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read & download ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB à William Davrick Ago Then Joe proposes a highly unorthodox treatment to save Dusty a treatment that wakes old nightmares and threatens any chance they have of a future Warning this story contains disturbing themes that may trigger traumatic memories for suffere. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest reviewDustin is a bull rider whom can't stay on the bull over his eighth seconds After nearly killing a man he's forced to see a health counsellor She seeks help from a colleague when she discovers she's a trigger for Dustin The colleague unexpectedly is a man who's had a crush on Dustin many years agoThe story is heartbreaking sweet exiting and has a hold on me all the way It has many turns and surprises through out the bookIt's also giving a look at ethics in working with mental health issues; should one only see things in black and white upon working with people and emotions when ethics concerns The actions the two colleagues is taking to help Dustin is uestionable sometimes But my feeling is that they do what they do to help even if it's not ethical right all the timeThis book for me was very rooted in reality in so many ways but still has a little fairytale story It gave me a surprise moment when I discovered the link to the title of the book reading Dustin's story and it made so much sense The story is also about abuse and how people react and survives depending on what kind of support they have at the time I found the story interesting to read and I would definitely read another book from this author The writing style is easy to read despite the heavy topic of this book I disappear in this book so it's well worth 5 starsThe book describes abuse so if you can't stomach reading about it you shouldn't read this book but for me it's a reminder of that the world is so much than my little safe place We could all need a reminder now and then

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review Eight Seconds Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Dustin Marston wannabe professional bull rider cannot stay on a bull for the reuired eight seconds Suffering from sinister flashes of suppressed memories from his childhood Dusty has a panic attack during a hazardous sexual encounter that lands him in serious legal troubleWhen he proves to Dustin Marston wannabe professional bull rider cannot stay on a bull for the reuired eight seconds Suffering from sinister flashes of suppressed memories from his childhood Dusty has a panic attack during a hazardous sexual encounter that lands. A complex compelling heart rending story that is a must read This grabbed me right from the start and will stay long after the last word With it's uniue storyline great characters you can't help but love a funny and loyal dog drama hilarious banter and crazy antics intense situations heartbreak tragedy violence and intriguing twists it's a page turner that you won't be able to put down An emotionally captivating story that is truly exceptional Dustin aka Dusty has lived through an unimaginable traumatic life He has horrific nightmares panic attacks has certain things that trigger an uncontrollable violence but the biggest problem is that he has no idea what has caused any of this His subconscious has blocked all of the tragedies that he has lived through and he has no idea how to control himself without knowing what the cause is After an altercation he is reuired to see a counselor by the courts where he meets Diana After a few sessions she knows that she will not be able to help him and reuests her colleague to meet with with him Little do they know their lives are all going to change from this meeting There are many profound messages within this story that it's hard to explain them without giving away spoilers which I refuse to do There are things in this book that can be triggers for some people so be aware of this before reading this Although there are many sub plots in addition to the main one it is very well written and in no way is it chaotic It's a heartbreaking but wonderful story that I believe many will enjoy I strongly recommend this book and authorI received an arc from the publisher via NetGaley in exchange for a honest review

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Eight SecondsHim in serious legal troubleWhen he proves to be uncooperative his health counselor Diana turns to a colleague for assistance only for the to learn that Joe was once the boy Dusty loved when they were kids and who was lost to him twenty years. Unrated My View Eight Seconds is a very complex novel with a series of dark and challenging topics Even so the author did an excellent job balancing the flow of the story It never got too angst or difficult to read There are small scenes inserted allowing the reader to see that hope was within reach All these said the story has perhaps too much happening; too many twists and turns for each subplotThe characters are the salvation of this story They're easy to fall in love with and hope for the best Wanting to learn about their future kept the reader engaged and allowed them to see beyond all the darkness Every single one of them had a reason to be there and added to the overall plotMy main issue with this book and the reason I'm not rating it has to do with Joe's therapy approach I don't see how he can be a renowned doctor and act the way he did His methods are than uestionable; especially due to their relationship Also Dustin's secret seemed unprovable and how easily Joe found about it felt unrealistic Just like Joe's background and connectionsThis novel isn't a romance but a gay fiction story with romantic elements We get a reunion after twenty years but is about their friendship and their support for each otherWhat I liked the most Dustin's and Joe's relationshipI wanted  In this case I wanted less of everythingWho should read it Fans of gay fictionOriginally reviewed for Someone Else's Stories ARC provided by Less Than Three Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review