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In Triumph's Wake kindle Ô Tragic Daughters Ó julia p. gelardi Ó The powerful and moving story of three royal mothers whose uest for power led to the downfall of their daughtersueen Isabella of Castile Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and ueen Victoria of England were respected and admired rulers whose legaE is the first book to bring together the poignant stories of these mothers and daughters in a single narrativeIsabella of Castile forged a united Spain and presided over the discovery of the New World Maria Theresa defeated her male rivals to claim the Imperial Crown and Victoria presided over the British Empire But because of their ambition and political machinations each mother pushed her daughter toward a marital alliance that resulted in disaster Catherine of Aragon was cruelly abandoned by Henry VIII who cast her aside in searc After reading a few of Gelardi’s books by now her writing sometimes reminds me of essays that I’ve had to write for school on a much larger scale make your claim support with evidence That is clearly her MO here as she seeks to draw together 6 historical figures who are at first glance uite different I didn’t know a whole lot about most of the figures discussed and I enjoyed the ‘survey’ style formula of each I’m excited to dive in deeper in other biographies specifically about each of them I was really kind of amazed by Isabella of Castile who I really didn’t know much about and my admiration for Empress Vicky was further deepened Gelardi is right; both mothers and daughters deserve a place in the annals of history for both their achievements and impeccable character

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The powerful and moving story of three royal mothers whose uest for power led to the downfall of their daughtersueen Isabella of Castile Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and ueen Victoria of England were respected and admired rulers whose legacies continue to be felt today  Their daughters Catherine of Aragon ueen of England; ueen Marie Antoinette of France; and Vicky the Empress Frederick of Germany are eually legendary for the tragedies that befell them their roles in history surpassed by their triumphant mothers  In Triumph's Wak 35ish stars for this well crafted bookGelardi did what I'd wished someone would do by weaving together the related stories of royal women throughout the years and she did so with great successI think it's important to not allow stories to disconnect from one another just as it's also important to make sure legacies are remembered without too much bias One of this book's greatest merits was how it explored the strengths and shortcomings of all six women both as individuals and in their mother daughter relationshipsToo often it seems that the daughters especially are reduced to superficial characters in history People look at Katherine of Aragon spelled Catherine in this book to acknowledge her roots as Catalina and see just an old religious lady who was an obstacle for Henry VIII and his great love for Anne Boleyn At the same time it's rare to find someone who knows much about Marie Antoinette beyond her love of fashion and beheadingThankfully In Triumph's Wake gives both women Vicky and all three mothers their due Isabella Maria Theresa and Victoria are all heralded as the warrior ueens they were in their own ways Isabella most literally of course Yet at the same time none of these women were perfect and Gelardi breathes a life into them that humanizes the ueens as well as further illuminates how their daughters were shaped and developedOne aspect I uite enjoyed and thought was well handled was how the author would mention a previous ueen in order to highlight a similarity or difference but not unrealistically drag out the comparison for dramatic effect For instance Vicky's success at producing a long living male heir where Katherine and Marie Antoinette struggled is important and shows how these stories work together However Gelardi did not then overplay this distinction or any othersOverall I thought this was an interestingly written easy flowing and properly researched book which ties together the stories of six fascinating and important women all of whom deserve the acknowledgment they're given here I would caution readers experienced with some or all of these figures that certain parts may feel repetitive Nonetheless I think it's a worthwhile read that I definitely recommendThe only reason I'm not giving it 4 stars is because I was never really enticed That may be my own fault because I've already studied all of these women except for Vicky at great length in the past

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In Triumph's Wake Royal Mothers Tragic Daughters and the Price They Paid for GloryH of a male heir and tore England away from the Pope Marie Antoinette lost her head on the guillotine when France exploded into Revolution and the Reign of Terror Vicky died grief stricken horrified at her inability to prevent her son Kaiser Wilhelm from setting Germany on a belligerent trajectory that eventually led to war  Exhaustively researched and utterly compelling In Triumph's Wake is the story of three unusually strong women and the devastating conseuences their decisions had on the lives of their eually extraordinary daughte Fascinating look into the way that royal women were bought and sold into other royal households with little regard for their happiness or even well being