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Read & Download Beautiful 104 » Une Britanniue incontrôlable Un homme écrasé par la responsabilitéMais aussi une Chloé étrangement adorable un Bennett perturbé une Sara sur les nerfs un Max juste comme vous l'aimez une Hanna devenue tour opérateur un Will en chef cuisinier une Ruby ivre un Niall content de lui et George oh George transformé en van de lLl content de lui et George oh George transformé en van de location et vraiment beaucoup de vinLe dernier roman de la série Beautiful. There may be some Minor spoilers aheadWowBeautiful is the 5th book in the funny sexy uirky witty Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren I am pretty sad that this series ends with the last couple Jensen Bergstrom Es Hanna’s brother from Beautiful Player and Pippa Bay Cox Ruby’s friend from Beautiful SecretSo what's the plot here A road trip with friendshe needs to loosen upshe's getting away from a gone bad relationship I leaned my head back sighing happily “This is so much better than going through my flat to figure out what the Wanker left when he moved out”Jensen startled beside me “Sorry what” he asked pulling out an earbud“Mark” I clarified “The Wanker Didn’t I tell you”Looking amused as he let his eyes scan my face—deciding I was drunk no doubt but I didn’t bloody care—he said gently “You hadn’t mentioned it no”“Last week” I told him “I came home to find my boyfriend shagging an unnameable twat” Jensen professional workaholic stand offish Ruby out going bohemian eccentric original “It can be” I said “It’s often short for Phillipa but in my case I’m just Pippa Pippa Bay Cox My mum Coco is American—Colleen Bay where I get my middle name—and she always loved the name Pippa just like that When my mum Lele got pregnant from Coco’s brother Coco made her promise if it was a girl they would name her Pippa”He laughed “Sorry Your mother was impregnated by your other mother’s brother”Oh dear I always forget how to delicately lead into this story “No no not directly They used an actual turkey baster” I explained laughing too What a mental picture I was painting “People weren’t always as open to two women having a baby together back then as they are now” Two total opposites but somehow they just bring out the best in each otherespecially Pippa getting Jensen's sexy and fun side outThis has to be my favourite book in this series From the beginningChapter 1I was totally hooked by these two lovable charactersTheir first meeting at Heathrow Airport and on the plane was an absolute laugh a minute “Oh champagne” I said clapping “That seems a fitting way to begin a holiday”I bent digging into my purse “How much”The man stopped me with a hand on my arm and abemused smile “It’s free” When Pippa discovers the identity of her travelling companionand he's going on the road trip with the group It was so hilarious And believe methere is a lot of humour and funny moments in this storyThe gang's wine road trip was amazing I loved reading about the wine farms and the area and there are some lol moments I loved the endingthe short epilogues from of the couples I have come to love and enjoyBennett Chloe Max Sara with baby Will the kitchen god and Hanna the trip planner Niall and Ruby so in love and even George finds his true HEA How cool was thatWhat a great series What a fabulous cast of characters It's so depressingno of my favourite gang If you haven't read this serieslet me sayI highly recommend you do It's not a Pulitzer prize winning seriesbut it's a damn feel good series

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Une Britanniue incontrôlable Un homme écrasé par la responsabilitéMais aussi une Chloé étrangement adorable un Bennett perturbé. ➳The fifth and FINAL installment to the Beautiful series has finally hit new adult shelves and it has broken many hearts by letting us know that this series is saying a loving goodbye but keeping the wonderful memories of each individual couple flowing strong ➳Christina Lauren have concluded this series with a head on strong game Pippa and Jensen are two unexpected characters that I did not 100% believe would ever EVER match Both of them are from different poles of the earth one from the South Pole and the other from the North Pole but what brings them together is that they both fit emotionally ➳So the story Pippa is a British descendant who encounters her boyfriend ex later on in her bed shagging another woman This is where the story initially starts off She yells at him tells him to move out etc I found it rather funny the way she kicked him out This is where we come to understand Pippa's character She is so full of energy and selfless love but most importantly she is LOVES sex hahahaha She also has lesbian mothers which I found rather refreshing reading about and anti cliche Jensen on the other hand is a man on a mission to become partner at his firm His head has been focused strongly on his job that he did not take the time to appreciate the bachelor life after he got a divorce from his ex wife Becky He is the older brother of Hanna also known as Ziggy Jensen and Pippa meet sitting next to each other on a airplane flight to Boston to meet common friends that they did not know they both had➳Their airplane encounter does not fittingly suit Jensen because he thinks that Pippa is a creature from another world She is candor with him about her ex and her current life while he just simply listens but tried to avoid by listening to music When they both landed they did not realize that they had mutual friends This is when the rest of the gang comes in Bennett and Chloe Max and Sara Will and Hanna and Niall and Ruby Their love is still there and in this book even though we do not read their perspective stories as the previous individual books provided their love and passion for each other is still there and shown with a strong charisma ➳All the couples not including Chloe and Bennett because Chloe is FINALLY pregnant in this one with the addition of Pippa and Jensen have planned to go on a winery tasting trip Throughout the trip Pippa and Jensen come to a conclusion that their relationship for the next three weeks could lead to them having a fling which they both encouragingly support but what they did not know is that they would come upon Jensen's ex wife with her current husband Cam This leads the couple to saying that they are married and the face marriage leads them to have feelings for each other that they did not want to share with each other In the back of her mind Pippa believes that Jensen is not in a current state to ask for than just a fling but when you come across his pov you realize that she is wrong; ➳Pippa was sexy; that wasn't the issue She was beautiful; that wasn't the issue At issue was her type of beauty her type of sensuality flamboyant loud bright and how I knew in my bones that she wasn't right for me At issue was also my ambivalence about relationships and the odd instinctive recoil I had developed as a response to them ➳Throughout their vacation or as Pippa would call it their holiday in the back of their mind they would also be thinking upon the days that they had left together How they both have learned that needing each other is something that is there it's present and living like the air depends on their connecting love; ➳I was chatty he was thoughtful I was eccentric he was classic But when we came together we worked ➳Can we talk about the EPILOGUES Yes that's correct Multiple epilogues that I did NOT expect at all Christina and Lauren have brought us an abundance of epilogues that lead to the finale of this series making you bawl your eyes out and cry a river full of salty tears Epilogues all coming in with different perspectives leading to one finale scene that makes you wish for a life like theirs➳At the end of the day I laughed I screamed I loved and I also cried over this story To me this story was simply in a positive way I can go all out and also say that I was expecting books to this series but oh well I WILL come out and say my future prediction though Mock my words because Christina Lauren better come back in the near future with the love stories of all the children being all grown up I predict that they will and their love will also keep a memory and sweet spot in my heart just as the Beautiful has done today➳Hero rating 50➳Heroine rating 50➳Sexual tension rating 40➳Sex scenes rating 40➳Sex scenes freuency 40➳Plot rating 45➳Dialogue rating 45➳Storytelling rating 45➳Story ending rating 50➳Order Links➳➳ CA➳ UK➳Target➳BN➳iBooks➳Kobo➳GooglePlayThank you to Christina Lauren for hosting a giveaway today and for the chance to participate and win I cannot wait to get the other copies of the series

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BeautifulUne Sara sur les nerfs un Max juste comme vous l'aimez une Hanna devenue tour opérateur un Will en chef cuisinier une Ruby ivre un Nia. 4 Starsimage error