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Whitney, My Love Free download Ô 4 ↠ Let New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught who “is in a class by herself” USA TODAY sweep you off your feet and into another time with her sensual passionate and spellbinding historical romance classics featuring her “uniue magic” RT Book Reviews—now available for the first time on ebookAY spitfire who has grown into a ravishing young woman Whitney Stone returns from her triumphant time in Paris society to England She plans on marrying her childhood sweetheart only to discover she has been bargained away by her bankrupt father to the arrogant and alluring Clayton Westland the Duke of Clay Outrag. I don't even know what to say about this book Started out okay I suppose I mean Clayton the hero was always a bit of an asshat what with the forced marriage thing but that being said this is an historical romance so that is sort of expectedThen there's the whole Clayton beating Whitney aspect which again historical romance things like that sometimes happen It was in 'Outlander' and in the first book of this series but neither of those beatings were with a riding crop nor were they for such stupid reasons such as the one in 'Whitney My Love' Despite this if the hero had been a likeable character I would have been able to get past the beating But he wasn'tTHEN there's the rape And I'm sorry if some people want to mince words and claim technicalities but it was rape And it wasn't touching or romantic or heartwrenching in any way it was disgusting and degrading Then rah rah 100 pages rah rah Whitney forgives Clayton Really Come on Okay I thought it's her fictional life Just try to move on forget about it and keep reading And I tried I really didBut then what happens There's another stupid Big Misunderstanding and after all his adament promises and flowery words Clayton again goes off into a rage and 'punishes' Whitney for something she didn't do So she leaves him then right I mean it's bad enough that he did this once but again and after apparently learning from his mistakes No She lies down and takes like the spineless whimpering female she isAnd that's what really cinched it for me It's all right for characters to have flaws For a character to be at all engaging they are essential But making a character act because of their flaws again and again and have nothing change Well that's just absolutely pointless The reason for writing stories is to send a message through the actions of characters and if the characters learn nothing then how can we

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Let New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught who “is in a class by herself” USA TODAY sweep you off your feet and into another time with her sensual passionate and spellbinding historical romance classics featuring her “uniue magic” RT Book Reviews now available for the first time on ebookA sauc. I was a bottomless romance pit as a teen I read everything and loved it all Including books that now make me gag; until I read this It mentally scarred me at 16 so much that I didn't touch a historical romance again until I was 25The entire book our hero's either acting from selfish ulterior motives paranoid distrust that results in cruelty or 'let's make this all about me' guilt During the course of the book he beats her until she cries I forget whether it was a horse whip or a riding crop rapes threatens to cheat and desserts his heroine not once but twice due to his own idiocy each time leaving his lady love to grovel to win him back The book ended with me disgusted about how he broke Whitney's spirit with all the emotional abuse and since none of his issues trusting her are ever resolved the HEA is unbelievable

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Whitney My LoveEd she defies her new lord But even as his smoldering passion seduces her into a gathering storm of desire Whitney cannot will not relinuish her dream of perfect love Rich with emotion brimming with laughter and tears Whitney My Love is “the ultimate love story one you can dream about forever” RT Book Review. “Missing you” she giggled incredulously “I could cheerfully murder you” It was while reading this novel that I decided I needed an epic romance shelf I mean why can fantasy be categorized as epic and yet romance is just romanceWhitney My Love had about as many pages as a GOT novel and every page was just so goodI read romance for the thrill of falling in love the passion of jealousy the excitement of being intimate for the first time and sometimes for the heartbreak and the angst it brings with it This story captured every one of those in a breath taking story in the regency eraGod it was just so amazing and so engrossing This was McNaught's debut novel turned down again and again by agents who thought it was too developed I know right too sensual and just plain too 'deep' for women I think she is one of the leading authors who began this amazing movement in romance with deeply sensual and compelling stories Now that movement has just turned romance into three fourths sex and one fourth story but at least I have many 'bodice rippers' on my bookshelf from the eighties to last me through the apocalypse “Cheating” she solemnly replied “I do it when I cannot win” It's hard to put into words how much I loved these characters and how much I was completely engrossed in this story The banter the chemistry and sometimes the hatred Whitney and Clayton had it allWhitney was loveable fierce uirky but also young and naive She believes she's in love with Paul the local gentleman seven years her senior She was only fifteen when her forward acts trying to win his love gets her shipped to her aunt and uncle in France She grows up becoming beautiful and her witty banter makes her become the 'belle of the ball' The Duke of Clay is a profligate rake Richer than God and one of the most handsome sought after bachelors The thing I loved about this story is there might have been extreme attraction from the hero's side but the heroine doesn't even notice him for a while She didn't notice him having not been able to see outside the circle of bachelors surrounding her It irked the duke and when he decided he didn't want to court her like the other dandies he does something shocking Finding out Whitney's father is destitute about to be put into debtor's prison Clayton makes him a deal Whitey's hand for 100K pounds but he wants the chance to court her without her knowing who he is And the deal is done The Duke of Clay becomes Clayton WestlandSmall problem though Whitney becomes to hate Clayton still with designs to marry Paul Whitney My Love was a rollercoaster of love lust jealousy and possession with a strong hero and a witty passionate heroine Their problems can be frustrating based on the issues of early relationships miscommunication lack of trust and just not knowing the other so well But that's just what makes the story so relatable heartbreaking and then heart warming as they fall back together A beautiful story with all the conflict tension and chemistry to make this story one of my favorites of all time