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FREE MOBI ✓ DOC Assassination of a Saint 9780520286801 µ MONEYEXPRESSCARD è A tale told well that provides valuable insights into the motives and  modus operandi of the death suads in El Salvador and of the financiers who commissioned and facilitated such crimes It also highlights the difCar Romero rocked that nation and the world Despite the efforts of many in El Salvador and beyond those responsible for Romero’s murder remained unpunished for their heinous crime Assassination of a Saint is the thrilling story of an international team of lawyers private investigators and human rights experts that fought to bring justice for the slain hero Matt Eisenbrandt a lawyer who was part of I can't recommend this book highly enough I was moved to tears on numerous occasions and feel so much richer for having read this incredible history of events leading up to surrounding and resulting from the murder of Archbishop Romero For such a heavy subject the author deftly weaves complex narratives and creates an accessible and engrossing story It almost feels wrong to call this a page turner given the horrifying topic but once I started reading this book I found it hard to put down The opening chapter is wonderfully written drawing you into the life and world of Romero and San Salvador and El Salvador at large What follows from the visually arresting opening is a captivating account of the efforts of an immense number of people to find answers and bring justice to people impacted not only by politicians and others in South America but by the effects of American foreign policy This is a major strength of the book; the author does not shy away from the hard work of describing decades of complicated political machinations and yet the writing never stalls or feels bogged down by the sheer weight and magnitude of factual information I typically struggle to get through histories largely because of how dense the writing can be when handling such material Assassination of a Saint is a rare gem providing a fascinating and important account of recent history with a vivid fluid and eminently enjoyable prose style I wouldn't be at all surprised if this book ends up on lists of the best books of 2017

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The investigative team recounts in this gripping narrative how he and his colleagues interviewed eyewitnesses and former members of death suads while searching for evidence on those who financed them As investigators worked toward the only court verdict ever reached for the murder of the martyred archbishop they uncovered information with profound implications for El Salvador and the United State Began to read it just after attending special Mass at St George's Catholic Cathedral Southwark S London we've an indult on the anniversary of his martyrdom I counted about 22 priests concelebrating in the red chasubles usually reserved for martyrs who are already canonised We pray for that final recognition before his 100th birthday on 150817Like Papa Francesco Romero underwent a conversion from conservative priest maintaining the status uo personally pious but preferring to leave the Kingdom of God till the after life to undertake a ministry defending social justice opposing violence by anyone but since the ruling oligarchs had the organisation and weapons and the support of US governments it had become pretty unbalancedThis book underlines that Romero's murder destroyed any possibility of compromise of peace No effort was made to investigate his killing every opportunity was taken to protect the assassins and their backers For most people the planned murder of a priest while he is saying Mass is not just the killing of one man bad enough but a deliberate attack on GodgoodnessThe attempts of the author and his colleagues to unravel the layers of obfuscation and identify at least those responsible are admirable and intriguing I was also encouraged by the afterward by Benjamín Cuéllar of the promise of reconciliation resulting from the beatification in 2015 and I hope that the canonisation God willing will encourage the people of El Salvador and of other tortured countries to work together for justice and peaceThe author makes no attempt to whitewash the culpability of successive US governments in supporting very nasty governments Reagan outevils Carter naturally but both gave not humanitarian aid but arms aid Good Americans like ambassador Robert White found themselves on the dole Even the murders of US religious in El Salvador by government didn't give them the hint that perhaps the régime they were giving all those guns and all that military training might not have been on the side of the angelsIn Trumpworld we might do well to reflect on the story of El Salvador

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Assassination of a Saint A tale told well that provides valuable insights into the motives and  modus operandi of the death suads in El Salvador and of the financiers who commissioned and facilitated such crimes It also highlights the difficulties that face those who pursue such cases many years after the crimes have taken place New York Review of Books On March 24 1980 the assassination of El Salvador’s Archbishop Ós I did a long interview with the author of this book about the Salvadoran Civil War Oscar Romero's assassination and the attempts to hold his killers accountable — listen here