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Read The View from the Ground ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  First published in 1959 but now offered in a revised and expanded edition The View from the Ground presents over six decades of Gellhorn's ruminations on political civil and social issues and crises from a lynching in the American South in the 1930s throuAnd social issues and crises from a lynching in the American South in the 1930s through a recent visit to Cuba to see what is new and what remains the same in a country. Spunky fiery salty Always an inspiration for her travels and her boss bitch opinions even if they're not always changeable or even handed Sad to think she wrote this or really collected these stories and reflected upon them with so much zest just two years before she killed herself Also interesting how she treats Justice at Night makes some half assed disclaimers about it being from memory and therefore not really reporting which is a nice way of saying this story is totally fiction although based on events that did happen but which Gellhorn didn't witness firsthand Well she's in good stead with Capote there

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First published in 1959 but now offered in a revised and expanded edition The View from the Ground presents over six decades of Gellhorn's ruminations on political civil. Martha Gellhorn is considered one of the greatest war correspondents of the 20th century She reported on virtually every major world conflict during her sixty year career as a journalist She writes passionately She writes to make her readers care about that which she herself passionately cares She is opinionated and is not afraid to speak her mind regardless of what others may think She expresses herself using satirical ironical humor I enjoy her disrespectful jokes The book is a collection of articles published over the years in different magazines They are sorted chronologically except with a few exceptions decade by decade from the thirties through the eighties The result is a retrospective survey of six decades of the 20th century Gellhorn visits and writes about political issues of many different countries—Cuba Czechoslovakia El Salvador France Germany Great Britain Haiti Israel Italy Kenya Mexico Poland Spain USA and Vietnam Since the articles are in chronological order and because she visited many of the countries than once one does return to the same topic than once I like that she chose to arrange the articles in chronological order despite that this leads to some repetition Martha Gellhorn speaks out against poverty While she has a clear distaste for communism she also acknowledges that which Castro so successively accomplished in Cuba She gives praise where warranted and outspokenly criticizes injustices torture and those in power who have not adeuately taken up the battle for human rights and against poverty social injustices and torture Kissinger Nixon Reagan and Thatcher are but four leaders she heavily criticizes She covers the Eichmann trials We travel with her when she sets up home in Kenya Her writing describing how she was treated and how she felt and the conclusions she drew from her sojourn in Haiti is revealing and extremely well written Three chapters the Haitian one Gellhorn’s description of a 1936 lynching in Mississippi and a chapter describing the torture of Miguel in El Salvador are reason enough to read this book Even if you have read before about the atrocities of the war in Vietnam and World War Two as just shown other important topics are covered too Some chapters are better than others but I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending this bookThere is very little about Hemingway in the book She was his third wifeChristine Marshall narrates the audiobook Her narration is not to my liking She reads very uickly and my one star rating of her narration is meant to express my vehement dislike I want to be given time to chuckle at Gellhorn’s razor sharp humor and biting sarcasm I want time to think about what is being said There is no reason for Marshall to rattle off the lines in such a hurry There are good lines in this book; I want time to appreciate themBooks by or about by Martha GellhornThe Face Of War 4 starsThe View from the Ground 4 starsLove and Ruin 4 stars The last is a book of historical fiction about Martha Gellhorn's marriage to Ernest Hemingway

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The View from the GroundThat is still off limits to most Americans Gellhorn's ability to get to the truth of a situation heard makes her writing transcend the short shelf life of most reportag. The first article in this collection is titled Justice at Night in which she witnesses a lynching in Mississippi A total kick in the gutThe rest is a really good overview of her peacetime journalism from Gaza to El Salvador to Cuba Not always in sync with my sensibilities and despite her protestations she does fall into what today we would consider racist blind spots