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Summary à eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Penny Lam Ashiest corners of the earth His reputation though threatens to unravel everything Just as they start to build their family a murder in the park turns everything upside down Vickie's troubles Buck's faith and Shep's dark past collide testing their love and their trio Can their unconventional relationship help them survive the fallout in a town where unearthed secrets can get you killedAuthor's note This is a full length standalone novel with a H. Amazing Best Sex venture read It's adventurous sex winksVery adventurous playful dominate a loving multiple partner fun fun fun story We have a trailer park virgin so sexy she makes Daisy Duke want to rip her hair out with jealousy Just imagine if Daisy Duke and the Duke boys weren't related and decided to get it on But wait it gets better They have a '69 Yenko Camaro a trailer they both live in Buck's Beard Shep's Super Sexy Height and a long denied attraction to each other Oh this is getting good There is some mention of Shep's back tattoo two young bulls locked in combat yet both are eually matched it's a lovely metaphor for the sexual dominance they both think they may need to establish in their relationship and the fantastic bromance they share Reading about these two best friends who are two peas in a pod really made my reading day Vickie is a really sweet character She is lovely inside and out Her thoughts are a pleasure to read that's a nasty thought and I banished it uickly Bitterness is something that comes to easy to folks in the park She is a little sex freak don't be fooled She may be a virgin but this girl is GameOne of my favorite aspects of this story is Shep and Buck's sensitivity for good 'ole boys aka Rednecks they are downright poetic sages Honestly Sages who love fishing hunting racing hard f and Crisco #RedneckLube The author repeatedly blew me away with some of her insights into human motivation I was not expecting this from an erotic novel I must raise my standardsand read of her work I sincerely love the insights the author provides and her belief in the intelligence of her readers This is the beginning of a beautiful reading relationship I know what it's like to have a Parent who doesn't care for you It's stings at first the small rejections when you're young Just sting here a cut there But you hold out and hold on because you came from this person they helped make you so surely they don't mean all the hurt I very rarely recommend ménage It's very rarely done right It's an intricate dance with many moving partsI couldn't resist that pun Too often I am reading a ménage that is not evenly written or written with enough care and attention devoted to the emotional ties and bonds This is a truly romantic ménage story and it's very evenly written so you can easily see why they are in love No one is ever made to feel left out The novel is also written in such a way that I can believe in the relationship I can see it lasting I can already feel the need for a re read Very Pleasant Trash This is Trash I wouldn't throw away Reviewed for HeadTripping Books by A Bookhooker

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Free download Trashy AUTHOR Penny Lam 107 ë TrashyWarning This standalone MFM novel is the trashy romance you’ve been waiting forVickieTurning eighteen was supposed to mean escaping the trailer park and the shadow of her mom’s job the world’s oldest profession But then her mother gives Vickie an ultimatum work on her back or live on the street TrashyWarning This standalone MFM novel is the trashy romance you’ve been waiting forVickieTurning eighteen was supposed to mean escaping the trailer park and the shadow of her mom’s job the world’s oldest profession But then her mother gives Vickie an ultimatum work on her back or live on the streets Suddenly Vickie is out of optionsBuckBeers and babes The two b’s are all Buck needs to be happy That is until he and his roommate save the. 425 StarsBuck Jackson and Gil “Shep” Shepherd have been friends since childhood both having endured bad parents and been raised by Shep’s grandmother in a trailer park in a lower class mining townVickie Sampson’s mother makes her living on her back in that same trailer park and she has plans for Vickie to follow in her footsteps But Vickie’s eighteenth birthday doesn’t go as planned and instead she ends up in the arms of the two men across the way instead of in the clutches of the paying JohnAs you can probably guess from the title and the blurb this one has a big smut factor a small creepy factor and “trashy” people and setting But it’s surprisingly also packed with emotions; a side story and background story of mystery; and plenty of character development taking the main characters from stereotypical “trailer trash” into three young individuals struggling to live their dreams and embrace their sexuality“Just because something ain’t popular doesn’t mean it’s wrong” –VickieShep and Buck share a close friendship but till Vickie enters the picture neither of them especially Shep are ready to explore what might be something Roughly a decade younger than them Vickie’s innocence awakens a love in both of the guys and a desire to have than their bachelor style trailer life She becomes their catalyst to explore new avenues in the bedroom and accept a new version of family“He wraps a hand on top of mine Then he spanks our girl’s ass with my hand like he’s teaching me a damned golf swing” –ShepGetting the 1st person point of view from all three characters really helped take this story from simply an erotic ménage adventure into a story about pushing boundaries living outside the norms in a place and culture where open mindedness can be rare and finding love amidst the daily struggles of life“In an old beat up trailer in the middle of a small coal mining town in podunk America we come together and make the skies burn” –BuckThis is a pretty engaging story definitely not short on tantalizing and tawdry love scenes solely for the threesome who remain committed to what they have blooming or even some suspenseful adventure It was warming to see how Shep and Buck took care of Vickie and treated her like she was special though sometimes they were also a little too low class crass with her for my tastes None the less it was a refreshing change of pace to read about two working class rough around the edges certainly far from saints heroes in the sea of big city manwhores cocky stepbrothers and privileged billionaires and sports stars heroes that are so prevalent in the current romance market Variety is the spice of life and this story shows how one size doesn’t fit all in the game of life and love ARC received for an honest reviewblog tour

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Trashy AUTHOR Penny LPrettiest little thing in the park inviting her into their trailer and their beds Now Buck’s wondering if the two things he needs to be happy are the people he could lose all too easilyShepIn a park with nosy neighbors and a long memory Shep can’t outrun his reputation Bitter and jaded he relies on Buck’s friendship hoping soon he'll get the hell out of Dodge That is until little Vickie and Buck show him that there’s love in even the tr. Everyone knows the stereotypes that come with trailer parks right They are full of poor trashy people whores and wife beaters This story doesn't even try to discredit them In fact it embraces them and celebrates them Buck and Shep have been best friends for a very long time They only have each other as family and are extremely loyal to each other Buck is the fun time guy with a dominant streak Shep is the serious one who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders When they save their sexy barely legal neighbor from being attacked everything clicks into place She moves in and the three of them take care of each other both in the bedroom and out of it Not only do both men fall in love with Vickie she is the thing that makes the two men able to explore and embrace the love they have for each other as well They have to battle small town minds and gossip at every turn and there are people out to get them You have Vickie's mom's boyfriendpimp trying to turn her into one of his working girls angry coworkers and a dangerous man intent on taking what he thinks belongs to him All of this keeps the tension level just rightThe sex scenes were written extremely well Often with mmf romance things can get a little jumbled trying to picture the scene that is being described but I had no trouble picturing who's hands mouth andor other parts where where The physical relationship between the two men also flowed very well I only wish we could have seen it progress even This was my first book by this author but it will definitely not be my last If you want a good and uniue way to pass the afternoon then this is the book for you