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kindle Last Man Down A Firefighter's Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center

Last Man Down A Firefighter's Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center eBook ß 347 pages ↠ The Barnes Noble ReviewAnyone who witnessed the 911 terrorist attack on New York City probably wonders What was it like to be inside the towers after the planes hit NewThe Barnes Noble ReviewAnyone who witnessed the 911 terrorist attack on New York City probably wonders What was it like to be inside the towers after the planes hit New York Fire Department battalion chief Richard Pitch Picciotto was there inside the North Tower evacuating survivors when the South Tower collapsed He and his men uickly realized they had only moments to escape before their building would fall as well Could they shepherd everyone out in time Could they save themselves Readers will be spellbound even though Pitch himself obviously does survive they will “Last Man Down ” is one fireman’s fire fighter’s terrifically American account of his working day on the 9th September 2001; the day that the World Trade Centre in New York was destroyed by terrorist attack Anyone who missed the events taking place in New York on that day may find a reputable journalist’s report helpful; I suggest that at of the phraseology in Picciotto and Paisner’s book baffleed me; for example “Maybe a doughnut fisted on the fly” p19 Visions of muscular doughnuts and chewy jam jellyUS came to mind Also “I always made a point of taking their parking spaces for chop busting reasons” p22 “Chop busting” I still haven’t worked that one out Unfortunately my UK Orion book edition missed an opportunity to provide helpful translations into British English Two nations indeed divided by a common languageDivision of language aside this book is an interesting read; describing events as it does from the inside from the viewpoint of the Commander of Federal Department New York Battalion 11 Firefighters or rather firemen as we know them in Britain here The narrative of this book does succeed in describing a reality that overcomes disbelief Yet I was so positively discombobulated that I literally did lose my bearings both in time and in space which in an oddly apposite manner could be interpreted as entirely fitting given the subject This book is ‘high octane’ reading; and no I’m not making a sick joke about aviation fuel hereThe buildings that I and so many others had known which so swiftly ceased as ordered substance in an ordered democratic society now form part of world history Picciotto and Paisner were faced with an acute difficulty in finding words appropriate to describe such gross and sudden change Landmarks once familiar vanished Time removed stability sightlines and sense of place Fear and confusion reigned Just how had such wickedness taken hold How had this evil forced such appallingly unthinkable changes away from the daily working order of business bagels and coffee; instead imposing a four dimensional maelstrom of fire deformation and mass death Survival overrides such thoughts; saving them for later Right now flight is at the forefront of everybody’s mind But how And where is ‘safe’It is precisely that very narrative of time fear and loss of directional sense that is so unnerving How does any living human make sense of a reality of Hell Yes it would have been very helpful to have had a neat 3D schematic diagram of the plaza of the World Trade Centre’s seven buildings rather than the map given a very rough external 2D flat sketch map indicating three rescue routes But on and below a ground bearing yet like uicksand not bearing such an unprecedented tearing upheaval of steel concrete glass and death; the original buildings’ plan had pretty much ceased to have any useful meaning attached to it How to work together to survey and communicate the unapproachable and unexpected What now Where were and at what angles were floors staircases lifts and the employees dead or alive mobile or injured who had arrived at their conventional places of work that morning Who and what was realistically and ‘safely’ reachable What was dangerous and unapproachable How did it all relate A constantly shifting mass of rubble twisted steel concrete dust debris dust and death Aviation fuel meant that fire and incineration was an ever present reality barrier and risk Out of the frying pan and into the fire So very very many did die and died so very horribly Picciotto angrily criticises those who jumped from the higher floors who in seeking a uick death for themselves fell on and killed their escaping fellow humans on the ground He accepts and finds an understanding but no pity for their selfishness Alas he has time too much time with his thoughts as he and others are immobilised; physically trapped alive barely able to move in a void with little to do other than speculate on the present whilst waiting for death or rescue His eyes suffered from the ingress of ash and grit hurt terribly Human nature bloody determination and brotherhood in terrible adversity takes over Later and away from this book Professor Edward Tufte aspired to a future of a stoic nation The human spirit lives reflects and learns So it is likewise with Commander Picciotto who discovers that there’s nothing uite like surviving such a dramatic near brush with death as to remind one of the preciousness of life But whether or not he was ever able to return to work in his beloved NY Fire Service we are not told

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Be furiously biting their collective nails nonethelessAfter a short tribute to the many members of New York's Bravest who perished that tragic day Picciotto's recounting of September 11th begins with the usual rituals getting his son Stephen off to school seeing his wife Debbie off to her job grabbing some bagels for the guys on the day shift But when the news comes in and all eyes in the firehouse turn toward the TV everything changes Our world turned upside down and inside out and all over the place Pitch who was at the WTC during the 1993 bombing incident as well There is to much self gratification within the book though the subject matter is very interesting

kindle Þ Last Man Down A Firefighter's Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center Ý Richard Picciotto

Last Man Down A Firefighter's Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade CenterImmediately senses that this is no accidentIn a way the scariest moment in the book is the frantic ride downtown to the WTC site Everyone senses that this may well be the last such trip of their lives and the reader of course knows just how true that is Firefighters are trained to put such thoughts out of their minds but this is no simple fire; it's what they all call the big oneFor an ultimate insider look at what it was like that fateful day Chief Picciotto's chronicle is highly recommended Nicholas SinisiNicholas Sinisi is the Barnes Noblecom Current Events editor I read this book over three days starting on Sept 10 and finishing on Sept 12 Somehow it seemed entirely appropriate to immerse myself in this story of survival on the 18th anniversary of the events described in this bookI grew up around volunteer firefighters and spent my early adulthood as a member of the emergency services While I was never much of a firefighter my interests focused on the emergency medical services I worked side by side with firefighters and considered them part of my larger emergency services family But I had left that world before 2001 and didn't have any direct role to play that day so I could only watch in horror as the images flashed across my television screen Even before anyone said anything I knew deep in my core that firefighters had died that dayBut not Chief Picciotto And his survival is nothing short of an absolute miracle The title of his account of that day is literally true He was the last man to come down the tower and survive By his account he was still between the 6th and 7th floors of the second tower when it collapsed trapping him in the rubble His account of how he escaped from the debris and of the events that led him to be there is powerful and gripping He is a true hero who saved many many lives that day including his own His story is both remarkable because it is so far outside anyone's normal experiences and at the same time entirely unremarkable because his actions and responses are so totally in keeping with the nature of firefighters everywhere In spite of the horrific nature of the tragedy of that day this book was not in any way a depressing read Instead it was inspiring It is a story of triumph over the most extreme adversity and is a powerful testament to the will and character of this man