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mobi à doc A Time to Kill Free ã moneyexpresscard ✓ Librarian's Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 0385338600 9780385338608Before The Firm and The Pelican Brief made him a superstar John Grisham wrote this riveting story of retribution and justice In this searing courtroom drama best selling author John Grisham pBlack father acuires an assault rifle and takes matters into his handsFor ten days as burning crosses and the crack of sniper fire spread through the streets of Clanton the nation sits spellbound as young defense attorney Jake Brigance struggles to save his client's lifeand then his o Riveting somber and powerful A Time to Kill is a totally unforgettable legal thriller telling of secluded prejudice in a small Southern town and one lawyer who wants to change the world

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Hs of racial violenceas he delivers a compelling tale of uncertain justice in a small southern townClanton Mississippi The life of a ten year old girl is shattered by two drunken and remorseless young men The mostly white town reacts with shock and horror at the inhuman crime Until her A Time to Kill is a riveting story of retribution and justice so does the title imply Replace riveting by frustrating and you know what I felt while reading this doorstopper of a bookOn than 500 pages John Grisham delves deep into the schemes and entanglements of a trial in the Southern USA The premise was so interesting that it was impossible not to pick this book up A ten year old girl is raped by two drunken men and her father takes the law into his own hands by killing the rapists of his daughter The major problem in this case The girl and her father are black and the two rapists are white If there is one thing Grisham manages to implement perfectly in his story then it is the exploration of arguments about why the father should be sentenced to death or declared innocent as a result of the circumstances The reader always bears in his mind how the jury would be reacting in case the roles were reversed if two black men had raped a white girl of ten years but the fact that acuitting the father of his crime would encourage many other people to commit self administered justice too also needs to be taken into accountMight this premise deliver storytelling material for so many pages? Yes it might Only it didn't Shortly after Gary Su Jake Brigance assumed his duty of defending his client the novel drifted away into long winded boring and insignificant rambling Many people claim this story to be very realistic for how the situation for black people in Mississippi during the 1980's was like I have never lived there so I have no idea how real it really was but the way Jake Brigance acted and behaved definitely did not feel realistic to me Because who doesn't get royally dunk three days before an important trial? Never before have I been that frustrated by a protagonist who behaved like an asshole towards his wife and just about everyone else he encountered but was still portrayed like the absolute hero Throw an incapable prosecutor into the game to make Brigance's light shine even brighter and you have the perfect Grisham version of Fleming's James BondAnd let's not even address the lack of emotions during the entire novel You might think that a ten year old girl being raped by two drunken men will leave you feeling sorry for her and her family on the edge of shedding tears? I have to disappoint you because Grisham's writing deprives every single emotion from every potentially touching scene You never know how a character feels inside his soul because Grisham only tells only allows his reader to guess what his characters might feel at this very moment 15 stars rounded up due to the interesting premise and the very relevant topic down due to me reconsidering the relevance of the rating system Goodreads suggests 1 star eualing didn't like itAlso just to clarify things a bit I didn't dislike the story; the plot was extremely interesting to me and had so much potential must of which was explored vividly in a very tight and well structured novel I also really liked the film adaptation; it may not be a masterpiece but it's a very well adapted movie My main source of frustration is the writing so in the end I guess I just can't get into John Grisham's writing style even though I would appreciate the contents of his novels

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A Time to KillLibrarian's Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 0385338600 9780385338608Before The Firm and The Pelican Brief made him a superstar John Grisham wrote this riveting story of retribution and justice In this searing courtroom drama best selling author John Grisham probes the savage dept Considered Grisham's best novel by many readers far perspicacious than moi this well written emotionally charged thriller certainly delivers While it doesn't rank as my eye's own personal apple I can certainly see why it is esteemed by fans of both the legal thriller and Grisham Despite being fast paced and a true page turner what I would call a popcorn read there's a gravity and social conscience that pervades the story and adds a weight to the narrative There is depth here than I expected Setting aside for the moment my gripes over some of the language used in the book one vulgarity in particular Grisham does a nice job of capturing the setting and providing an authentic feel and voice to his characters Overall a satisfying read that held my attention throughout PLOT SUMMARYDespite its brisky pace Grisham’s Mississippi based legal thriller deals with some tough serious issues eg race relations vigilantism and “justice versus lawful” The plot centers on the trial of a poor black father who murders the two white shit stains who raped tortured and brutalized his 10 year old daughter The crime and the subseuent trial triggers a firestorm of racial tension as factions on both sides become vocal and volatile From the opening pages that describe the brutal rape which was gut wrenching in the extreme to experience especially as a dad through the final reading of the verdict Grisham drives the narrative effortlessly and keeps the reader hooked and engaged His story telling is excellent THOUGHTSHowevernow that I have both seen the movie version and read the book my final verdict is that the film is both enjoyable and the higher uality product of the two I say this despite the fact that the movie is arguably the “sweatiest” most lathery film in American history and my wife and I crack up about that every time we see it Those pictures don’t do credit to the muggy perspiration overload of the real thing but if you haven’t seen it trust methe movie dripped sudor from every pore like a hooker in church Words like sheen and glistening are too understated It was like the actors showered got dressed without drying off walked through a “mister” and then wiped down with a moist towelette before everysinglescene Now not everyone was complaining about the drenchiness since it was Matthew McConaughey Sam “it’s the one that says Bad MF” Jackson Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock doing the sweating but stillhilarious and a bit distracting BOOK GRIPESKeep in mind that I liked the book so my gripes below really point towards why I didn't rate the book higher than 3 stars1 Too much fluff When you can take a 528 page book and condense it into a 2 hour movie that captures perfectly the essence of the story and manages to be even emotionally powerful it indicates that the novel was a little thin in the story department This is the case here While the expanded story and segues are interesting the central plot contained too much unnecessariness that could’ve been easily discarded without touching the heart of the storyas the filmmakers did 2 Excessive use of N word Given that the novel is set in 1984 I had a real problem with the significant use of the “N” word in the story No South Park fans I am not referring to “nagger” Had this been set in the 50’s or 60’s I would have seen it as a product of the times and swallowed my uncomfortableness However it just seems odd that as late as 1984 the word and the frame of mind that goes with it would be used so casually and regularly Given that Grisham is from the South and went to school in Mississippi he may be spot on with his characterization and he probably is If true this is just very very sad Still its constant use grated on me and I thought the movie did a much better job with the dialogue This is coming from someone who does not normally favor filtering words through the PC processor 3 The Main Character Jake Brigance is not nearly as likeable in the book as he in the movie and I found it hard to engage with him Now I think we can all agree that Matt McConaughey is not exactly a high level thespian However he did bring the right tone to this role and I found myself comparing the novel’s version unfavorably 4 The Ending Again I liked the movie version so so so much better While the main outcome is the same I really liked the way the movie handled the climactic closing argument and was disappointed in the novels path to the verdict I also really enjoyed the last scene in the movie where Jake and his family go to a barbeue at Carl Lee’s house where their two daughters can play I thought it was perfect Okay so enough griping I thought the book was good I thought the movie was very good If you've seen the movie I don't think you are missing much by skipping the book However if you haven't seen the film I would recommend reading the book first and then watching the adaptation I think you will enjoy both30 stars Recommended