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Hoopers War Read & download í E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ In this powerful anti war novel set in WWII Japan Lieutenant Nate Hooper isn't sure he'll survive the fight And if he does make it home he isn't sure he can survive the peace He's done a terrible thing and struggles to resolve the mistake alongside an unrepentant JapanesLexity of decisions that last longer than people do With allegorical connections to America's wars in Ira and Afghanistan the reverse chronology telling of Hooper's War turns a loss of innocence narrative into a tale of why that loss is inevitable. Hooper's War is billed as an anti war novel and it is that deservedly mentioned in the same breath as Catch 22 and Slaughterhouse 5 Although not as bizarre in its narrative outworking as How I Won The War another pointed anti war novel that uses absurdity to make its point Hooper's War gives us the trenchant observations of the eponymous main character Lt Nate Hooper who mixes irony outrage disgust as he chronicles in reverse order an imaginary invasion of Japan in the final phase of WWII Alongside Hooper Van Buren gives us the story of Japanese Imperial Army Sergeant Eichi Nakagawa who is not only Hooper's largely unmet foil but also a reminder of the enemy's humanity expressed nevertheless with delicate sensitivity towards cultural differences Through Sgt Nakagawa we learn that in the Imperial Army also the bizarre has a placeBetween the two men stands the strong minded Naoko a determined woman who is forthright in her condemnation of the war and the martial conceits with which Hooper and the Americans and Nakagawa and the Japanese bolster their fightFive Stars and a definite recommendation

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In this powerful anti war novel set in WWII Japan Lieutenant Nate Hooper isn't sure he'll survive the fight And if he does make it home he isn't sure he can survive the peace He's done a terrible thing and struggles to resolve the mistake alongsid. Hooper's War is a fascinating and riveting counterfactual account set in immediate post World War II Japan Counterfactual because its premise examines a historical outcome where the United States did not release weapons of mass destruction on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and instead relied on firebombing of Kyoto to force the Japanese to surrender It is a fast moving narrative a real page turnerPeter Van Buren using a techniue of moving his storytelling across space from the American soldier perspective to the Japanese soldier and civilian perspective and across time from the present to the past and back to the present in random intervals reduces both dimensions to a single inescapable and irrefutable truth the validity and morality or lack thereof of modern war He raises many uestions and like life itself leaves many uestions unanswered directly so the reader can reach his or her own conclusionsScholars and students of military history soldiers diplomats and general readers will gain much from a careful reading of Hooper's War

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Hoopers WarE an unrepentant Japanese soldier and a Japanese woman who is trying to save both men The characters face a decision that will forever define them not by their war against each other but by their war against themselves This is a tale of moral comp. Hooper's War by Peter Van Buren is an alternative history of World War II with a deep message about war Peter Van Buren is a former foreign service officer author and first amendment rights defender by circumstance His previous book The Ghosts of Tom Joad; The Story of the #99 tells a very realistic story of the fall of the rust belt cities that took me back to my days of growing up in Cleveland OhioHooper's War is an interesting book for reasons beyond it being a good war story It runs along the lines of Philip Caputo but not as in your face as Dalton Trumbo Van Buren sets his story in 1946 as the war has reached mainland Japan This twist is particularly interesting because the atomic bombs are not mentioned in the story To many WWII was when the United States wore the white hat and took the high moral ground The atomic bombs were perhaps the only recognizable scar on that victory Since then we fought Korea to a draw Vietnam brings to mind My Lai and the evacuation of the American Embassy Ira and Afghanistan were left unfinished World War II was America's just victoryHooper is an infantry lieutenant far from his hometown in Ohio He is leading a group of mostly inexperienced men in combat on mainland Japan His unit was a mix of inexperienced soldiers with a few experienced NonCommissioned Officers who help lead and help the fresh lieutenant The violence of the landing and coordination are well done Van Buren brings an important aspect of the war with Japan to light In the novel Kyoto is fire bombed In real history the fire bombing of Dresden was devastating; the German city was completely destroyed in a precision bombing raid In Japan precision bombing was abandoned and fire bombing was even destructive Cities there had an industrial center and were surrounded with wooden housing Bombs were dropped near the target and the fires spread inward The fires burned toward the city center trapping the population Emergency services were overloaded and unable to prevent the spread of fire Essentially the entire city was burned to the ground and that included much of the civilian population The 1945 firebombing of Tokyo produced immediate casualties than the atomic bombs at Hiroshima or NagasakiThe story works its way mostly backward through the fictional history and for a large part takes place near the firebombed city of Kyoto This is where the majority of the principles and morality of war take place Through Hooper's words he tells the reader what he and his men experienced There is also a Japanese soldier Eichi Nakagawa telling his story and a civilian woman Naoko with a connection to both Hooper and Nakagawa Through the perspective of these three people many uestions about war and who is right if anyone is raised The immediate leadership on both sides comes into play with the strict discipline and idea of duty and honor to the average Japanese soldier The Americans see themselves as liberators and uestion the resistance to freedom Hooper's men are given ice cream for completing their mission against the enemy while Japanese civilians starve There is a Major Moreland who hopes to wear down the resistance by limiting their supplies and demoralizing the enemy His attitude is strikingly close to a Vietnam War general with a similar nameHooper's War is an excellent war story and what makes it such is that it is not about the glory of war and the killing of people It is about what war really is for those who fight it and those who experience it There is a complexity that escapes many people and even those fighting Hooper asks Naoko to the effect of Why don't you give up and except freedom He does not understand that he is now seen as an invader not a liberator Decades later people in power and fighting in Ira would ask the same uestions of Irai resistance Van Buren uses alternative history to present uestions asked in probably every war in history He portrays war as two forces fighting both believing they are right