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The Sweetest Sin Sins Scandals #7Franklyn that love euals loss But as the only remaining male heir in the St John line Alex must remarry He needs not only a son but also a woman to curb his daughter’s unruly behavior This time however his marriage will be a business transaction nothing After his first wife’s betrayal love has no place in his world When Alex returns to London his intentions of finding a marriage of convenience are tested as Hen arouses his passions in ways he never imagined possible As cracks show in Alex’s hard façade Hen realizes a good man still exists beneath the debris of loss Soon Hen and Alex are overcome by desire but Hen’s proposal to anot. I liked this heroine is legitmately scarred and it impacts her life in a real way 35 stars

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Read The Sweetest Sin (Sins Scandals, #7) é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ THE SWEETEST SIN When the only thing you have left to lose is your heart Fate has not been kind to Lady Henrietta Harrow Exiled to the country after a fire killed her parents and left her scarred Hen’s brother has brought her toHer man and old secrets from the past impede any future happiness Can Hen and Alex conuer these destructive threats or will they forever ruin their chance at happiness THE SINS SCANDALS SERIES While there are those who spend their time in modest pursuits upholding propriety befitting the lords and ladies of the ton it would seem that for others scandal is just a sin away #1 An Invitation to Scandal #2 A Scandalous Passion #3 A Sinful Temptation #4 The Lady's Sinful Secret #5 Surrender to Scandal #6 A Sinner No More #7 The Sweetest Sin Aug 9 2016 #8 A Most Scandalous Christmas Dec 2016 #9 A Hint of Scandal Spring 2017 #10 Sins of a Soldier TB. I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Reading Deals so I could give an honest reviewLady Henrietta has been through so much losing her parents and being scarred all in the same night has left her feeling lost and alone Her brother wanting her to have a happy life with a husband and children bring her to London in hopes of finding this Lady Henrietta knows people are not always kind but there seems to be one that goes beyond this forcing Lady Henrietta to become bolder than she ever has been Alexander needs a male heir and someone who can take his daughter into hand making her the lady she should be He is only looking for a marriage of convenience but once he meets Hen he just may have to rethink his planThe author brings you two people who been betrayed losing out on love and not wanting to put their hearts back out on the chopping block You know when you start talking to the book and its characters you are so invested in the read you can’t put it down I really wanted to do bodily harm to Lady Susan she is such a bully and really needed to be put in her place Lady Henrietta I just wanted to wrap my arms around her keeping her safe and protected Where Alex I just wanted to knock some sense into It was very easy for me to relate to these characters for me they became real taking my heart in their hands making me believe anything can be overcome The book has a wonderful plot with delightful and not so delightful characters I really enjoy how well everything was worked together The author really pulled me in making me feel the characters pain I enjoyed the humor the buildup of the relationship and lots I really enjoyed this read I haven’t read anything by this author but plan on reading the rest of this series

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THE SWEETEST SIN When the only thing you have left to lose is your heart Fate has not been kind to Lady Henrietta Harrow Exiled to the country after a fire killed her parents and left her scarred Hen’s brother has brought her to London to find a husband and a happy life Unfortunately Hen’s scars make her a target for stares and whispers and one lady in particular Lady Susan St John is determined to ruin Hen in retaliation for a believed transgression Lady Susan’s threats force Hen to make a bold move she proposes to the very proper Lord Walkerton Experience has taught the widowed Alexander St John Maruess of Rothbury and future Duke of. 455 An amazing heroine Lady Henrietta strong and resilient in the face of multiple adversities horribly scarred by a fire which left her an orphan but far from broken The hero however is a broken and bitter man following the scandalous death of his wife who left behind a daughter not of his blood but carrying his name Henrietta not only mended his heart but also his bond with the gorgeous little girl who ached to be treated as his daughter in truth Hen made him a stronger man though it took him a while to realise his own strength and to trust in hers Just lovely She was a woman forged in fire after all And a woman who had been forged in fire did not fear a little rain