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Jed Had to Die Mobi Ò 341 pages Ú Tara sivec Ú The happiest day of Payton Lambert's life was the day she graduated high school and watched Bald Knob Kentucky get smaller and smaller in her rearview mirror She wanted for her life than a tiny town where everyone knows your business and you can’t find a decent cup of coffee fA town where the biggest crime happened the day Jethro Snell kicked a few of his cows an honest mistake when you've had a few jars of homemade moonshine people are pointing fingers rumors are spreading like wildfire and Payton swears she's only making out with the sweet talking studly sheriff to distract him from the secrets she's keeping When you've been tased peed on by a yippy dog named Bo Jangles and can't stop picturing what Sheriff Hudson looks like naked it will be a tough job making everyone agree thatJed had to d Coffee Because crack will get you fired—Coffee Mug This book is one of the most entertaining and hilarious books I have EVER read I loved it from the very first page and I could not stop laughing Payton Lambert left her small town Bald Knob Kentucky twelve years ago determined to make a success of her life and to get away from the nosy townspeople and their lack of good coffee But when she gets a call saying her best friend from school is in the hospital and Payton is her emergency contact she drops everything to be there for Emma Jo I loved her loyalty to her friend and how she gave Emma Jo the strength to fight back against her abusive husband whom the town loves Payton was so freaking awesome with her feistiness sassiness her love of coffee and her willingness to use her middle finger to express herself D I adored her and I want to be her when I grow up It was so much fun being in her head I love her coffee shop’s name Liuid Crack and the names of the coffee size choices I’m Okay My Head Hurts My Eye is Twitching and PEOPLE ARE ABOUT TO DIE Anyone who can appreciate the true value of coffee is definitely someone I can totally relate to ; D “There is still a pointy weapon within my reach and I’ve had a lot of wine tonight buddy There’s no telling where I might shove that thing if you keep provoking me” I threaten him giving him the sweetest smile I can manage as I glance down between his legs so he knows exactly what part of his body I’m threatening right now“My eyes are up here honey First you won’t stop touching my chest at the hospital and now you’re picturing me naked I don’t remember you being this flirty” Then there was Leo Hudson the town’s sheriff Leo was the scrawny DD nerd who tutored Payton in high school and who now looks like Thor in a uniform with a badge and handcuffs so yummy He had a big crush on Payton all those years ago and I loved that he still had a thing for her and that he’s been fantasying about her for twelve years “I know it’s crazy and I know it probably scares the shit out of you but I have been dreaming about you and what I would say to you and what I would do if you ever walked back into my life and I got a second chance to make another impression on you” Of course Payton didn’t recognise Leo and understandably he was uite upset that Payton didn’t recognise him after all these years and because of this their romance had uite a rocky start but I loved their hilarious banter It was a bit difficult to figure Leo out and why he acted the way he did in the beginning ignoring Payton and giving her the cold shoulder the romance definitely could have done with Leo’s POV but luckily the the story unfolded the his behavior made sense I loved the hot sexy times and the very romantic gift he gave her The plot was fantastic although I was sad that the humor lost some of its steam in the middle but I still enjoyed the hell out of this book I loved Payton’s friend and manager Bettie Lake who is also a coffee addict and sarcastic and feisty I loved all the loony and loyal townspeople even though I wanted to slap them all silly for being so mean to Payton And the mystery regarding who killed asshole Jed who totally deserved killing was a lot of fun I don’t like morning people Or mornings Or people—Coffee Mug Also this book gave me a ton of new coffee mug slogans so I’m very happy about that D This was my first book by this author and she’s bloody brilliant I can’t wait to read of her books If you want a book that will make you laugh until your abs hurt with a side of romance and mystery look no further HIGHLY RECOMMENED

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The happiest day of Payton Lambert's life was the day she graduated high school and watched Bald Knob Kentucky get smaller and smaller in her rearview mirror She wanted for her life than a tiny town where everyone knows your business and you can’t find a decent cup of coffee for at least forty miles Twelve years later an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night has her packing up her life in Chicago and racing back home to the one person she ever regretted leaving behindWait one person?? Make that two When the h Look I know I was supposed to love this one cuz y'all did but I just couldn'tShe's a lady asshole A lassholeHer and her edgy friend are the kind of girls that are NOT in the tribe They are the judgy girls who cut other girls down because they are just that cool If you need to cut another girl down to prove to yourself and others how cool you are you aren't You're just a mean girl and need to be hit by a bus

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Jed Had to DieEll did Leo Hudson become sheriff of Bald Knob and get so hot? The scrawny Future Farmer of America who followed Payton around like a puppy and could recite cow insemination facts in his sleep is long gone Leo is still hot on her heels but now he's wearing a badge and dead set on solving a murder that may or may not involve Paytonalong with half the town You steal a few wine coolers in high school and make one little comment about cutting off a man's balls when you come home and suddenly you're suspected of killing himIn 4 starsIf you're looking for a light read with a whacky plot and some great laughs this book has it Payton a coffee obsessed cafe owner can't believe she's back in Bald Knob a town she couldn't say goodbye to fast enough right after high school She's back after 12 years to help her friend Emma Jo whos' husband town Mayor Jed Jackson was found murdered Brimming full with copious amounts of coffee and wine Payton and Emma Jo try to hide their small role in the murder from the town sheriff Leo Hudson all while trying to solve the murder mystery Oh gosh Sheriff Hudson as far as i'm concerned he downright stole the show here Especially with that SWEETEST MOST ENDEARING gift he gave Payton at the end Perfect epilogue and i loved that Payton never denied her feelings and stood by her decision although she promised never to set foot into Bald Knob ever againFilled with hilarious and laugh out loud moments along with some sweet sexy times Jed Had to Die was an entertaining uproarious read in classic Tara Sivec style HIGHLY RECOMMENDED