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Wide Open Spaces Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » Devon fled Wyoming as soon as he turned eighteen leaving behind his high school love Levi After six years in the big city Devon returns to his hometown Not much has changed except that Levi is no longer in the closet He’s also single and living his A relationship to work they’ll have to put the past behind them and find the courage to face the future as who they really are a couple in love But Devon doesn’t know if he’s strong enough Maybe Levi would be better off without him and his hang up. copy provided by Creative Minds via authorpublisher in exchange for an honest reviewAt the age of 18 Devon leaves the small hometown in Wyoming for the big city in Washington He leaves behind his boyfriend Levi who refuses to come with him It's been 6 years and Devon is back home for good but he's still firmly planted in the closet while Levi is living out and proud Can these lovers pick up where they left off or will Devon's hiding destroy their chances I'll be honest I dreaded reading this book because when I went GoodReads to mark the book as currently reading I saw the low ratings I'm sorry I looked This wasn't a bad book by any stretch of the imagination and I disagree with the ratings I think they may be a bit too harsh The book is well written the characters are not only likable but they had really great chemistry and we even get some steamy sex The plot was interesting and I really enjoyed the story I know it takes a long time for Devon to come out but in the small town and also in the field he works in his fears were valid My only real complaints about the book are I thought Levi accepted Devon back into his life a little too easily and I thought it ended too abruptly We get a solid HFN and an epilogue or a final chapter to give us closure would have been nice but I didn't see the reasons to give this books such low ratings This was an enjoyable uick and easy read I'd definitely recommend

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Eam managing the local wild horse population Both of them are very interested in picking up where they left off but Devon is no ready to reveal his orientation than he was as a teenagerNo one is going to shove Levi back in the closet not even Devon For. A Joyfully Jay review 425 starsDevon is definitely not a character I found easy to love Although Renee Stevens does an amazing job of conveying the intensity of Devon and Levi’s romance and is able to enchant the reader with their relationship Devon remained a fairly aloof character in my opinion Sadly I also found it difficult to reconcile myself with what I felt was the cowardice Devon displays Devon becomes desperate to keep his relationship with Levi a secret even to the point where he suggests that the pair stay in every night I would have liked to have understood a little about why Devon allows himself to be controlled by fear however I must admit that Stevens brilliantly redeems his character in the final chapter of the story – and I found myself clapping my hands with happinessOn the other hand Levi is a wonderfully sweet young man and perhaps the reader feels sympathy for him because of Devon’s insistence that their relationship remains a secret Levi is portrayed as the open of the two characters – both sexually and emotionally – as well as being witty than Devon One of the most captivating moments in the story is when the couple is camping and Levi talks about his mother’s illness and his display of grief immediately connects us to him Conversely on the same evening it is Levi who seduces Devon and urges his lover to be far less gentle with himRead Kirsty’s review in its entirety here

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Wide Open SpacesDevon fled Wyoming as soon as he turned eighteen leaving behind his high school love Levi After six years in the big city Devon returns to his hometown Not much has changed except that Levi is no longer in the closet He’s also single and living his dr. Devon Rhodes ran off to Washington six years earlier leaving behind the love of his life Levi Now he's returned home to Wyoming and hopes to put the past behind him and perhaps build a new future with LeviWhen Levi returned to their hometown of Rock Springs after college he did so out and proud with a boyfriend in tow The boyfriend's gone now but he's still outand in love with DevonDevon has never gotten over Levi and wants to be with him but is terrified of being outed Levi is than happy to let Devon go at his own pace not forcing him to be out but still wants to be able to spend time outside of their homes with one another For such a short story it seemed like it took forever for Devon to get his head out of his ass I liked Levi but couldn't understand the character's easy acceptance of Devon back into his life Also I'll admit Devon's fear of being outed just rubbed me wrong until towards the end My biggest issue with the story though is that I thought it ends abruptly I was disappointed in getting a HFN and would have loved an epilogue or another chapter or two to hammer out a HEA “I love you” Levi reached over and grasped his hand“I love you too” Advanced Review Galley copy of Wide Open Spaces States of Love provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews