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Moloka'i Summary é 2 À This richly imagined novel set in Hawai'i than a century ago is an extraordinary epic of a little known time and place and a deeply moving testament to the resiliency of the human spiritRachel Kalama a spirited seven year old Hawaiian girl dreams of visiting far off lands like her father a merchant seaman Then one day a rose colored markA spirited seven year old Hawaiian girl dreams of visiting far off lands like her father a merchant seaman Then one day a rose colored mark appears on her skin and those dreams are stolen from her Tak. DisappointingUnderwhelmingSuandered potentialLacks soulThese are a few of the things that immediately sprang to mind after finishing Molika'i After reading several 2 star reviews here on Goodreads by gifted reviewers then myself I really can't add much without becoming repetitiveSuffice it to say this book had so much potential So much possibility And although a vast majority of readers thought it met and exceeded those parameters for me it fell flatI wanted my soul to be moved while reading this I wanted my heart to be engaged I wanted to feel real sympathy for these fictional characters played out against a very non fictional aspect of history Instead I yawned freuently I looked to see how many pages were left I got tired of the innumerable instances of info dumping and plotline wrangling in order to create the info dump moment I thought of how a writer like my favorite MM Kaye would have handled this scene or that situation I got frustrated over the shallow writing and the contemporary feel of a story that was supposed to take place over 100 years ago And finally I closed the book and was sad that what could have been an awesome story fell flat for me expecially since I've been on a run of mediocre reads latelyThis is a minority opinion but it's mine Hope it's a better read for others

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This richly imagined novel set in Hawai'i than a century ago is an extraordinary epic of a little known time and place and a deeply moving testament to the resiliency of the human spiritRachel Kalama. Reading this book contained and gave me absolutely everything I love about reading It encompasses everything I love about the reading process I loved it so much I know I won’t be able to write a coherent or worthy review; there’s no way for me to do this story justice except to recommend it to many many people I know something I’ve already started to doNot only couldn’t I conceive of not giving it 5 stars it also easily made my favorites shelfIt’s an outstanding book Anything accurate I say will sound like hyperbole I am sureI cried with emotion than I have for all but another handful of booksIt’s a book to savor It’s completely absorbing It’s very hard to put down Great storytellingIt’s heartbreaking heartwarming there’s lots of pathos but there is also plentiful humor including humor that often comes unexpectedly at least for me; many times during some of the most poignant moments I'd find something hilarious I chuckled a lot and smiled at something on nearly every page It broke my heart yet lifted me up I also learned so much especially about Hawaiian history and culture and about the settlement on Moloka'i It’s a fabulous book I’m so grateful my book club agreed to read this okay I finally bullied them into it because it had been on my to read shelf for forever but having to read it for the group forced me to get to itI cared tremendously about so many of the characters particularly Rachel Kalama but really most of them are compelling The settings are so spot on amazing and as I reader I really felt as though I was there every step of the wayIt’s about a lifelives and never for a moment does the experience of being with them feel less than 100% authentic Rachel every moment with her feels genuine everything about her and how she is makes sense at every stage of her lifeI absolutely loved all the Hawaiian words interspersed throughout all with their English counterparts right with them so their meaning was always apparentAnd if this historical fiction book couldn’t be perfect there is an author’s note at the end where the author lets the reader know a few real people a few characters were based on and lists the sources used for the research done to in general recreate the time and place A stellar job was done as far as I can tell There are a bunch of books and information about them listed in the back of this novel and I am tempted to read some of them but honestly this book sated me; even though it was fiction I feel I couldn’t have come away with edification from any non fiction account; that’s how good this novel is Every time I thought it was amazing something else happened that made it even so Over and over and over againI talked with a friend as I was reading this book and she reminded me that either our fourth grade teacher or his brother who at the time was a Christian missionary in the Philippines had worked on Moloka’i working with the residents who had Hansen’s disease That bit of information solved a puzzle for me I couldn’t remember why when I was nine and ten I was fascinated by and afraid of leprosy couldn’t remember how I even knew a

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Moloka'iEn from her home and family Rachel is sent to Kalaupapa the uarantined leprosy settlement on the island of Moloka'i Here her life is supposed to end but instead she discovers it is only just beginning. Update I never wrote a full review of this book I read it before I joined Goodreads Its 'still' a favorite If you've never read about the ways the community reacted to leprosy during its day this book gives you the experience pretty sad A young girl is removed from her family sent to the uarantined leprosy settlement on the island of Moloka' We meet many vibrant characters on the island and watch Rachel grow up I laughed and cried This story has stayed with me for approx 13 years Wonderful scenessurf boardingbefore surf boards etc Reading Molokai is a readers gift I Just looked at my old little review wishing for Alan to come visit us in the Bay AreaHe did Great time I've been on his personal e mail list with his updates ever since He has a new novel coming out next year He returns to his favorite island Hawaii I loved this book I gave it as a gift to at least 4 of 5 friends A beautiful storyOur Goodreads woman's group has voted to read Molokai for next month May my birthday monthI look forward to our engaging discussionsIt would be 'very cool' if Alan Brennert could join us I'm hoping to hear him speak next year in the Bay Area when he introduces his new book in 2013 He put a reuest in to 'speak' in our area Hope so GREAT man who loves 'The Islands'