Free read When a Girl Loves an Earl (Rescued from Ruin #5) 107

Free read When a Girl Loves an Earl (Rescued from Ruin, #5)

Free read When a Girl Loves an Earl (Rescued from Ruin, #5) 107 å What a girl wants Miss Viola Darling always gets what she wants Always And what she wants than anything is to marry James Kilbrenner the Earl of Tannenbrook She’s fallen hard for the giant taciturn surly brute and she positively will have no other The problem HAthless no matter how tempted he may be And only the right one will do Thrown in her path by a meddling marchioness James finds himself under sensual siege from a tiny flirtatious sprite who puts both his heart and his vow to remain unwed at risk And when scandal looms he learns the hard way that a man can resist only so long before the indomitable Miss Darling gets her way. I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI have been a little bit in love with James Tannenbrook since the beginning of the series I have a soft spot for large gruff not exactly handsome heroesThe story opens 16 years ago when James is 16 he has just completed his apprenticeship with the stonemason and has planned out his entire life On the way to see the girl he loves and plans to marry he is waylaid by his sister and forced to go home When he gets there his entire life is changed He leaves Scotland to become an English lord but before he goes he tells his love that he will be back for her and asks her to wait for him When he returns a year later it is to find that his love married another and he lost the son he never knew he had At this moment James decides that he will never marryFast forward 15 years James needs to find his heir presumptive and the only person who can help him is Lady Wallingham Lady Wallingham will only help him if he agrees to participate in the London season and look for a wife While he has no intention of marrying he agrees to play her game This is when he meets ViolaViola is a force of nature she is astoundingly beautiful witty charming and every man falls at her feet except the one she wants James seems immune to Viola's charms and resistant to her desire to marry him He is at times down right cruel to her But Viola knows that this is the man she is destine to be with and will not let anything stop her including JamesViola is relentless in her pursuit of James and has faith that eventually he will see that she is right and they will be together James is just as relentless in his desire not to be caught Oh he is attracted to her and he wants her but he will never ever marryWhen things come to a head and hands are forced these two end up married Viola feels both pleased and guilty she is not one bit sorry that they are married but she does feel badly about how it came about She knows she loves this man and will do everything in her power to make him happy Their wedding night love scene is part sweet part hilarious and part heart breaking When they visit with James' family the next day and Viola accidently witnesses a kiss between James and his first love she is devastated all the guilt for forcing James to marry her comes rushing back and she tries to leave himJames is having none of that she is his and he is not letting her go But even as Viola agrees to stay with him something has died in her and James wants it back The path to HEA will not be easy for these twoAs always the writing was great the story flows perfectly there are some warm love scenes Lucien and Victoria make cameos and James attempts at wooing are laugh out loud funny I really enjoyed this story and would highly recommend it While it is part of a series it could easily be read as a stand alone title

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He will bend to a bit of persuasion Is an earl like no other James Kilbrenner knows how determined the entirely too beautiful Miss Darling can be the daft woman cornered him at a perfectly respectable dinner and mangled his cravat before he could escape He has no desire to marry less desire to be pursued and will certainly not kiss her kissable lips until they are both bre. I received an ARC of When a Girl Loves an Earl in exchange for an honest reviewSpoiler FreeWhat a roller coaster of emotion I loved this book from start to finish which is as it should be as I looked forward to this story so much since reading Braden’s other treasuresThis is the fifth book in the Rescued From Ruin series and although it includes some much loved characters from the other books this can be read as a standalone When a Girl Loves an Earl is the sweet and funny story of Viola Darling and her pursuit of the surly and elusive James Kilbrenner Earl of TannenbrookI think my favourite thing about Braden’s writing is her ability to make characters realistic Her heroine’s have faults and uirks like any ordinary woman and are never the perfect bimbo’s one too often finds in a historical romance The way a character’s actions are described so normal and particular to how one would act or react in real life without being over descriptive With Viola’s story I felt her emotions cried when she was sad and was filled with happiness when she succeeded James made me want to cuddle him and throttle him in turns rolling my eyes with an exasperated “men” on occasion and throwing the odd glare at my own partner whenever the character did or thought something daft Like I know my own fella doesMy favourite part of this story was the first chapter where we meet Viola I got a real sense of her character there she gripped me and made me laugh I think Braden sets her scenes very well and certainly grips me from start to finish I couldn’t put the book down and found myself as determined to see Viola through to her happy ending as the character was to ensure itThe only thing I felt not so positively about with this book is the end felt a tiny bit rushed a certain event that could have been played out with focus description and emotion seems like it had been edited out a little and given the major revelation it led to I feel there should have been emphasis on the lead up This is a minor complaint however as I was still happy with the outcomes I whole heartedly recommend this book to anyone looking to read a romance that is well written plausible with all loose ends tied up whilst also creating some new paths for dare I hope future stories in this series

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When a Girl Loves an Earl Rescued from Ruin #5What a girl wants Miss Viola Darling always gets what she wants Always And what she wants than anything is to marry James Kilbrenner the Earl of Tannenbrook She’s fallen hard for the giant taciturn surly brute and she positively will have no other The problem He’s not interested Not even a little But Viola cannot afford to lose And she has her heart set on James If only. Audio375 StarsThe narrator does an excellent job with accents and distinctive voices but her overall tone is too soothing She is better suited for meditation audios Story45 Stars Oh I loved how persistent and determined the heroine was to make the hero hers And there was no rediculous delay for not consummating the marriage Of course there's a misunderstanding that happens but it's resolved fairly uickly and it's a very emotional scene Loved it I did roll my eyes once at the epilogue I didn't care for how a certain piece of news was delivered