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Ecret to keeping herself safe Nobody can hurt you if you never let them in Reggie encounters an unexpected challenge to her misanthropy a Twizzler chomping indie film making narcissist named Snake Snake’s pr You can also find this review here is a story about two depressed teenagers as they struggle to find happiness and love Reggie is a depressed teenage girl who meets Snake at a pharmacy while they both pick up their depression meds These two lonely souls strike up an unlikely romance that is challenged by the fact that a pregnant girlfriend Filled with betrayal hopelessness and ultimately love this story is about two teens struggling to find any meaning in life I always like to read books about mental illness because I don't feel like the general public really understands these types of issues I feel like depression was shown relatively well in this book but I also feel like at times it could have been shown better It is difficult to portray these types of struggles realistically though because they differ with each individual I can only hope that this book might bring some awareness to even one person who didn't understand depression The characters were the driving factor in this story Regime's character changed a lot through the course of this novel While I wouldn't go so far as to say that she overcame her depression but I think she learns to cope with it She grows and starts to make friends and tries to find bits of happiness Her relationship with Snake is actually a healthy one not a codependent one like you would expect from two people who both struggle with mental illness The romance is sweet It might not have started in the best way but these two teenagers slowly begin to bring out the best in each other It is a romance that builds slowly and faces all sorts of struggles I really enjoyed this novel with its uirky characters and it's portrayal of depression This is a cute young adult romance that brings awareness to mental illness

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Definitions of Indefinable Things Esence while reassuring is not exactly stable especially since his ex girlfriend is seven months pregnant As Reggie falls for Snake she must decide whether it’s time to rewrite the rules that have defined he I really didn’t expect to dislike this book as much as I did YA contemporary is typically my favorite genre but uite a few of the books in this category that I have read recently have been ranging from disappointing to just plain badThis novel follows a teenage girl named Reggie who is dealing with depression She meets a boy from her school Snake who is also dealing with depression while picking up her medication You know what happens from thereI’ll be nice and start off with the things that worked there is a small amount of humor that I liked Reggie develops a friendship with Carla Snake’s pregnant girlfriend that is kind of sweet There are a few paragraphs here and there about depression that felt very realUnfortunately there’s a lot that didn’t work for me The table closest to the door was for the boys soccer team see assholesthat table was reserved for the girls volleyball team see skanks in Spanxthat turf belonged to the cheerleaders see blonde brigade in the one beside it to the drama club see future fast food employees of the world Yeah it’s one of those contemporariesAlso what editor let those incessant see blank things happen throughout the entire book? Annoying as hellIt reminds me a lot of All the Bright Places a book I didn’t like either We have the pretentious depressed boy following the depressedgrieving girl around and I didn’t like the way this was depicted in this book any than in AtBPOne the subject of pretentiousness this book is one of the best examples of how not to write teenage characters They have this annoying “I’m so different and I don’t conform to society” vibe they have these deep John Green level unrealistic conversations they uote obscure pop culture references Some people are so touchyI'm not touchy I just don't give a damn what you thinkI'm starting to believe you don't give a damn what anyone thinksI don't Edgy alert over here eye rollI wasn’t a fan of the romance at all Snake is the worst a total stalker and he kisses Reggie while he has a pregnant girlfriendAnyway this just wasn’t very good I wouldn’t recommend this one at all as there are certainly better books about depression like the somewhat similar My Heart and Other Black Holes Hopefully I’ll have better luck with my next contemporary

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Download Definitions of Indefinable Things Book Ö 336 pages ´ Whitney taylor ↠ This heartbreaking humorous novel is about three teens whose lives intersect in ways they never expected Reggie Mason is all too familiar with the Three Stages of Depression She believes she’s unlocked the seThis heartbreaking humorous novel is about three teens whose lives intersect in ways they never expected Reggie Mason is all too familiar with the Three Stages of Depression She believes she’s unlocked the s book #4 done for the booktubeathon ✔️I got me my tea and im ready to dish out a roast I’m pretty much gonna be repeating the plot so yes SPOILERS AHEADFor the pros which are sadly few I did enjoy the first 10% ish?? The humour was dark and made me laugh a few times Um there was some talk about depression and emotions and coming to terms with grief and loss there also was nice growth of friendship between reggie and clara and also with reggie and polka yeah that’s itOkay time to dig into the fun stuffSo let’s start off with the flaming trash can that is the love interest not only is he a scum bag but hes a cheating manipulating one that is hella sleazy in my opinion the premise of the plot was that reggie a depressed snarky teenage girl meets this eually depressed teenage boy with a weird as hell name and they find out theyre working together He coerces her to go on an “anti date” with him they kiss AND THE NEXT BLOODY DAY REGGIE FINDS OUT HE’S ACTUALLY DATING CLARA their bosses daughter AND SHES 7 MONTHS PREGNANT WITH THEIR KID I couldN’T even now reggie is super upset and she calls him out on it and hes kinda embarrassed but also BUSHES IT OFF like the trash he is and then he continues to make advances towards reggie and idk if anyone else noticed this but a lot of the time she outwardly putt off by his flirting and tells him off but in her head shes like “yaaasss” but HES NOT A MIND READER SO WHY IS HE STILL SO CREEPY go AWAY anyways some boring ish happens and YET REGGIE KEEPS SEEING THIS IDIOT even tho she audibly turns him down and insults him and STILL GOES TO MEET WITH HIM so events pass and clara and reggie become friends of sorts and they both know snake trash boi is lowkey stringing them both along which ugh and they keep letting him and whats great is that everyone blames his behaviour on his depression then reggie sneaks out with trash boi to watch a lightening storm and when she gets back her mom freaks out and in a streak of rebellion reggie walks out and goes to chill with trash boi and his moms at their cottage but her parents are freaking out and in a moment of lolz could this get any worse Her mom calls and shes like “you freaked us out so bad it gave your dad a heart attack and now hes in the hospital in a coma” which honestly is the most believable thing we’ve seen so far in this book anyways some stuff happens everything gets rectified in a second and somehow all three of them end up as great friends??? also lets not forget reggie is THE WORST human being to her mom and her family yes sure her mom is a piece of work herself but I literally cannot stand how rude and selfish and ungrateful she is to the people around her ugh what a mess needless to say I was not impressed and id like a refund on my time goodnight everyone