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Of Human Bondage doc ¼ 684 pages Download ☆ W. Somerset Maugham ☆ From a tormented orphan with a clubfoot Philip Carey grows into an impressionable young man with a voracious appetite for adventure and knowledge His cravings take him to Paris at age eighteen to try his hand at art then back to London Back to London to study medicine But even so nothing can sate his nagging hunger for experience Then he falls obsessively in love embarking on a disastrous relationship that will change his life foreverMarked by countless Has one of literature's great lines about reading Insensibly he formed the most delightful habit in the world the habit of reading he did not know that thus he was providing himself with a refuge from all the distress of life; he did not know either that he was creating for himself an unreal world which would make the real world of every day a source of bitter disappointment

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Similarities to Maugham’s own life his masterpiece is “not an autobiography” as the author himself once contended “but an autobiographical novel; fact and fiction are inexorably mingled; the emotions are my own? The following is American Idol judge Nicki Minaj's critiue of Of Human Bondage Hello darling You know that I'm completely obsessed with you right now I just want to say first of awll that your mustache is very becoming And that ascot gets me really hot and bothered It totally Does I'll be honest with you sweetie it makes me think very naughty thoughts Now listen darling I have 4 words for you This book is everything Seriously sweetie it's on another lev el It's completely beyond Your writing is so rich it's like a big heap of chocolate mousse cake I want to drown it in fudge sauce and eat the whole thing UP I didn't even mind the length because the story and the characters just drew me in don't listen to them sweetie size does matter I can't wait to see what you give us next week baby love You just keep doin what you do

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Of Human BondageFrom a tormented orphan with a clubfoot Philip Carey grows into an impressionable young man with a voracious appetite for adventure and knowledge His cravings take him to Paris at age eighteen to try his hand at art then I fell in love with this book; it spoke to me and I will aways have a strong affection for it After three weeks of opening its pages virtually every night I now find myself saddened that I can no longer turn to it How can anything else compare? Of Human Bondage is a classic in every positive sense of the word Aside from The Brothers Karamazov it is the only book I've read whereupon finishing I was able to say to myself This novel is life itself it contains all of its complexities emotions and meaning Everything that you need to know about life is in this book All that is life is this The main character Philip Carrey who was born with a clubfoot and a taciturn temperment is a different sort of lad; yet he manages to be understandable and human He is intelligent and introspective has a strong passion for the arts and adventure and though he's rather introverted even hardheaded at times means well and would do just about anything for his fellow human being Being inside Philip's head and watching the ramifications of his decisions as he grows into a man is at times harrowing; other times vitalizing it conjures up many emotions the reader receives a full and enriching experience of a life truly lived Maugham's wikipedia page is slightly critical of his writing stating that he’s lost critical acclaim as a great author and that few modern day writers count him as an influence This is sad and upon reading it I was both astounded and appalled because the prose in this novel is exuisite I was constantly swept off my feet by Maugham's ability to display the wretched and beautiful in smoothly written truthful ways But he could not tell what that significance was It was like a message which it was very important for him to receive but it was given him in an unknown tongue and he could not understand He was always seeking for a meaning in life and here it seemed to him that a meaning was offered; but it was obscure and vague He was profoundly troubled He saw what looked like the truth as by flashes of lightning on a dark stormy night you might see a mountain range He seemed to see that a man need not leave his life to chance but that his will was powerful; he seemed to see that self control might be as passionate and as active as the surrender to passion; he seemed to see that the inward life might be as manifold as varied as rich with experience as the life of one who conuered realms and explored unknown landsThis novel had its affect on me for many different reasons but two personal empirical reasons uickly come to mind One is that having had problems myself for a period of time due to a physical deformity of sorts I was able to relate to Philip's embarrasment and resentment of his clubfoot and how it affected his personality and his dealings with others I remember thinking to myself How does Maugham express these emotions so perfectly? He must have had a similar experience himself And sure enough I later found through wikipedia heh that Maugham had a very serious stuttering problem that made him a bit of an outcast The other personal empirical reason is that for a period of time while in college I fell hard for a girl that had no interest in me whatsoever I lied to myself that she liked me I ke