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The Blue SwordHarry Crewe grew up a tomboy in forests until her brother joined the Homelanders guarding the far desert reaches Now an orphan she joins him Only a few months later asking for military aid against advancing Northeners comes Corlath the H. This book proves once that standards for YA fiction have gone significantly down over the last 10 years You just rarely come by this kind of writing any The Blue Sword is an age old story of a young woman who after years feeling not belonging invisible and insignificant finds her strength after being kidnapped by a mysterious Hill king who possesses magic powers Gradually she discovers an ancient magic inside herself comes to terms with her abilities acuires friends and love and a place where she truly belongs as unexpected and unfamiliar as this place is to herYes the story is familiar but the sign of a real writing talent is to make it special and unforgettable McKinley certainly succeeds in it Her writing is flawless and sophisticated the imagery of mysterious land of Damar is vivid the horse riding the nomadic life style the castle in the Hills I get shivers just remembering the tangibility of the descriptions and the characters even non human characters horses hunting cats are oh so well drawn I mean a SWORD in this book actually has personality than famed Bella SwanI just don't understand why this book is not better known these days or known as a hidden gem A vocabulary is too sophisticated or not enough making out in it It makes me sad that books like this are so obscure and all kinds of trash sells millions of copiesIf I have to point any flaws in the book I'd say I wish the writing had a little intensity to it or I would have loved to see passion in Harry to see her unleash the power of her kelar onto a man she loves But this is a crazy fantasy of mine there is no real reason to spoil a perfectly good story This is certainly not my last Robin McKinley book

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characters ´ The Blue Sword é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à Harry Crewe grew up a tomboy in forests until her brother joined the Homelanders guarding the far desert reaches Now an orphan she joins him Only a few months later asking for military aid against advancing Northeners comes Corlath the Hillfolk KingDen Age legendary Dragon Killer ueen Aerin who smiles upon her Hari is trained in the arts of war until she is a match for any of the elite royal guard and carries Aerin's famed Blue Sword Does she have the courage to accept her true fat. Re read for book clubI got this book when I was eleven I believe and that was the perfect age I have read this book so many times that picking it up again after many years was like hearing an old favorite song come onto the radio each phrase resonating clearly in memory bringing with it emotional associationsSo I can't claim to be wholly objective about the book I can say that if I has read it for the first time now it would not have been as meaningful to me Interestingly I re read the seuel to this book 'The Hero and the Crown' not so long ago When the seuel came out I was mildly disappointed by it but as an adult I actually think that it holds up better over timePart of this may be that while 'The Blue Sword' is in many ways purely a romantic fantasy it is also inspired by historical fact When I first read the book I did know about British Colonialism thanks 'The Secret Garden' but I knew nothing about the Anglo Afghan conflict which the events here are based on It's jarring to reconcile the essentially uplifting story here with the bloody nasty reality Don't get me wrong the book in no way endorses colonialism The problems and ethical issues are all acknowledged here but they're presented subtly sometimes between the lines Our main POV character is Harry a young woman who's been brought up in a certain type of society and although she is an admirable person her perspective on things is realistically limited by her experiences and what she perceives as 'normal' I actually think that the presentation of the political issues is just about perfectly handled for an audience of preteens and young teensThe main focus of the story is not political but is on Harry as a character In many ways Harry is a Mary Sue a term that has been thrown around a lot over the past few years as a term of denigration I am pretty much opposed to that concept No books with 'Mary Sue' characters might not be delving into the sordid depths of the human character or aiming for a Booker Prize but I think that they are a valid and important type of literature Sometimes we need wish fulfillment Having a wonderful character to project yourself into can be incredibly valuableHarry has always felt like an outsider in her stuffy faux British society which sees her as wild and headstrong Orphaned the responsibility for her lies on her brother a soldier He's relieved to have an aristocratic couple posted overseas in the diplomatic service agree to take her in Harry is keenly aware of her position as a charity case but uickly finds herself falling in love with the new country she's been brought to It resonates with her on a deep level and finally she feels that she might be somewhere that she belongsHowever her life is upended once again when the king of the hilltribes Corlath comes to the house where she is living on a diplomatic mission The mission might be a failure but Corlath's 'kelar' his hereditary magic 'recognizes' Harry at first sight and insists that he take her as a hostageEvents unravel from there and we see Harry progress from being a child subject to the wills of others to a person strong enough to do what she believes needs to be done even directly in defiance of others' wills And of course to become a legendary hero and to save the dayThe writing is wonderful I love McKinley's mix of down to earth practical details and elevated fantastic passages Another notable aspect is the depictions of animals both cats and horses feature prominently in the book and are shown with a genuine love and affection The book also has a well balanced mix of action and romance It's a wholly chaste romance but emotionally intense and again it's just perfect for a pre teen If you know someone in that age group don't let them grow up without reading this

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Illfolk King After exchanging a single glance his inner magic compels him to kidnap her without knowing why She does not know the Hillfolk language or why she has been chosen Renamed Hari she sees visions and brings one to all of the Gol. There are many out there who think The Hero and the Crown the better book but I read The Blue Sword first and Harry is my one true love That's part of it I always liked the romance line better in The Blue Sword And there's something remarkable in that because for most of this book the two are separated Yet I believe in their match unuestionably Alanna was my first girl with a sword and magic Harry was the first one I felt was like me