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White OleanderEverywhere hailed as a novel of rare beauty and power White Oleander tells the unforgettable story of Ingrid a brilliant poet i If nothing else read this book for the language White Oleander reads like a poem It's so beautifully crafted

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Mprisoned for murder and her daughter Astrid whose odyssey through a series of Los Angeles foster homes each its own universe w I have many thoughts that I'm having trouble putting into words Before reading the final chapter of the book I had to put it down lean my head back against the couch and think about the experience I've had while reading this book Astrid's journey her development from girl to woman is remarkably crafted Fitch's writing paints the arid desert and mountain brush in such fine detail Atmospherically this story was superb I was totally immersed in the story in the physical spaces that Astrid inhabits through her 390 page life My only ualm was that I wish there had been a bit explanation from her mother's perspective But that final interaction in the prison wow Just wow It took my breath away If you're struggling to get into this book for the first one or two hundred pages just keep going It's completely worth it

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PDF À BOOK White Oleander FREE ´ MONEYEXPRESSCARD è Everywhere hailed as a novel of rare beauty and power White Oleander tells the unforgettable story of Ingrid a brilliant poet imprisoned for murder and her daughter Astrid whose odyssey through a series of Los Angeles foster homes each its own universe with its own laws Ith its own laws its own dangers its own hard lessons to be learned becomes a redeeming and surprising journey of self discover After reading her scorching short story in Los Angeles Noir I smoked a cigarette I don't smoke napped and reached for a novel by Janet Fitch Round 2 is White Oleander which Oprah's Book Club made a sweepstakes winner at the time of its publication in 1999 and for good reason This is fiction at its most intoxicating with boozy prose but also beautifully woven narrative without a single lull in story or a character who fails to make a mark Its vision and breadth reminded me of W Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage with a teenage girl in Los Angeles surviving a succession of mentors that mold her into an adultThe novel is narrated by Astrid Magnussen who introduces herself at the age of 12 living in a crummy Hollywood apartment with her mother Ingrid Employed as a layout designer for a movie magazine when she's not hustling books of her poems Ingrid is devoted to aesthetics She's trucked Astrid from Paris to Amsterdam to Mexico and takes her to work as well certain that her daughter's needs can be met in the audience of her mother At her poetry reading Ingrid is approached by Barry Kolker a chubby dark and slovenly dressed man who Ingrid rejects on sight but whose self confidence and persistence gradually wins her overHaving never known her father Astrid is encouraged that Barry might make them a family as well as provide stability in her life Outside of drawing life revolves around her mother This takes a turn for the worse when Barry breaks off contact with Ingrid crushing her self esteem and drawing Viking retribution The police come for her and Astrid spends the next year in a fugue state watching her zombie eyed mother sentenced to thirty five years to life She's ultimately placed with her first foster family adopted by a born again stripper named Starr who lives in Tujunga with her four children in a trailer On visiting day a van transports Astrid to Chino to sit with her mother I looked into her determined face cheekbones like razors her eyes making me believe I was afraid you'd be mad at meShe stretched me out at arm's length to look at me her hands gripping my shoulders Why would you think that?Because I couldn't lie well enough But I couldn't say itShe hugged me again Those arms around me made me want to stay there forever I'd rob a bank and get convicted so we could always be together I wanted to curl up in her lap I wanted to disappear into her body I wanted to be one of her eyelashes or a blood vessel in her thigh a mole on her neckIs it terrible here? Do they hurt you?Not as much as I hurt them she said and I knew she was smiling though all I could see was the denim of her sleeve and her arm still lightly tanned I had to pull away a little to see her Yes she was smiling her half smile the little comma shaped curve at the corner of her mouth I touched her mouth She kissed my fingersThey assigned me to office work I told them I'd rather clean toilets than type their bureaucratic vomit Oh they don't much care for me I'm on grounds crew I sweep pull weeds though of course only inside the wire I'm considered a poor security risk Imagine I won't tutor their illiterates teach writing classes or otherwise feed the machine I will not serve She stuck her nose in my hair she was smelling me Your hair smells of bread Clover and nutmeg I want to remember you just like this in that sadly hopeful pink dress and those bridesmaid promise of prom night pumps Your foster mother's no doubt Pink being the ultimate clichéLeft to survive on her own Astrid accepts some of the messages she hears at the Truth Assembly of Christ and grows close to Starr's carpenter boyfriend a Vietnam veteran named Ray Starr grows suspicious of her adopted daughter but Astrid convinces her that not only is an affair preposterous but sending her back would only push Ray away Astrid soon consummates a relationship with him anyway and to cope with her doubts Starr returns to booze When it comes time for her to move on Astrid has to be taken away in an ambulance Recovering from her wounds she's adopted by Marvel Turlock Next stop Van NuysMarvel enlists Astrid as a servant but provides a kind of stability she's never known Now fourteen Astrid becomes fascinated by a debonair neighbor named Olivia Johnstone who Marvel has disparaged as a whore Earning Olivia's trust Astrid learns that she was a loan officer who parlayed her beauty and charm to profit handsomely from a number of suitors The friendship continues to mold and harden the girl and results in her being sent back Considered a problem child Astrid is placed with Amelia Ramos an interior decorator who uses the adoption assistance checks for four girls to renovate her Hollywood home starving her charges with only one meal per dayAstrid endears herself to a new case worker a screenwriter gathering material to find placement with her dream foster mother a childless young actress named Claire Richards Astrid even gets along with her new foster father who travels often producing a paranormal TV series Astrid learns her role here is to watch over Claire clinically depressed and possibly suicidal from lack of love from her husband She does her best but with a year left of high school is on the move again this time to a hovel in Sunland where her new foster mother Rena Gruschenka strips Astrid of her pride but replaces it with something valuable Rena turned her head to the side shaded her eyes with her hand glanced at me then went back to sunny side up You are Russian I think A Russian always ask what is meaning of life She pulled a long depressed face What is meaning of life maya liubov? Is our bad weather Here is California Astrid darling You don't ask meaning Too bad Akhmatova but we got beach volleyball sports car tummy tuck Don't worry be happy Buy somethingShe smiled to herself arms down at her sides eyes closed glistening on her chaise lounge like bacon frying in a pan Small beads of water clung to the tiny hairs of her upper lip pooled between her breasts Maybe she was the lucky one I thought a woman who had divested herself of both future and past No dreams no standards a woman who smoked and drank and slept with men like Sergei men who were spiritually what came up out of the sewers when it rained I could learn from her Rena Gruschenka didn't worry about her teeth didn't take vitamin C She ate salt on everything and was always drunk by three She certainly didn't feel sick because she wasn't going to college and making something of her life She lay in the sun and gave the workmen hard ons while she couldYou get a boyfriend you stop worry she saidI didn't want to tell her I had a boyfriend HersThere are novels that seem like they were written just for you Compelling female characters? Electric prose? Acidic wit? Fantastic dialogue? You like master pupil stories don't you? What about the ultimate LA novel? How about detail that's so sharp you draw blood? You'll have it Read White Oleander Janet Fitch does all of this in ways than I have the space to describe but her characters particularly the incarcerated Viking mother Ingrid Magnussen who could skin a Mama Grizzly for brunch and the fatally weak Claire Richards will be with me for as long as any tragic character in Dickens or Maugham I mean By April the desert had already sucked spring from the air like blotting paper The Hollywood Hills rose unnaturally clear as if we were looking at them through binoculars The new leaves were wilting in the heat that left us sweating and dispirited in the house with the blinds downClaire brought out the jewelry she kept in the freezer and dumped it onto the bed a pirate's treasure deliciously icy Freezing strands of green jade beads with jeweled clasps a pendant of amber enclosing a fossilized fern I pressed it cold to my cheek I draped an antiue crystal bracelet down the part in my hair let it lap on my forehead like a cool tongueThat was my great aunt Priscilla's Claire said She wore it to her presentation ball at the Waldorf Astoria just before the Great War She lay on her back in her underwear her hair dark with sweat a smoky topaz bracelet across her forehead intersected by an intricate gold chain that came to rest on the tip of her nose She was painfully thin with sharp hipbones and ribs stark as a carved wooden Christ I could see her beauty mark above the line of her panties She was a field nurse at Ypres A very brave womanEvery bracelet every bead had a story I plucked an onyx ring from the pile between us on the bed rectangular its black slick surface pierced by a tiny diamond I sl