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At a time when the Port of New York was ruled by lawless criminals one hoodlum towered above the rest and secretly controlled the piers for over thirty years Dock Boss The Story of Eddie McGrath and the West Side Waterfront is the fascinating account of one gangster's ascension from altar boy to the leader of New York City's violent Irish MobEddie McGrath's life and crimes are traced through the tail end of Prohibition the gang warfare of the 1930s th A fascinating read that lures you in from page 1 This well researched book weaves the stories of the McGrath Dunn mob into one compelling narrative that exposes some of the most brutal tales of New York's west side waterfront The stories were both shocking and almost disturbingly comical as Clark explored the corruption and deceit that riddled the port thanks to these gangsters I appreciated the depth and details included by Clark that really brought the stories to life the citations included in the back of the book really highlight all the research that went into this His writing style and the short chapters for me were a win because they kept me engaged and always turning the page I would definitely recommend this book to those interested in true crime and those who love a good murder story too

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Dock BossAt propelled him into the position of an organized crime boss the sordid years of underworld control over the bustling waterfront McGrath's involvement in dozens of gangland murders and finally the decline of the dock mobsters following a period of longshoremen rebellion in the 1950s Like walking into the backroom of a smoky West Side tavern the book also features all the other unsavory characters who operated on the waterfront including McGrath's bro Great read The research is meticulous and the details are weaved together into a fascinating story

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Dock Boss kindle ¼ Paperback Ò neil g. clark Ò At a time when the Port of New York was ruled by lawless criminals one hoodlum towered above the rest and secretly controlled the piers for over thirty years Dock Boss The Story of Eddie McGrath and the West Side Waterfront is the fascinating account of one gangster's ascension Ther in law John Cockeye Dunn; the gang's hitman of choice Andrew Suint Sheridan; racketeers such as Mickey Bowers Timothy O'Mara Charlie Yanowsky Joe Butler and Albert Ackalitis; as well as a plethora of corrupt union officials robbers enforcers shakedown artists loan sharks boss loaders and bookiesThis is the real life story of the preeminent racketeer on Manhattan's lucrative waterfront and the bloodshed that long haunted the ports of New York City With the true mob genre dominated by La Cosa Nostra the name of Eddie McGrath has often been overshadowed by names like Tony Anastasia and Socks Lanza in discussions of the New York waterfront But as author Neil Clark explains Eddie McGrath was the heaviest and most conseuential gangster on the docks McGrath had so much juice that even into the 1960's when the Gambino and Genovese families were disputing waterfront territory in Brooklyn the Genovese boss of the East River piers was captured on tape explaining how they needed to go through Meyer Lansky's right hand man Jimmy Alo who could then reach Eddie McGrath “McGrath is the ILA” he said But McGrath was not just a corrupt union official in the mold of Joe Ryan or Frank Fitzsimmons A stone cold gangster suspected in over 30 murders McGrath led a large well organized mostly Irish gang of West Side racketeers who were every bit as violent and dangerous as the Mafia It's no wonder the Italians left the West Side alone I was always curious about this while reading about later West Side Irish gangsters like Micky Spillane and Jimmy Coonan How was it that the Mafia had left their territory largely alone? Well now I understand that Spillane et al were beneficiaries of the mighty McGrath machine which was simply not worth challenging With his army of killers his partnership with John “Cockeye” Dunn his influence within the ILA his diversified rackets and his close friendships with the likes of Jimmy Blue Eyes and Joe Adonis Eddie McGrath was perhaps the most formidable and successful of the prohibition era Irish gangsters At one point Clark referenced an antiuarian book called “Dock Walloper” the biography of a rough and tumble machine politician who was the father of some of the men in McGrath's gang Available for free on Archivecom I ended up reading it alongside “Dock Boss” and it made for a delightful experience Written almost 80 years apart the two books flow into a nicely connected continuum and each book makes the other one better I appreciated Clark drawing attention to “Dock Walloper” and I recommend reading both books as companion volumes It's hard to say which is the best part of Clark's book The early chapters chronicle a 1930's gang war and a cast of fearsome characters that gives new meaning to the term “Wild West” The later chapters place McGrath near the center of the peak era national syndicate and offer up plenty of the intrigue and connections that readers of the genre are always hungry for Throughout Clark carefully builds up a nice summary study of longshoreman culture and history I didn't realize the void in my knowledge of the New York underworld Just when you think you've heard it all along comes Neil Clark with a missing piece of the puzzle I hope we hear from Clark soon A book on the Hughie MulliganMickey Spillane organization would make a nice seuel to “Dock Boss” which is an excellent addition to the true mob canon