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review Civil War and Broken Hearts Rose and Thorne #2 Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Hollywood comes to Roanoke when a major film studio announces they’re shooting part of their Civil War film at a local plantation Vinnie is dismayed to discover the lead actress is none other than the beautiful Caroline St CUsy abounds and time is not on Vinnie and Ethan’s side If they don’t solve the case before the film shoot is done there’s a good chance they’ll be separated for the first time since they were partnered Assuming Vinnie doesn’t kill Caroline St Clair himself The author is donating 10% of the royalties from this book to No Kid Hungry Visit nokidhungryorg for information about this organizatio. Original review on Molly LollyFour starsI really enjoyed seeing Vinnie and Ethan again in the second book in their series They’re still so in love with each other and I adored seeing them work through some of their insecurities Despite being together five years they can still have those moments where you think you’re not what the other needs or good enough for them The way both Vinnie and Ethan handles that was a joy to seeVinnie was so much mature in this book and I liked how he handled himself The way he kept reassuring Ethan was perfect You could tell his dislike for Ms St Clair was deep and well founded He became great friends to those around him just like he always does His attempts at match making were wonderful I’m hoping it sticks and those two find happiness together I adored how Vinnie showed how much he cares for Ethan with his actions He was constantly concerned for Ethan’s safety or making sure Ethan was taking care of himself It showed the kind of person Vinnie was and how he cares for those around him than himselfI was surprised by some of Ethan’s actions in this story he was still very loving and worshipped Vinnie like before That level of devotion is all kinds of sexy But he also lost focus of his job and was concerned with calming Vinnie usually when he didn’t have to than doing his undercover job It was at odds from the way he acted in the first book You kind of get the sense there’s going on with Ethan than what we see on the surface With the story being from Vinnie’s point of view though we may not find out until Ethan says something or Vinnie finds out otherwiseI really liked the addition of some new characters that Vinnie and Ethan become friends with You can tell they’re going to be great guys and fun for Vinnie and Ethan to spend time with I can’t wait to see what the four of them get up to in the next book The sneak peek of the third book in the series at the end of this book has me wanting to read it immediately I can’t wait to see Vinnie and Ethan’s backgrounds and learn about them

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Hollywood comes to Roanoke when a major film studio announces they’re shooting part of their Civil War film at a local plantation Vinnie is dismayed to discover the lead actress is none other than the beautiful Caroline St Clair Ethan and Vinnie met her in LA the previous Halloween and Vinnie still hates her for hitting on his man Ethan reassures his partner that Roanoke is big enough for all of t. Die FBI Agenten Vinnie und Ethan haben sich in Roanoke eingelebt da werden sie auch schon zu einem neuen Fall gerufen in Roanoke wird ein Film gedreht und die Hauptdarstellerin wird bedroht Vinnie und Ethan sollen die Angelegenheit klären und sich um die Sicherheit der Frau kümmern Für Vinnie ist es Hass auf den ersten Blick denn es handelt sich um Caroline St Clair und die hat ein Auge auf Ethan geworfenSchnell wird klar dass die kapriziöse Schauspielerin bewusst nach Ethan gefragt hat und genauso schnell gerät Vinnie ins Abseits Das schmeckt ihm gar nicht und Vinnie zeigt sich ziemlich eifersüchtig was weder der Partnerschaft noch dem Fall wirklich gut tun Doch er ist eben eine kleine Drama ueen und auch etwas unsicher Dabei ist Ethan doch wirklich eine treue Seele und er ist ja auch selbst nicht glücklich mit dieser ganzen Angelegenheit die immer mehr und mehr aus dem Ruder zu laufen scheint Denn der Fall ist einfach nicht zu knackenTeil 2 der Reihe schließt ziemlich nahtlos an den Auftakt an und als Leser hat man auch nicht viel verpasst aus dem Leben der Helden Vinnies Eifersucht und auch Unsicherheit waren schon im ersten Teil Thema doch jetzt erwischt es ihn sehr böse Und man kann es ihm wirklich nicht verübeln denn Caroline ist wirklich ein manipulatives Biest die eiskalt die Strippen zieht Der Krimiplot ist nettes Beiwerk und sorgt für entsprechender SpannungEs gibt aber noch ein paar nette und amüsante Nebenprotagonisten wie den Bruder von Vinnies und Ethans Nemesis Muldoon Und Vinnie erhält unterwartete Unterstützung von dem Hauptdarsteller des Films der ebenfalls schwul ist und durchaus Interesse an den Agenten hatLeider ist diese Geschichte etwas schwächer ausgefallen Trotzdem habe ich mich gut amüsiert und Vinnie und Ethan sind einfach ein wirklich harmonisches und sympathisches Paar dem man einfach nur das Beste wünscht Der nächste Teil liegt schon auf dem Reader und ich freue mich mehr von Ethans Familie zu erfahren

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Civil War and Broken Hearts Rose and Thorne #2Hem to coexist without running into one anotherBut Fate has it in for Vinnie and Ethan and they’re assigned to a new case involving the actress Vinnie has no choice he has to play nice It’s small consolation that his new undercover identity involves Hollywood heartthrob Troy McGarrett who is very handsome and openly gay Troy also isn’t shy about letting Vinnie know he finds him attractiveJealo. A fun series without about an established couple makes me wonder if there is another book out there where they met maybe they were the secondary charactersNot a lot of angst between them some mystery some drama lots of love and sex Just a great feel good read Each book has it's own story but I recommend reading them in order