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Free read ï A Court of Mist and Fury Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ FEYRE ES INMORTALDEBERÁ REPRIMIR SU CORAZÓN PARA SALVAR UN MUNDO PARTIDO EN DOSTras rescatar a su amado Tamlin de la malvada reina Amarantha Feyre regresa a la Corte Primavera con los poderes de una Alta Fae Pero no consigue olvidar los crímenFEYRE ES INMORTALDEBERÁ REPRIMIR SU CORAZÓN PARA SALVAR UN MUNDO PARTIDO EN DOSTras rescatar a su amado Tamlin de la malvada reina Amarantha Feyre regresa a la Corte Primavera con los poderes de una Alta Fae Pero no consigue olvidar l. When I finished this book the mountains trembledDo I need to remind you to be civil No I don’t Good kidsThanks to my wonderful friends Emer Reyes and Sarah click to read their reviews who helped me up this calvary with whom I shared joys and sorrows and who made me laugh so much I probably won't need to swing by the gym for the rest of my life And a special mention goes to Katerina Nastassja and Vera again click and be delighted by snarkiness who ranted with me in the comments of than one update Thank you 3I told you reading this book was so much fun ➤ The book in brief“Stop comparing Stop comparing me to him”Because do you know what it is called when you keep and keep and keep comparing the previous love interest to the current one and each single one of these sugary clichéd obvious and trite comparisons invariably leads to the conclusion that the ex is a prick while the newcomer is a Perfection Milkshake No Maas I thought so Oh well I’m going to say this just once it’s called manipulation Now look at me Maas Do I look like a reader who enjoys being manipulated to youNo Why I thought soTo all those who still have to start this series and are intentioned to don’t read A Court of Thornes and Roses Spoil yourself a little of what happens there and start with this one Because and this is the truly sad thing as someone else said before me A Court of Mist and Fury could even be enjoyable if the first book had not happened before•I won’t go so far as to say that what we have here is a case of lack of “show” and an excess of “tell” because the first chapters do show that Tamlin whether for some PTSD or because he has always been a scumbag undeniably acts like the worst man on the planet I am even willing to forgive how caricatural his behaviour appears But throughout the book every occasion is a good occasion to throw in a comment to overturn completely also all the positive parts of him that are showed in the first book In this regard I should say that in A Court of Thornes and Roses I did not care for Tamlin in any way so I am not speaking out of frustrated adoration In this scenario Tamlin is the epitome of all evil while Rhys of course the epitome of all good Tamlin cares for hierarchy Rhys cares for family and nothing ugh; Tamlin wants her caged Rhys want her free; as it turns out view spoilerit was Tamlin’s betrayal to begin the feud between his family and Rhys’s hide spoiler

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Os crímenes ue debió cometer para salvar al pueblo de Tamlin ni el perverso pacto ue cerró con Rhysand el Alto Lord de la temible Corte NocheMientras Feyre es arrastrada hacia el interior de la oscura red política y pasional de Rhys. I was not a pet not a doll not an animal I was a survivor and I was strong Oh damn That was so unexpectedly good And to think I almost didn't take a chance on this after not loving the first bookSo here it is I present to you 7 reasons why this book is a million times better than A Court of Thorns and Roses1 Less romanceOh don't worry there's romance There's lusty slow build flirtatious romance that somehow manages to be completely absent from the first book even though romance was central to the plot But there's also so many other things here It's a fantasy with romantic elements not the other way aroundI always say I tend to become invested in love stories when they're subplots and the book itself is not actually about the love story I like it when the characters come together around and between all the rest of the action and drama That's what's happening here Because there is a whole shitstorm of other things going on which by the way has led to better world building exciting action and reveals and a fascinating overarching story2 Feyre's growth and developmentAnd in fact the growth and development of many characters Maas spends some uality time on character histories and backstory to strengthen our understanding of them I absolutely love it when characters show realistic growth over time and I think that's especially important with Feyre hereFeyre is not the character she was during A Court of Thorns and Roses How could she be after the events of that book Naturally she has changed and found that her needs and aspirations have changed too Once upon a time back when she was weak and starving she longed for a strong protector like Tamlin Now she is strong and she needs freedom to train her newfound strengths3 I hate TamlinHonestly if you happen to be a diehard Tamlin fan I can see this book being a huge disappointment Luckily for me I pretty much despised him He's never been anything but a pretty faced control freak I'm glad Feyre has seen that and rebelled against itI should warn you that Tamlin is absent for about 70 80% of this book And that was just fine by me4 I love RhysandI foresee the oh no it's a love triangle comments rolling in but I really don't think it is I actually think this is a great book about growing up and discovering that you're a different person who longs for different things I don't get the sense that Maas is trying to play out the TamlinFeyreRhysand angst; she is merely showing a young woman having a change of heartAND can we just talk about how much better Rhysand is There's all the superficial stuff like he's exciting flirty dangerous and I love the story behind him He's fun than Tamlin and I like fun His banter is wonderful But I'm also talking about a important level Rhysand is despite being the bad boy thoughtful and selfless He doesn't want to stifle Feyre's strength and lock her away for her own protection he wants her at his side an eual a partner in crime And I love that so much I like men who see value in strong women5 Less sexualI'm sorry you horny readers but I just need to put this out there I really dislike Maas' sex scenes Maybe Tamlin had something to do with it but in general I think they're overwritten and melodramatic I also think she does a lot of telling you that it's hot instead of showing how it is which is a common writing mistake but is far worse when in a sex scene It's unconvincing And by overwritten I mean that she describes kissing as branding thrusts as breaking and sex moans as prayers Literally none of those things are sexy She gets the flirtations and banter right that bit is hotter than the actual sex but I start to cringe when the clothes come off A brush of his tongue against the seam of my lips had me opening fully for him and he swept in claiming me branding me Also is it really necessary for the male characters to growl in approval during sex Not just once and arguably one growl is one too many but several times I'm supposed to be fanning myself with desire and all I can think about is Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman Mercy Rawr6 New charactersA Court of Mist and Fury introduces many new characters and the difference between this book and the first is that I found them all memorable not just the main three characters Maas has definitely not neglected her characterization and character detailing here Everyone who comes in and out of the novel has an important purpose is fleshed out with personality and history and makes an impactMy favourite was Amren but I also loved Cassian and Azriel Our brief introductions to the Bone Carver and the Weaver were highlights too7 The endingTake note this is how to ensure your reader needs to get their hands on the next book It's not a cliffhanger but it is still EVIL In the best possible way I loved everything about it It's the kind of emotional high that leaves you somewhere between wide eyed horror and smiling gleefully How will I last a whole yearBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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A Court of Mist and FuryAnd una guerra inminente acecha y un mal mucho más peligroso ue cualuier reina amenaza con destruir todo lo ue Feyre alguna vez intentó proteger Ella deberá entonces enfrentarse a su pasado aceptar sus nuevos dones y decidir su futur. This could uite possibly be one of my favorite books I've ever read Truly an amazing magical and ethereal read that I really didn't want to endIn depth review coming soon to my YouTube channel