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Frank Little and the IWW Download ↠ 108 Ì Franklin Henry Little 1878–1917 an organizer for the Western Federation of Miners and the Industrial Workers of the World IWW fought in some of the early twentieth century’s most contentious labor and free speech struggles Following his lynching in Butte Montana his life and legacy became shrouFranklin Henry Little 1878–1917 an organizer for the Western Federation of Miners and the Industrial Workers of the World IWW fought in some of the early twentieth century’s most contentious labor and free speech struggles Following his lynching in Butte Montana his life and legacy became shrouded in tragedy and family secrets In double Spur Award winning Frank Little and the IWW author Jane Little Botkin chronicles her great granduncle’s fascinating life and reveals its connections to the history of American labor and the first Red Scare Beginning with Little’s childhood in Missouri and territorial Oklahoma Botkin recounts his evolution as a renowned organizer and agitator on behalf of workers in corporate agricu. When I picked up this book I was expecting an account of a labor movement leader – a subject I admittedly know little about Botkin is related to Frank Little in fact he is her great granduncle Investigating the family’s skeleton closet the author uncovered a man of principle who fought against the abuses of his time Why was such a man relegated to the skeleton closet For fear of retributionThe parallels between the early 1900s and today are eerie Frank Little was the product of a doctor’s homesteading family that settled in Oklahoma at the time of the great land rush From difficulties arising from economic insecurity in managing to hold onto their land Frank Little developed his convictions Agitating for better conditions for the working classes he travelled throughout the western United States from Spokane to Bisbee Arizona to the Iron Range of Minnesota and points in between An enemy of abusive capitalism he along with the IWW got swept up in the paranoia of World War I And for his beliefs he suffered mightilyThe hardships Little faced are certainly not unknown today Disparity among classes division and hatred in America discrimination against immigrants and those deemed as “other” the fragility of free speech especially when those in power don’t like the message The fact that free speech was so stifled bothered me the most The IWW known as Wobblies met violence with passivity holding the moral high ground time and time again The men and women of the IWW were in part conscientious objectors some members registered for the draft against US involvement in WWI when patriotic fever was running high This book is rare in that it is exuisitely researched and written with a passion Botkin takes a relatively unexplored part of 20th century American history and brings it too life The fact that constitutional rights could be so grossly abused and taken away is horrifying One uestion that emerges is what is sedition vs patriotism Who makes the determination It is in my opinion an important book

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Lture oil logging and mining Frank Little traveled the West and Midwest to gather workers beneath the banner of the Wobblies as IWW members were known making soapbox speeches on city street corners organizing strikes and writing polemics against unfair labor practices His brother and sister in law also joined the fight for labor but it was Frank who led the charge and who was regularly threatened incarcerated and assaulted for his efforts In his final battles in Arizona and Montana Botkin shows Little and the IWW leadership faced their strongest opponent yet as powerful copper magnates countered union efforts with deep laid networks of spies and gunmen an antilabor press and local vigilantes For a time Frank Little’s mu. Jane Little Botkin has written an extraordinary book based on the life and ultimate death of her great granduncle Frank Little a union activist and organizer for the IWW Industrial Workers Of The World For me it was an education on the subject of union organizing something I knew practically nothing about and the miners who desperately needed a voice to stand up to their employer oppressors Written in great detail and with historical elegance Ms Botkin has woven together the epic tale of Frank Little's passionate uest to make a better life for himself and other miners the culmination of times which gave way to the creation of the IWW the Little family the sacrifices of thousands of miners and their families the backroom deals the dregs of the press the never ending corruption and the manner of murder and violence undertaken by those parties opposed to the miners having a better way of life The story of Frank Little will stay with me as even in today's society such injustice still goes on

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Frank Little and the IWWRder became a rallying cry for the IWW But after the United States entered the Great War and Congress passed the Sedition Act 1918 to ensure support for the war effort many politicians and corporations used the act to target labor “radicals” suelch dissent and inspire vigilantism Like other wage working families smeared with the traitor label the Little family endured raids arrests and indictments in IWW trials Having scoured the West for firsthand sources in family library and museum collections Botkin melds the personal narrative of an American family with the story of the labor movements that once shook the nation to its core In doing so she throws into sharp relief the lingering conseuences of political repression. A beautifully written and well researched book Not only is this an important piece of American history one I would venture to say not enough people know about it resonates with what is happening in our country today if one thinks about it Without revealing what took place I knew I had to read the entire book as the author's first few pages make it impossible to put the book down