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EPUB ✓ MOBI The Legend of Michael î Þ MONEYEXPRESSCARD Þ HE IS A LETHAL WEAPON One of an army of human soldiers injected with alien DNA Michael is a legend within this new race split between good and evil Untamable he has walked on the dark side and returned to the light Feared and misunderstood he Leaves everything behind including the one woman destined to be his mate HE IS HER ENEMYAND HER DESTINY Cassandra holds the key to Michael's power and his pain With loyalties divided and against insurmountable odds Cassandra's heart propels The Legend Of Michael is the first book in Lisa Renee Jones's series Zodius If I were the author's PR person I would gush that this is a thrilling tale patterned after romantic superhero fantasies crossed with a subtle dystopian vibe and sprinkled with the author's trademark sensuality Since the author isn't paying me to lie to you however I'd just say this the entire series is what happens when Lora Leigh's cat people decide to wear Superman's spandex trunks only with enough bad science to make Lora Leigh look like Charles DarwinIn the 1950s the US government discovers a batch of alien DNA Since they know that there is hardly any market for a series of kick ass women in the romance genre these people line up as many guys as they can guys that look like they are juiced up without really using juice like Chippendale dancers without being gay porn actors and inject them with this DNA while telling these future beefcake fantasy pee pees that they are just being vaccinated I guess these guys must not have read their contracts too closely because these naughty scientists aren't being subtle at all as the whole project is called Operation GTECH Super SoldiersThe end result is these men's virility being enhanced to near burst engorgement point with super strength super healing powers super speed and even the ability to vanish and move like the wind you can call them hot Wind walkers Shockingly enough some of these dudes decide that since they are so much better than everyone else they want to rule the world These are the Zodius dudes The good guys form the Renegades your standard band of beefcakes with bigger penises supposedly charged to protect the world from superpowered bad guys mostly by drooling after the heroine like a stalking idiot band of seuel baitsOur hero Michael Taylor is the best strongest humongest at least until the next book because we can't have a romance hero who isn't the most perfect ever Anyway since this is his story let's pretend that he's the most awesome human in existence for nowThe heroine do I even need to describe her? This book this series is like all those books by Kresley Cole JR Ward and the rest all about penis worship It's labeled as paranormal romance because Wal Mart and other family outlets may balk at the accurate penis worship fantasy label The guys are the best most virile most awesome the hottest stalkers in the world and when they do fight it's an excuse for them to flex their sweaty biceps and thrust those thighs to make our sexually unfulfilled lives explode in onanistic blissOh okay let's pretend that the heroine matters She's Casssandra Powell the new head of clinical psychology at the Hot Big Peen Factory er GTECH Super Soldier Industrial Plant On her first day she falls onto the floor after bumping into Michael's wall of muscle she's too busy reading to see where she is going you see and her skirt hikes up to show off her thighs This is of course romance at first sight and Michael immediately makes it clear that his penis would like a first hand introduction with her The heroine is like oh so hot so hot besides she was created to be the adoring chalice of Michael's hot molten loving anyway so she may as well love every minute Michael is so hot every woman wants to be cheerleaders that play with his pom poms SuealOh the plot? The bad guys there are a few factions here are doing something bad to interrupt the coital melodrama of Michael and what's her name so he g

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Her to Michael's side but can her love do anything but destroy him No ordinary woman can control a creature such as Michael and only one thing is clear the world will never be the sameOriginally published as The Legend of Michael by SourceBoo Legend of Micheal the first book in Jones' new Zodius series is a scifi ish romance that has a paranormal romance feel the heroes are solders who without their consent have had their DNA altered by injection of alien DNA The genetic changes have given them super strength and other powers but has also had the effect of bringing out the evil in some of the men Since I just finished the rereleased Underground Guardians Protector which is the first book in the 2005 series that inspired this new Zodius series it was interesting not only to see how the seeds of the story in the earlier books grew into Legend of Michael but to also see how Jones has refined her writing in the last 7 or so years Jone's story telling is definately stronger there is actually a fairly well developed plot in the background the background plot was pretty thin in the original and I would say that I really enjoyed the whole first half of the book and the romance between Cassandra a scientist in her own right who is the daughter of the man who first created the super soldiers her father now wants to control them at any cost and Michael one of the most powerful of the soldiers who has a talent for controlling and traveling on the wind But I was less happy with the story when the conflicts keeping the pair apart shifted from external ones Michael's absence and switched over to internal ones complete with tiresome repetative self talk hers I can never trust you again since you abandoned me but you are still so attractive I can't keep from wanting you and his I am a monster with a dark past I need to keep you at a distance to protect you but I can't stay away This along with just a bit too much detailed time in the bedroom really made the later scenes between Michael and his heroine drag a bit so my final impression of the book was 'ok plus' or 'pretty good' than a whole hearted 'liked it' In case you were wondering even though Legend of Michael reinvisions the earlier Underground Guardians series and Michael does appear in the older book the romance is all new as is the next book which features Sterling oh now I am just being the ueen of 'nits' who is set up much better in the original series than he is here

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The Legend of MichaelHE IS A LETHAL WEAPON One of an army of human soldiers injected with alien DNA Michael is a legend within this new race split between good and evil Untamable he has walked on the dark side and returned to the light Feared and misunderstood he This book was so awesome I truly loved it I would have given it 55 if I could Michael and Cassandra were so perfect for each other Everything was pretty clear cut as to what was going on Alien DNA was used to make super soldiers The whole lifebond thing was pretty cool Although the women have to suffer when the get their double circle tattoo on their necks While the men become super possessive Not to mention that they both have souped up sex drives I loved that Michael was different from the others Everyone feared him I believe he was called The Dark Onelol There was some serious business of people double crossing each other and so much plottinggezz Powell I hated and by the end I seriously hated him Adam and Ava were some that I wanted to hate but then was so interested in that I couldn't Plenty of action lots of hot sex The ending was left that you know the war between good and evil are going to be around for awhile I cant wait to read Sterling's book This had to be one of my favorites