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Men especially a man like Georg Nicolaos whose arrogant countenance was simply infuriatingBut when Lexi's ex husband tried to blackmail her by threatening to destroy her family's name and her professional reputation Lexi. OMG this h must take the cake for bitchiest heroine ever The H steps in to help the family on a problem that arose from her ex husband admittedly that part is not her fault and instead of being cooperative or even just gracious to him she acts like a prize bitch She even slaps him twice for no apparent reasonAt halfway point they have sex and she starts acting like a normal person so good for them Then her ex calls and tells her that Daddy big brother and H contrived to get her engaged and married to the Hero which she knew from the start That was the whole purpose of the exercise But suddenly she gets all offended that they are running her life What a contrary idiotSupposedly the heroine is beautiful inside and out so generous warm and giving in the Heroes own words Well the author completely failed to show this side of her character

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No Gentle SeductionWas forced to turn to Georg for advice She agreed to fall in with his plans and go along with a pretend their pretend engagement But was Georg sincere in his offer to help Or were there ulterior motives behind the chara. This definitely comes across as a product of its time It's mostly in the attitudes and thoughts of the characters occasionally when the hero pops a cassette into his tape deck but yeah Lexi is coming out of a divorce from a guy who married her for her money and she got her heart broken Now that she's finally divorced her ex is attempting to finagle money through some scheme or other The only solution to this scheme is to pretend to be Georg Nicolaos's fiancee for the next 5 weeks She's extremely wary so much so that she's outright rude to him and pretty damn defiant of him She makes no secret of her dislike for him But he doesn't care He's set to seduce her apparently and keeps burying them further into their liesbefore she knows it the engagement is no longer fake and she's slotted to be married in 5 weeks time I'm not uite sure why Lexi took such an active dislike to Georg at first because he hadn't really done anything but be charming up to then I get that she'd be wary but why so hostile Shortly thereafter yeah I kinda got it Georg is the type of man who doesn't actually listen to the woman he's with he assumes what he thinks is best for her and does what he wants with her Surprise kisses sure Scheduling in family gatherings and dinners without consulting her or her schedule That too Following her around and staying after she's asked commanded and screamed for him to go Yup Refusing to let go of her hand Uh huh By the mid point of the book Lexi's kind of so tired of fighting him on the little things that he gets what he wants So it's all a matter of him wearing her down It's kind of nicely wrapped up in this uote here I'm not sure I want to dance Lexi protested yet somehow she was in his arms and the music was slow Her protests become less adamant she let's him have his way every time and it's pretty much always her fault Even after she discovers he's manipulated her into all of this and feels justifiably angry she's the one who has to apologize for her behavior and come crawling to him on his knees Now this wasn't anywhere close to me throwing my kindle or anythingGeorg still managed to be charming at times and there's a subtle undertone that suggests that Georg is completely smitten with a very difficult and contrary Lexi which almost justifies his heavy handed approach Their constant bickering and whatnot up the angst factor for this story so despite my not really liking either character I still enjoyed the story

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No Gentle Seduction Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á A conspiracy of desire Lexi Harrison one of Sydney's top international fashion models was accustomed to being pursued by men who wanted to share her fame and fortune It made it difficult for the beautiful woman to trust men especially a man like Georg Nicolaos whose arA conspiracy of desire Lexi Harrison one of Sydney's top international fashion models was accustomed to being pursued by men who wanted to share her fame and fortune It made it difficult for the beautiful woman to trust. Re No Gentle Seduction Part of HPlandia's A Year Down Under series celebrating all things south of the euator in the Pacific part of the world Helen Bianchin brings us book two of the series The first was Emma Darcy's Heart of the OutbackHB switches it up a bit this time Instead of stalkery evil OW with a penchant for Ladies Room h attacks we get a user OMThe h is 25 and a model and a Sydney socialite She made the mistake of marrying a charming fortune hunter and then having to divorce him when things went rapidly south Her lawyer brother's colleagues are really good at their job and the nematode ex got almost nothing materially in the divorce processNow the h's dad and brother are worried cause the nematode ex is threatening to take his story to the paparazi and make the h and family look bad on the verge of a big business deal The brother guilts the h into dating a family friend to throw suspicion on the ex's story by making it appear that the ex just got dumped for a better model I was kinda shocked at that cause the brother tells her that he will let it be known that the h and family friend have been seeing each other for uite a while on the sly Which means that while the h's family isn't willing to have it out there that that the h threw a gold digger user out of her life without financial recompense they are than fine with her being branded as an adulteress while married I guess being a model in HPlandia even if she is your sister is still tantamount to being a skank in HB's view of HPnessThe h is reluctant but her brother guilts her into it as her father needs bypass surgery So cue up the H and the h's reaction is hostile Mainly cause he had been eyeing her up like a side of prime beef a few minutes earlier as they saw each other across the car parkScenario set we get the usual round of all things HB Shopping parties lunches showers yogurt society dates with roofie kisses the h modeling a very nice lingerie teddy that the H snaps up for a 100000 showdowns with catty OW that the H is a magnet for and eventually the H manhandling the h into the bower of purple lurve mojo while the h takes every opportunity to slap him upside the head This h is extremely slap happy We also get a special guest appearance of the h and H from HB's Dark Tyrant that H is the brother of this H and their concerted bid to pimp the h out to the H as if her family's manipulations weren't enough This all leads to a big engagement of course and then the h finds out that pretty much the whole thing was a set up scam cause everyone else figured the h was unable to run her own life look at the mess she made on her first effort at it Now she is stuck with a fairly bullying and unlikable bossy H and his catty wanna be OW running around and the meddling of her condescending and patronizing family But at least the H uses his HP Manly Alpha Death Stare and runs the h's nematode ex off to the mists of HPlandia At this point I was almost okay with all the slapping upside the head the h did these people were hugely annoying I was having major Captain Consults just to avoid smashing them all with skillet HB just does that to me sometimesSo the H and h have a big fight over all the manipulation and the h goes off to her location model shoot to have a sulk She decides the lurve club mojo and her own sudden love are enough to go back and grovel to the H after she told him off She grovels the H takes her back and claims he loves her and her social status too and it is another High Society HEA in the HB corner of HPlandia