Only King can accomplish so much horror with so little bloodshed I finished this days ago but have held off on reviewing until now because I feel like I'm still processing and I can't stop thinking about everything that occurred to this family I had spent so much time prior to reading this book in preparing myself for the big things that I was completely taken aback by how connected I became to the Creed family This is why the detailed slow burn; if I didn't care about this family their neighbors and the town in general why would what happens at the end stick with me for the long haul Oh sure I would have gasped and guffawed at the disturbing nature of the plot but I wouldn't have been emotionally invested If you've been hiding under my big rock for the past few decades and are just catching up on your Stephen King backlog like me I highly recommend picking this up It's not just about the scares with this one but the contemplation on how grief can turn any of us into a monster By far the best audible book I've chosen yet