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EBOOK õ Being Elizabeth ã Barbara Taylor Bradford The number one bestselling author delivers her most provocative sizzling novel yet a story of money power love and betrayal that only Barbara Taylor Bradford could writeAt age twenty five Elizabeth Deravenel finds herself in a position few women her age could image the head of Deravenels a business empire that spans the globe It’s a company whose reach is wide and whose secrets are deep Deravenels has roots that g Being Elizabeth was incredibly boring and superficial I actually didn't finish reading it but did get at least 75% through it before I gave up I only read that far because I didn't have another book to read yet Elizabeth inherits the company after her sisters death and takes over operations with the help of her faithful friends The book spends time talking about the designer clothes handbags and jewelry she owns then it does real issues It is mentioned many times how worried she is about money yet she never encounters any real hardship and continues to live an extremely lavish lifestyle She claims to have been an abused child but Elizabeth has no depth and her character is just written to be flawless all the time She is rich beautiful and smart She is always making the right decisions for the company and her personal life and can do no wrong The attempts at drama are weak and short lived I spent the whole time waiting for something exciting or dramatic to happen but it never came

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PDF ¿ BOOK Being Elizabeth FREE ✓ MONEYEXPRESSCARD Ò The number one bestselling author delivers her most provocative sizzling novel yet—a story of money power love and betrayal that only Barbara Taylor Bradford could writeAt age twenty five Elizabeth Deravenel finds herself in a position few women her age could ima O far back in her family’s history and she knows the price that many had to pay to see it reach the success it is today And Elizabeth is the youngest executive in the company she now leads  Surrounded by rumors and disloyalty she knows that there are many people who would give anything to take down the company and her with it With her enemies circling she finds herself at a crossroad of choices involving her mind What a huge disappointment from an author whose work I normally enjoy This is the third book in a trilogy I didn't realize that when I picked up the second book and read it The second one wasn't up to Taylor Bradford's usual standards but this one was awful It is 404 pages in which NOTHING happensThe main character is Elizabeth Deravenel who gains control of Deravenels at the age of 25 when her half sister and enemy dies after a short illness If you have ever wanted to see how the top 12 percent lives read this book Her half sister has almost ruined the company so Elizabeth sells ONE of her many houses for 70 million euros to make sure she has enough money to run the company She also finds original paintings by Monet and other Impressionist artists 22 diamond tiaras jewelry and crystal and silver which she sells for millions at an auction However we are told she works constantly and doesn't seem to enjoy her wealth much She doesn't eat lunch and drinks very littleThroughout the book there are supposed threats to take over the company but none of them are than just talk She is in love with Robert Dunley who is incredibly handsome and a great dresser Of course Elizabeth like all of Taylor Bradford's heroines is so beautiful that she turns heads when she walks into a room Robert and Elizabeth have known each other all their lives and have been in love since they kissed each other when they were 8 years old For some unexplained reason at a very young age Robert married a woman he didn't love He and Elizabeth are the same age and share the same birthday Robert and his wife have been living separate lives for six years when Robert and Elizabeth realize they are in love Robert wants to divorce his wife to marry Elizabeth but Elizabeth's father treated Elizabeth and his six wives so badly that he ruined her for marriage One element of the story plot that made absolutely no sense to me was that Elizabeth lives her whole life for the company but has no heir to inherit the company when she dies She has vowed to never marry so she won't marry Robert even though he begs her to marry him and produce an heir Her grandmother Bess married a man she barely knew to save the company but Elizabeth won't marry a man she can't live without even though they live together She goes to great lengths to save the company from relatives who would take it over but will leave no one to inherit the company You know Taylor Bradford's main lovers are meant to be together because the first time they make love they climax together I can't help but laugh every time I read that in one of her booksOne thing that Taylor Bradford does that I find annoying is to repeat the same information over and over Elizabeth runs the company although she never seems to do anything with the help of Robert and another man In fact she has several men who work with her and save her repeatedly We get the feeling that even though she is described as brilliant she couldn't run the company without these men Every time one of the men is mentioned we are told that he is loyal and completely devoted to Elizabeth The first time the author tells us that we get it Every time he is mentioned afterward she tells us again There is so much repetition in the story that I wonder if she was contracted to write a certain number of words I also wondered as I did with the previous book if she wrote chapters of the book as a magazine serial because so much information is repeated from chapter to chapter as though we had not already read it The ending is very abrupt and doesn't particularly fit with the rest of the book It as if she was told to write 400 pages When she got to that number she wrote four pages to end itI do plan to read the first book in the trilogy The Ravenscar Dynasty because from the second book it seemed that all the action happened in the first book

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Being ElizabethHer heart and her destiny As scandal surrounds the one man she’s ever loved Elizabeth discovers how the next move she makes could have deadly and final conseuences Being Elizabeth is Barbara Taylor Bradford at her storytelling best“Rife with dastardly internecine struggles smoldering illicit passion and cowardly insidious betrayalspacks as much intrigue as any Shakespearean royal drama”  Booklist on The Heir Boring tedious and generally not the book for me If you like books about wealthy British families and companies in fighting this might be up your alley Not mine