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Alice–Angel of Time characters ò 104 ↠ Their love transcends time space and conflict Alice Ferro did not travel 500 years into the past to save her soulmate from persecution only to discover her journey had been in vain Forced to return from 1512 Italy to 2029 Canada without him she cannot focus on family school or friends as thoughts of CNg and she soon finds her own life in peril Written with charm and intelligence the seuel to Alice of the Rocks encompasses everything you could want in a young adult time travel romance Adventure true love intrigue and dynamic characters fill the pages alongside the elegant landscape of Renaissance Ital. Even if you didn't read the first book of the installment you have enough references to understand and love Alice Angel of Time too I personally did at least as much as I appreciated the first book This time Claudio and AliceEliza are meeting on the other end of the century as Alice decided to return back in time to bring Claudio with her Sophisticated references to time travel machines and challenging physics experiments abund even as in the first part The pace starts slow but ends up with a lot of page turning surprises until the very ending Will Alice succeed to save Claudio's life who was mean to be killed according to the famous Castiglione chronicle of court events How will she turn back home in her century Can history be changed as easily In addition to the messages of gender euality from the first volume there are interesting ethical amd moral uestions regarding the human nature It is possible to forgive the bad deeds How much you can trust someone declaring its desire to repent All these uestions make you stay late at night curious to find out what happened Disclaimer Book offered by the author in exchange of an honest review

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Dio constantly flood her mind When she discovers her love’s future is dire Alice decides she must return to the past to save him once and for all With some help a bit of deceit and a lot of determination Alice sets off to rescue Claudio Unfortunately she hadn’t planned on things going so terribly wro. Thanks to Morning Rain Publishing for a digital advanced reading copy in exchange of an honest reviewWhere Do I Begin Barry Manilow's Dramatic Voice Alice Angel of Time starts a few weeks after Alice Ferro's Italian holiday ended She's at Canada and she's not happy In fact is like her soul and thoughts stayed with Claudio at Florence She tries to reconnect with her family and friends but she struggles to share her feelings with them thanks to the uniueness of her situation No spoilers if you want to know go and read book one Slowly destiny starts to pull its strings Alice happens to visit her dad at his laboratory He's an astrophysicist and enlightens her about dark holes wormholes and all those theories that have to do with space time She's a living proof of it This and her recent investigations in the library in order to find out what was of Claudio's life help to bring Alice out of her gloomy stateOne day she finds key information about her soulmate and yes here's when EVERYTHING BEGINS She goes back to Italy and enlists the help of Luca and other Italian acuaintances to do what they can and save Claudio's life from peril Alice and the others succeed at the first step but every story needs a little drama no Soon saving Claudio from his fate is not the only thing at stake It becomes one of the three problems they will face if they want to make it back to Canada and to a certain time The immediate rescue of Claudio is her priorityCharacters Alice is a very relatable main character Her sadness and guilt towards the lies she told to her parents could be felt She always tried to do what was best for her by taking in account all the people's feelings she might affect in the process She never lost faith even after all she had been through She never surrenderedClaudio Claudio is one of the best book boyfriends I've ever read He is handsome intelligent chivalrous loyal and a romantic Italian Count Alice you are a lucky girl indeed As thoughtful as Alice he tried to do what was right for the people he cared about Awww he was so sweet at being frightened when he was about to meet Dr Reno Ferro Alice's father Meanwhile I'll be waiting for my own Count ClaudioThe rest of the characters Da Vinci Alice's parents Caterina Francesco Clarice etc were brilliant If you thought you have seen all of Bruno's madness in Alice of the Rocks you are mistaken I hated him since the first book and this was no exception Dr Reno I knew you would save the day In a nutshellAlice Angel of Time was a very entertaining novel with a little bit of everything There was romance action mystery sci fi intrigue danger and history Yes Italian Renaissance era I'm talking to you The setting descriptions were very detailed but at the same time brief I could imagine myself in the Medici palace or in Porta Rossa's sword duel The book was impossible to put down I read it all in a day I waited seven months to know what was going to happen right My favourite parts were definitely the last chapters I was so worried for Alice and Claudio There are plot twists One I saw it coming but the second one was very unexpected and I was like OMG With a movie like ending Alice Angel of Time was the perfect conclusion to Alice of the Rocks duology I'm a little sad because the story ended but at the same time I'm very happy I read it Alice and Claudio are a awesome YA couple They remind me so much of Gwendolyn and Gideon from the Ruby Red Trilogy and of Romeo and Juliet from the 2013 movie versionI really hope people read the books because in my opinion this duology is one of the best time travel romance novels out there One of the best reads of the year Congratulations to the author

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Alice–Angel of TimeTheir love transcends time space and conflict Alice Ferro did not travel 500 years into the past to save her soulmate from persecution only to discover her journey had been in vain Forced to return from 1512 Italy to 2029 Canada without him she cannot focus on family school or friends as thoughts of Clau. I was really excited to read this seuel since I really loved Alice Of The Rocks While I loved Alice Of The Rocks I still enjoyed reading this It was fun to be back at Alice and Claudio's world again and even find out details about them I felt that this was well written and I'm happy with how this duology ended I'll definitely read books by E GrazianiNothing is impossible if you want it badly enough Make it possible You're the author of your own destiny That's what we've always told ourselvesI am not a wise woman nor a learned one but even I aware that at times one must believe that destiny will find its way to youEvery great love begins with a kiss he murmured as he tenderly set her on her feet and caressed her cheek with the tips of his fingers and every journey a leap of faithSoundtrack Old Fashioned Love by Tatiana Manaois