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review Pathogen (A Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery, #2) Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB É When a deadly virus surfaces in the small wealthy town of Hidden Valley British Columbia Dr Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles work together to uncover the source of the outbreak As the two women navigate their new relationship KateWhen a deadly virus surfaces in the small wealthy town of Hidden Valley British Columbia Dr Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles work together to uncover the source of the outbreak As the two women navigate their new relationship Kate and Andy are. You know that line from Grey’s Anatomy when Meredith has to see a therapist and they’re going through her personal file and she says it reads like a page turner That’s often how I feel about series where the main character isn’t a cop but is nevertheless going through unusually dangerous or exceptional situations a lot often than most regular people It shouldn’t be plausible but if it’s well written like the Kate Morrison series it worksIn Pathogen book 2 of the series Kate is asked not told this time to join an investigation an unknown and mysterious virus seems to be killing people in the very exclusive and wealthy town of Hidden Valley Andy is working the cop part and Kate is happy to escape her overbearing boss at the hospitalThe virus situation sounds a lot like what Covid 19 must have looked like to the first healthcare professionals who encountered it Pathogen was published in 2016 however but the parallels make it even fascinating to read right nowThere’s a second storyline going on in the background that of Kate’s coming out her discovery of what life as a lesbian since that’s what she now seems to identify as is like Andy is worried about it Kate not so much At first I like that the author didn’t simply assume that because she’s head over heels in love with Andy Kate’s life is all happiness and fluff On a third level Kate is also pondering the direction her professional life is taking That first sentence I wrote about too much happening in one person’s life Kate isn’t fooled eitherIf I had to use only one word to say what this story is about it would be “uncertainty” Uncertainty about the how when why of the virus Uncertainty about Kate’s future both professional and personal About who she is who she wants to be who she can be Never about who she loves however although even that is not as simple as it seemsI got swept up in this book just as easily as with the first one I love Kate and Andy and hope to see of Jack The thriller is intricate and exciting and just thinking about it hours after I finished reading leaves me breathless I hate the ending but it makes total sense I don’t hate it because it’s bad I hate it because it’s good and I can’t jump right into book 3 since I have so many books to read right now one of which is Jessica L Webb’s newest novel Storm Lines so that makes me feel a little better I hate it because it broke my heart a little It’s a good kind of hate

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Also forced to navigate a highly political and increasingly panicked community Still bearing the scars of her recent abduction Kate is driven to discover how this virus attacks her critically ill patients while Andy investigates suspicions of bioter. Once again Jessica Webb delivers with a thriller every bit as good as anything mainstream authors are cranking out these days A virus is infecting the locals in a wealthy community north of Vancouver and bioterrorism is suspected It is up to Sergeant Andy Wyles and Dr Kate Morrison to hunt down the source of this potential pandemic as well as find a way to save those infected with the virus It takes all of Dr Kate’s formidable skills as a physician to find ways to keep her patients alive while Andy hunts down the source of this rapidly mutating virus Resources are sent their way some useful like the virologists at the National Microbiology Laboratory and some not so much useful as openly hostile like the formidable forensic pathologist Mona Kellar view spoiler I did enjoy watching the caustic Mona Kellar gain respect for Kate’s analytical mind and judgement as the story progressed hide spoiler

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Pathogen A Dr Kate Morrison Mystery #2Rorism As the death count rises Kate struggles with a crushing sense of helplessness the pressure to keep the residents of Hidden Valley alive and Andy’s growing concern that maybe Kate hasn’t yet dealt with her troubled pastThe seuel to Trigger. Ummmmm what just happenedNot as great as Trigger but still a compelling novel I’m looking forward to jumping straight into the next one Troop 18 But that ending what