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read Michael's Wings reader é Kindle Edition Û moneyexpresscard ç Griffin has just popped the uestion—yes that uestion—and Michael doesn’t have an answer He flees town for New Orleans to see his confidante and sometime Domme Mistress Nora Will a weekend of beignets and beatings help him untangle his So contains six previously published stories starring Mistress Nora's favorite angel and Griffin his master his true love and the sexy as hell bane of Michael's existenceThe King LAMBDA Literary Award 2015 Winner Best Gay Erotica Loved to read the snippets about Griffin and Michael's relationship A treat as always to get about characters I've grown to love BUT major turn off about the poor editing and French translations My King seriously lost his title and became a pauper speaking unrefined french even a two years old woud speak better than Kinglsey honestly Arc received in exchange for a review More reviews and book talk at You can find me here too ☞

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Griffin has just popped the uestion yes that uestion and Michael doesn’t have an answer He flees town for New Orleans to see his confidante and sometime Domme Mistress Nora Will a weekend of beignets and beatings help him untangl 4 StarsWell didn't this give me the warm and fuzziesand a little slap on the ass for good measure The anthology includes short stories previously published on Tiffany Reisz's website and a new story giving us an extended look into Michael and Griffin's HEA In the new story Michael's Wings we see Griffin pop the uestion to his beloved Mick and because he knows his sub Griffin has given him a few days to think about it Torn with indecision Michael heads to Nora to smack some sense into himuite literally I loved seeing Michael's relationship with Nora It's as zany and protective as ever Nora helps Michael weigh his options and look deeper into his feelings in the best way she knowswith a flogger and some wax Michael reflects on his life with Griffin and how they've grown This also shows a vulnerable side to Griffinespecially his insecurity regarding the possibility of a relapse That entire scene sprang the waterworks The way Tiffany Reisz wrote Michael's Wings felt so very right Every scene every thought every conversation felt so authentic to Griffin and Mick These two hold a special place in my heart and I'm so glad the author gave us another glimpse into their lives There right there The way you're looking at me right nowthat look that says you want it you need it and you need it from me because nobody else knows you the way I know youthat's my whole life right there Mick You on your knees in front of me with that look on your face That's my whole damn life Previously published stories includedGriffin in WonderlandGauzeThe Theory of a MomentThe CouchA Better DistractionChristmas in Suite 37A ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Michael's WingsE his knotted up heart?Thus begins Michael's Wings the eponymous novella that kicks off the latest entry in Tiffany Reisz's LAMBDA Literary Award winning Original Sinners seriesThis companion collection to fan favorite The Angel al Let me write some words about this story before I get fired from NetGalleyMichael's Wings is a collection of previously released short stories with Michael's Wings being the only new one all of which involve Michael andor Griffin It tells the story of Griffin's proposal to Michael and his reactionIt's classic Reisz in that it's humorous and poignant I've you've read The Original Sinners series then you know how these characters get under your skin how she's crafted each of them with devoted care Michael and Griffin have always held a special place in my heart so I never tire of them If there's even the tiniest way of making you mine one way of owning you one way of keeping you tied to me I want to do it and I want to do it yesterday I know that sounds possessive but that's kind of our thing right? But you're smart Mick You know you own me as much or than I own you And that's exactly how I want it It's Reisz' writing that brings me back time and again I honestly don't know how she packs such an emotional punch into everything she writes Maybe it's just me Maybe it's because I'm so attached to these characters I really don't know but frankly I wish she'd stop with making me have feelings Michael's Wings was no exception I especially liked how the inherent uagmire of marriage and bisexuality was handled Michael naturally turns to Nora who naturally turns to kink as a way of helping Michael unwind I mean really is there a better stress reliever than a good beating? And maybe some wax play? It does a body goodNora is his touchstone in many ways and as much as he loves Griffin and has no intention of ever leaving him the implications of them marrying give him pause for a multitude of reasons So who better to give him advise about marriage than the woman who wants never to get married? Trust me it makes sense and we all know how it turns out He'd remember this night on his last day on earth Then Michael closed his eyes and surrendered his body to Griffin There was no reason to surrender his heart to Griffin He'd already done that long long ago The gift Michael gives Griffen was just so amazingly perfect as was the whole scene when they come back together uintessential Reisz right to the endThese stories are just peeks into the Sinners lives between the novels and without the context of the novels the stories won't resonate Obviously it's a must read for Sinners fans but if you've not read the series I would urge anyone to give them a go Be forewarned though your face could leak and there's a strong possibility of becoming obsessed A review copy was provided by NetGalley