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Download Unexpected é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Self made business owner Dale McGuire has always enjoyed two things in life women and fast cars Now in her mid thirties she’s restless and can’t work out why Then one day a ten year old boy turns up claiming to be her son and her simple ordered world turns upside downRebS the emotional scars of her father’s crimes and now she has two rules never let anyone get too close and never admit weakness Thanks to an anonymous egg donor infertility didn’t stop her from having her son Jake Now pregnant for a second time she’s horrified when Jake brings home the. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest reviewFor various reasons this is a difficult review to write Partly because I'm writing immediately after finishing the book and stupid book made it difficult to see Title of the book is 'Unexpected' That was definitely an unexpected result Finding myself with wet eyes Unexpected Book stars Dale McGuire and Rebecca Harper though there are three point of views With the third point of view that of Ashley bitch reporter in many many ways All three are near the end of their third decade of life on Earth though the only one whose age I know is Dale 36 There's a mix of cultures here Dale Scottish and from the East end of Glasgow which I think is supposed to imply something like the working class section or something I don't know Glasgow Rebecca 'Becca' Harper English and as Dale noted even though Rebecca currently lives in a run down house she's still 'posh' or upper class Both of the main characters and I'm not including Ashley in 99% of this review have 'issues' that they faced long ago and the ramifications of those issues still haunt them I don't want to give everything away of course so I'll just note that Dale is uite good at picking up women without trying but doesn't believe she's good enough to be in a relationship because of her past; while Rebecca can't allow herself to be in a romantic relationship because her trust was broken long ago and the woman she was with after that couldn't stand the idea of children And Rebecca needed childrenWhich is how Rebecca and Dale meet up They didn't bump into each other in a bar dance floor or the like like Dale normally ends up meeting women no they meet up through a little fella named Jake 10 year old Jake Jake you see has seen how poorly his mother Rebecca has been recently and has gone looking for help And has turned to Dale just turning up on her doorstep well at her place of work For you see Dale got a little bit of extra money about 11 years ago when she donated eggs to a fertility clinic And Jake with his massively high I had hacked the place and gotten Dale's name The 36 year old who never thought she'd have children or deserved them has a ten year old demanding help from herNaturally Dale knowing Jake's family must be worried about him rushes him back to his house in a small village nearish by about 20 minutes by car ETA actually it might be like an hour if I recall the drive Dale went on to London The mother she meets there Rebecca wants nothing to do with Dale and demands that she leaveDale had made a promise to Jake though and well complications ensue Not just because of that promise of courseMeanwhile in a side thread Ash is hooked up with the daughter of an owner of a newspaper and circulation is down Ash is going to need to come up with a big story to justify her existence and big salary So she's hunting around for a story and 'lucks' upon a photograph that shows Victoria Carter the Carter story that Ash broke 'made her' If she could just track Victoria down again she'd be setAnd yes the two plot lines converge

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Woman he believes is his other motherWhen distrust turns to understanding and passion can Dale and Rebecca two women bound by fate make a family neither expectedWords 70500Genres Contemporary Romance Tags Secret Baby Blue Collar Good girlsBad girls Friends to Lovers Romance ChildrenFamilie. 45 Stars rounding up to 5 starsA really good pleasant romance Jenny Frame style You've got your single Femme Rebecca a mother of a gifted 10 yr old son and she is pregnant with her second Fiercely independent and private which leads to problems when her pregnancy is not going smoothly Then you have your Butch Dale A player who has become weary of her lifestyle I feel that Dale isn't Frame's typical Butch a bit softer maybe All the MC's are very likable except for the villain of course I also loved Jake scarily genius but still a 10yr old if not younger sociallyFunny it was one those books that I read over half in one sitting Then I forced myself to slow down and not rush through it I will warn you everything is very predictable But it didn't matter to me I enjoyed the book Frame has become one of my favorite authors who's books I enjoy rereading I'm looking forward to her next book Charming the Vicar with the Vicar Bridget from Courting the Countess

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UnexpectedSelf made business owner Dale McGuire has always enjoyed two things in life women and fast cars Now in her mid thirties she’s restless and can’t work out why Then one day a ten year old boy turns up claiming to be her son and her simple ordered world turns upside downRebecca Harper bear. 'Netgalley ARC provided by the Publisher in exchange for my unbiased review'Liked i'm beginning to see a similar pattern with all of MsFrame's books since i started readingthere is this particular sex sloganrhyme in all of them 'COME ON ME'what is this MsFrame's writings has become very repetitive as of latenot trying to critiue her work too much but i've realize it's becoming a habit and her book is just enjoyable to us the readersthere was so much potential with this book but the storyline miss its mark on substance plus a wider range of juicier partsbackstory and a few good supporting cast help to create a little plot twist but then there was no chemistry to talk of between the leading charactersi'm not gonna get into the premise of the book because its not important at least the synopsis tells readers a bit of itentertaining ending