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Lady Chatterley's LoverOne of the most extraordinary literary works of the twentieth century Lady Chatterley's Lover was banned in England and the United States after its initial publication in 1928 The unexpurgated edition did not appear in America until 1959 after one of the most I honestly think that if this book hadn't been banned for obscene content no one would have ever read it Yes there are lots of sex scenes omg scandalous but all the stuff in between is for the most part ungodly boring The book gets points for having some very intellectual discussions of class and the differences between men and women and Lawrence's characters talk about sex with honesty than any other book I've ever read but that's about all it has going for it I was about fifty pages into the book when I realized that I really didn't like either of the title characters Lady Chatterley and her Lovah and it didn't get much better from there Mellors started to grow on me towards the end when he discovered sarcasm but Lady Chatterley aka Connie was one of the most boring protagonists ever She was almost completely personality deficient and Lawrence worked hard at the beginning to convince us that she was intelligent a task at which he fails miserably Example At one point in the book when Connie and Mellors have just finished having hot sex and are in bed together he starts a rant about the class system Connie's response She observes that Mellors' chest hair and pubic hair are different colors Fascinating Basically the book can be summed up like this Blah blah SEX blah blah class blah SEX SEX blah blah class England's economy SEX SEX SEX SCANDAL arguement arguement SCANDAL Vacation time blah blah blah SEX arguement SCANDAL blah blah the end

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Sband Clifford is paralyzed below the waist It is not until she finds refuge in the arms of Mellors the game keeper a solitary man of a class apart that she feels regenerated Together they move from an outer world of chaos towards an inner world of fulfillmen Though this maybe looked at as the book that bought sex writing to the masses 'Lady Chatterley’s Lover' delivers than just the oohs and aahs of an elicit love affair it can also be seen as a parable of post war England and the steady rise in modernism It even features a dog called Flossie Why is this significant to me Because I once had a childhood dog with the same name bless her soulSlammed and banned for being pornograpic back in the day this caused a storm Now it's just a small ripple in a teacup As compared to the work of today it's sexual nature barely raises the eyebrows It does contain many a rude word that I can image would have left folk back then with rosy red blushed cheeks But today I am sure even a nun wouldn't be overly shocked by it's naughty bitsLady Chatterley Constance Connie is the bored wife of Sir Clifford a war cripple who returns to his family estate amid the decay and unemployment of the industrial towns in middle EnglandHe takes to books as a way to withdraw and applies himself feverishly to an attempt to retrieve his coal mines by the application of different methods He is clearly an unhappy man who suffers inner turmoil that he can't take to pleasuring his wife She in turn is unfulfilled and one fine day bumps into the gamekeeper Oliver Mellors and feelings start to bubble up inside towards this man whom she knows little about Surrounded by woodland where it's easy to wander off undetected Connie slowly is drawn sexually to Mellors who has his way with her opening her to an awakening that Sir Clifford simply could not provideMellors a child of the collieries and whom also served in the forces slips into disillusion away from his wife and leads a solitary existence with just his dog for company Sir Clifford who since he is unable to give Connie a child himself accepts the fact an illegitimate child is an option But the last person on his mind would have been Mellors he has no inkling of his wife's affair but is open to the idea of another man having sex with her Does he truly love her or is this just a ploy so he can proudly gain his heir Does Mellors love her or just after the sex For Connie difficult decisions would arise And with her sister takes a break to Venice to ponder on her futureLawrence’s treatment of his subject's is done with a manner of intelligence and compared to the likes of an E M Forster does a good job of presenting his characters as flawed and believableThe story is raw with power yes but also brings to the table the age old problem of melodrama It's not huge but for me did affect the overall feel for the story Each in their own way on a positive note the three main characters do carry a certain heroic dignity a symbolical importancethat's difficult to ignore Lawrence utilizes the self affirmation and triumph of life in the teeth of all the destructive powers that be industrialism physical depletion dissipation careerism and cynicism—of modern England and in general he has given a noble account of it There is like two stories in one going on here the mixture of romance and sexually explicit details and the double background of the collieries and the English forests possesses both solid reality and poetic grandeur This is so much than a novel with fruity bits it is a work which explores how the naturalness of love and sexual attraction is distorted and perverted by society It has me pondering a lot on the non sexual aspects of the story There's a lot of insight here and plenty of social commentary so reading this purely because of the smutty reputation it gained then prepare be disappointed Beautifully written for the most part although Mellors is a hard nut to crack with his use of dialogue at times and some aspects of the story seemed waffley and unnecessary but just glad to have now finally read it to see what all the fuss was about

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Lady Chatterley's Lover Reader ´ 364 pages ´ One of the most extraordinary literary works of the twentieth century Lady Chatterley's Lover was banned in England and the United States after its initial publication in 1928 The unexpurgated edition did not appear in America until 1959 after one of the most spectacular legal battles in publSpectacular legal battles in publishing historyWith her soft brown hair lithe figure and big wondering eyes Constance Chatterley is possessed of a certain vitality Yet she is deeply unhappy; married to an invalid she is almost as inwardly paralyzed as her hu Lady Chatterley's Lover David Herbert Richards DH LawrenceLady Chatterley's Lover is a novel by D H Lawrence first published privately in 1928 in Italy and in 1929 in France and Australia An unexpurgated edition was not published openly in the United Kingdom until 1960The story concerns a young married woman the former Constance Reid Lady Chatterley whose upper class husband Sir Clifford Chatterley described as a handsome well built man has been paralysed from the waist down due to a Great War injury In addition to Clifford's physical limitations his emotional neglect of Constance forces distance between the couple Her emotional frustration leads her into an affair with the gamekeeper Oliver Mellors The class difference between the couple highlights a major motif of the novel which is the unfair dominance of intellectuals over the working class The novel is about Constance's realization that she cannot live with the mind alone; she must also be alive physically عنوانها فاسق خانم چترلی؛ فاسق لیدی چترلی؛ عاشق خانم چترلی؛ عاشق بانو چترلی؛ نویسنده دیوید هربرت دیاچ لارنس؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز سی و یکم ماه ژانویه سال 1972 میلادیعاشق لیدی چترلی رمانی از « دی اچ لارنس» است، که چاپ نخستین اش به سال 1928 میلادی برمی‌گردد نسخه ی نخست رمان، به طور مخفیانه و زیرزمینی با کمک «جوزپه اوریولی» در «فلورانس ایتالیا» به چاپ رسید هم‌چنین در سال 1929 میلادی، نسخه‌ ای مخفیانه از این رمان توسط نشر ماندارکِ اینکی استفنسن در دسترس علاقمندان قرار گرفت انتشار نسخه ی کامل و بدون سانسور این رمان تا سال 1960 میلادی در ایالات متحدهٔ آمریکا و بریتانیا ممنوع بود عاشق «لیدی چترلی» که یک اثر کلاسیک است، خیلی زود به دلیل محتوای داستان، که بیان روابط جسمی میان مردی از طبقه کارگر، و زنی از طبقات بالا و مرفه است، توصیف صریح و بی‌پردهٔ صحنه‌ های جنسی، و استفاده از واژگان قبیح و مبتذل، به شهرتی جنجال‌ برانگیز رسید گفته می‌شود داستان برگرفته از رخ‌دادهای زندگی شخصی «لارنس» است و مضامین کتاب از نگاه ایشان به زادگاهش، «ایستوود ناتینگهام‌ شایرر» الهام گرفته‌ است برخی از منتقدان بر این باورند، که الهام‌بخش «لارنس» در خلق قهرمان رمان «لیدی چترلی»، «لیدی اوتولاین مرل» بوده‌ اند عاشق «لیدی چترلی» که در سه نسخه ی متفاوت چاپ شده‌ است، آخرین و مشهورترین رمان «لارنس» است داستان «عاشق لیدی چترلی» روایت زندگی زنی جوان و متأهل به نام «کنستانس لیدی چترلی» است، که همسر اشراف‌زاده‌ اش «کلیفورد چترلی»، در اثر جنگ قطع نخاع می‌شود ناتوانی جنسی و سردی احساس «کلیفورد» نسبت به «کنستانس کانی» دیوار فاصله میان این زوج را بالا می‌برد «کانی» که امیال جنسی اش را سرکوب شده می‌بیند، دلباختهٔ شکاربان شوهرش «الیور ملورز»، که مردی از طبقات پایین است، می‌شود در انتهای رمان «کنستانس» همسرش را ترک می‌کند، تا روابط عاشقانه ی جدیدی را با «ملورز» از سر گیرد تفاوت سطح اجتماعی میان «کنستانس» و «ملورز» که بن‌مایه ی اصلی رمان است، در واقع نمود سلطه ی نابرابر طبقه ی نخبه و بالادست، بر طبقه ی کارگر در جامعه را بازگو میکند ا شربیانی