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characters The Regency Underworld Sutton History Classics ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ Regency England is at least in the popular imagination the world of Pride and Prejudice and Vanity Fair Elegant terraces were populated by beautiful women and handsome men who read the works of Byron and KeatsTs there lurked a pulsating urban underworld where crime and vice of every kind flourishedThe Regency Underworld takes us into this often forgotten world and draws on a wide range of contemporary sources including unpublished notebooks to provide a vivid picture of criminals at work during the period 1800 30 It was a world of sometim. Read this for researching my historical fiction WIP It is a little dry but is a good overview of the various vices of the time The most amusing parts were toward the end when the crimes detailed weren't the lower class thievery and roughhousing but instead mannered complicated exploits related to bigamy forgery embezzlement affairs of convenience and blackmail naturally involving royalty and nobility It also provides an extensive reading list at the end for people who want to explore Regency England in depth

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Regency England is at least in the popular imagination the world of Pride and Prejudice and Vanity Fair Elegant terraces were populated by beautiful women and handsome men who read the works of Byron and Keats and discussed the latest offering by Constable to be seen at the Royal Academy But in the shadows of these upper class pursui. Do you have a secret fascination with the seamy side of Regency life Ever wondered what the vast numbers of poor people were doing while the ton was dancing at Almack’s Then this is the book for youDonald Low’s book The Regency Underworld focuses on the overlooked side of life in London in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the term Regency is interpreted broadly The style is one of scholarly rigor without the daunting apparatus of annotation or jargon there is a useful bibliographic appendix for those who want to delve deeper It’s very readable and my only knock would be that it is episodic treating selected topics rather than pursuing a comprehensive strategyThe period from 1780 to 1830 and a bit beyond was one of horrendous overcrowding and uncontrolled population growth in the metropolis a place ill prepared for the onslaught of poor people seeking opportunity There were no provisions to care for the indigent and scant means of advancement available The result was an extraordinary level of lawlessness and predation on those with meansThe first chapter focuses on the controversies surrounding the development of a coordinated police force and it has interesting echoes of conversations about policing in the USA today From there Low moves on to the “nurseries of crime” the houses and neighborhoods where children were trained from the earliest age in picking pockets and other forms of thievery Talk about a transactional culture There is a ghoulish section on the people who dug up cadavers and sometimes even made their own to sell to doctors interested in pursuing the science of anatomy Then he talks of how young men from the gentry and aristocracy moved between the haut monde and criminal circles and the fashion for learning the cant of the underworld with a separate chapter on how gambling penetrated the barriers between the fashionable world and that of the charlatan Finally there’s a colorful little chapter that offers anecdotes of a range of rule breakers from a notorious bigamist and swindler to the infamous courtesan Harriette WilsonSome of the details were familiar to me but the author presents his material in a way that gives a clear sense of the culture of London high and low The book is brief about 200 pages of large type and never gets too far into the weeds Recommended

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The Regency Underworld Sutton History ClassicsEs startling contrasts in which the aristocracy even royalty rubbed shoulders with all manner of crooks vice pedlars and 'unfortunates' This revised edition has a new introduction by the author and is extensively re illustrated with a variety of contemporary prints portraits and cartoons to bring the period and the characters to life. This was an interesting read but it really did not have a wealth of information if readers are already well familiar with the regency era through other books whether history historical romance etc I thought it was fairly engaging it is a textbook so in terms of textbooks it was easier to read than most but definately not as engaging as a fiction book