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One Night of Sin Read & download à 102 ✓ Renowned storyteller Gaelen Foley unfurls the seductive tale of the rakish Lord Alec Knight who never looked for love until it was right in front of him Lord Alec Knight the most daring and handsome rogue in all of London is a smooth talking aristocrat with an abundance of high society lady admirers E only girl he would have considered marrying ties the knot with someone else Alec realizes he doesn't want to be with just any lady he wants to find the love of his lifeThe boldly spirited beautiful Miss Becky Ward takes his life by storm after he rescues her from peril Alec soon learns that she is on the run from her cousin the murderous Prince Mikhail Kurkov Becky has uncovered a menacing secret about the prince now. This was exactly what I expected A pseudo historical that implanted today's attitude's on people wearing historical attire with the most interesting characters being the bad guys The heroine is running from her evil cousin who's a Russian prince though she's not Russian He plans to make her succumb to his authority ravish her and then marry her off to some big smelly just because he feels like it She runs for it and is chased to London where she meets the hero and decides she'd rather have him pop her cherry if it's going to happen anyway Then off goes the story with the H saving the h from the evil Russian cousin The evil Russian cousin was the best part of the story Loved him The author failed in a big way to make him as bad as all that Even his big crime wasn't that big really And it was kind of the heroine's fault that the crime happened anyway view spoilerthis guy got shot and killed while he and the heroine make a break for it hide spoiler

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Nothing will stop him from hunting her down In the midst of danger Alec and Becky find themselves deeply drawn to each other After the two spend an all consuming night of sin Becky's knight in shining armor vows on his honor to protect her until the end But before long Alec is protecting her with than honor and it seems the once untamed rake of London just may have found what he has been searching for all along true lov. 45 stars Warning – spoilers includedBecky Miss Rebecca Ward is on the run from her dangerous cousin Prince Mikhail Kurkov who has threatened to rape her and then marry her off to the nastiest man that he can find During her escape she witness him murdering a man so becomes even determine to escape bring him to justice and win back her beloved home which he had inherited after their grandfather’s Earl of Talbot death She arrives in London determined to make contact with the Duke of Westland as lord lieutenant of Yorkshire’s West Riding since the murder had taken place in his jurisdiction it was the Duke’s duty to deal with Kurkov Exhausted starving and filthy she meets Alec who mistakes her for a young girl who is about to embark on becoming a ‘lady of the night’ He is instantly attracted to her and takes her home in hopes that she will willingly go to his bed and maybe become his mistress He is respectful kind and caring towards her letting her have a hot bath to clean and warm her up She had got soaking wet in the storm and orders food from the finest restaurant as she is obviously hungry Despite him desperately wanting her he is determined that he will not force her into his bed and wants it to be her choice Afraid that her cousin will catch her and carry out his threat Becky goes to Alec’s bed knowing that he will be gentle with her and make her first time a pleasurably experience Discovering a red stain in his bed the next morning Alec realises that he has deflowered a virgin and immediately demands that she tell him her story and as he learns that she is not of the lower class but of noble birth he declares that they will be marriedAlec is determined that Kurkov will not hurt Becky so agrees to help her and shelters her whilst they try and bring him to justice During the following weeks the pair strike up a relationship and fall in love Alec is very close to rock bottom and is virtually cut off from his family due to his lifestyle of women drinking and gambling which has got out of hand He has many things that he is ashamed off and tries to hide them from Becky in fear that she will reject him but time and time again Becky proves that she loves him and she knows that he loves her even if he cannot yet say it Alec is loving and gentle towards her and it soon dawns on him that he cannot live without her so he doubles his efforts in order to bring Kurkov to justice and to win back Talbot Old Hall in Yorkshire for her She trailed a finger down his chest and gave him that look – the one he knew so well “Aha” he murmured “Yes uite But won’t Mrs Whithorn have a fit of Apoplexy” “Who cares I’m the lady of the house and I want my man” You tell him Becky girl Needless to say they raced up the stairs as fast as their legs could carry them I am not usually one to insert uoteslines into my reviews but I absolutely loved this one It is taken from the end of the book whereby after much adventure Alec has succeeded in winning back her home and declared that it now belonged to them Becky is definitely the star of this book that last line describes her to a ‘T’ Don’t get me wrong Alec is plenty drool worthy but for a young naïve woman Becky is strong loveable and absolutely loyal to those that she cares for She doesn’t expect Alec to change she loves him for who he is and that will never change I absolutely love Gaelen Foley she tells a good story that flows well and is easy to read I have read this series back to back and normally I would be getting a tad bored by now but I am loving it The next one up is Jack’s story It has all been a bit mysterious about Jack we only know that he exists and that something happened which has kept him away from his family for so longLooking forward to find out what

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One Night of SinRenowned storyteller Gaelen Foley unfurls the seductive tale of the rakish Lord Alec Knight who never looked for love until it was right in front of him Lord Alec Knight the most daring and handsome rogue in all of London is a smooth talking aristocrat with an abundance of high society lady admirers With his irresistible wit lucky hand at the gaming tables and enticing charisma he can have any woman he wants But when th. review up Alec Knight Another favorite from the Knight series Gaelen Foley was seriously in her prime while writing this brilliant series Alexander Alec Knight is the rakehell rascal of the Knight siblings the 'baby brother' who knows how to charm play fight and win With fallen angel looks and charm that’s almost lethal he’s used it to get his way until his luck runs out Literally He did a real number a few books back that caused his family and loved ones to shun him I couldn’t ever really label him a villain because he didn’t go out of his way to hurt anyone he made a mistake and paid the price in here he’s licking his wounds and trying to redeem himself The journey was uite thorough and beautifully resolved I was expecting the typical piteous pity party of a fallen spoiled rake but Alec surprised me and endeared me in so many ways He’s honest sweet and is a gentleman even when pushed to his limits For a rake he has so much honor The fact that he didn't go through with what Lizzie thought he did is a testament to that Foley’s mastery of writing mutli dimensional flawed characters really shines here What surprised me the most was how far back Alec’s misuse and distrust of women went To the outside world he’s the master of seduction and ‘captain’ of rakehells but behind closed doors he’s vulnerable jaded and always expecting to be used for his body and wealth That memory of how he lost his virginity took me aback and made me ache for him I did not see that coming at all view spoilerIt was pretty much rape and sexual abuse hide spoiler