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Summary Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Nicola Haken Stop thinking about his encounter with the timid man he met in a club bathroom last week and when he discovers the one haunting his dreams is an employee he can’t seem to stop himself from pursuing himJust a little fun that’s what James tells himself He can’t afford to care for someone who can never reciprocate not once they find out who. “Pain is inevitable suffering is optional” Broken is one of those books who got me hooked by it's very very FIRSTY line I have never started a book with that much of a heavy heart The preface breaked my heart and all i was praying that please GOD don't let anything happen like this This was my first book of this author and I must say she done a great job convincing me to try her books This book breaked me made me angry made me see some things in such a light and changed my behaviour and thinking about mental illness How forbidden office romance to a life and mind changing book I didn't notice I was just unable to stay off this book though it was breaking my heart just by thinking that what will happen later I'm too muchToo brokenLife is better aloneI like it that way James David Holder a Man I will always remember Whenever I think life is too much to bear i will remember him remember his pain his hopelessness his anger JUST HIM I will remember him James was a sarcastic twat an arrogant asshole a egoistic bastard This was the image we first got of him from Theo's POV but it was not James It was a façade he was wearing to fool everyone To let everyone be mile away from him But from the first he meet Theo things was out of control Their was certain spark between them which was not to be ignored Theodore aka our Theo He was the most selfless bastard I've ever read about He has a heart a size of America So much to love so much to give He was not a naive horny sarcastic shell we always read in MM romance He was kind of guy that will make you unable not to like him to adore him When he meet James and after the rough coupling in a tiny restroom his hatred and dislike of James was reasonable because of his obvious egoistic sarcastic shell but Theo didn't get fooled he saw the man behind the façade He saw the real James But things were not easy James was beyond repairing The pain is there It never leaves Sometimes it's bearable but it's always there It's pecked away at my soul all my life and finally it's wonI surrender Broken was a emotional and raw book A story of a Love that was beyond destruction James and Theo are about to embark down a wonderful road of friendship and love until James' darkness spills onto their sunshine A darkness James doesn't want to fight any and a darkness Theo has no option but to fight his way through for both himself and JamesI loved the relationship between James Theo It was not like a usual and normal couple Nothing about them was normal So much Pain so many secrets So much to bear Every day was a struggle I loved James as same as i loved Theo their relationship was something which we don't read about normally Their Love was so strong they walked through hell to get a normal relationship till the end it was a struggle but with the help of each other they will pass everything James told every secret of his to Theo to let him walk away before everything gets deep and painful But he didn't know he was doing just opposite He was laying his heart in Theo's palm and believing him not to crush it I LOVED EVERYTHING EVERYONE IN THIS BOOK My emotions are over whelming me right now I'm not normalI'm fucked upBrokenIrreparable I don't want to spoil anything for you guys this book is too precious for me to spoil anything Just read it READ IT and you'll know how important it was to read This is not just about James and Theo it is about a journey a journey not to a Happily Ever After a journey to seek love to know how when nothing is in your life is stable but still their is something someone for you to keep living keep fighting Not to give up Just keep swimming keep swimming till the you find a anchor to hold on Just don't give up This book teared me up I am a crying mess with a heavy heart did i completed this book i didn't want them to not have a ending I wanted to read it to face it like they were facing the darkness Such Pain I didn't know how peoples are able to bear that “I fell in love with you at your worst I’ve had some of the best times of my life with you at as you say your worst So I can’t even imagine how special life will be when I get to experience your best”

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Broken Author Nicola Haken Read & download ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » When Theodore Davenport decides to switch his mundane job for a career he walks into Holden House Publishing with enthusiasm and determination to succeed As he settles into his new role makes new friends and d He really is James believes nobody deserves the burden of being attached to him He’s a complicated man Damaged Difficult Demanding BrokenIs Theodore strong enough to confront James’ demons More importantly is James Please noteThis book contains scenes of self harm mental illness and suicidal ideation which may be uncomfortable for some reade. Broken crayons can still colour Heartbreaking Broken made me cry I won't lie but it left me feeling hopeful There is no cure for the mental illness that James lives with and it is something that he will always live with and hopefully always fight Until Theodore he didn't have much reason to or much hope of succeedingJames Holden is the CEO of Holden House The company has been in his family for ages and when his father passed away a few months ago the company was left in James' hands He's arrogant anti social and doesn't really take the time for niceties Oh and he's also slept with a fair portion of the staff And everyone knows itTheodore Davenport who dropped out of school when he decided he didn't want to go into medicine like the rest of his family finally decided to take a job at Holden Publishing when a low level position opened up Theodore is a writer but he doesn't go to work for Holden because he wants to further his writing career he's just passionate about reading and writing and is excited to be in the business One Friday night when he is out with his coworkers he sees the most gorgeous man he has ever laid eyes on in the men's room And very uncharacteristically Theo lets the man fuck him It wasn't until the following week that he found out that the man whom he had been calling a 'younger David Gandy' was actually the boss of his boss What I loved though is that they didn't immediately embark on a relationship of any kind Theo did not let James walk all over him like so many others had He stood his ground until James compromised and even then Theo insisted that they actually get to know one another And Jameshe broke my heart into pieces He tried so hard to not let people see his pain because he felt weak that he couldn't just cope like everyone else thanks to mommy dearest He was broken and powerless to stop his downward spiral once it began He didn't have the support network to help bring him back and his patterns of self harm didn't help him at all And I wanted to smack some sense into his mother who thought he should just be able to 'snap out of it' Bitch James had exactly two people on his side his brother Max and Theo Broken does have a happy ending but mental illness will always be there Some days in the shadows and others in the light of day But I was left with hope that James will keep fighting and that his support system will make the difference

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Broken Author Nicola HakWhen Theodore Davenport decides to switch his mundane job for a career he walks into Holden House Publishing with enthusiasm and determination to succeed As he settles into his new role makes new friends and dreams of making it to the top everything is going to planUntil he meets James Holden CEO of Holden HouseJames Holden hasn’t been able to. 4 Stars ‘Broken’ was emotional at times intense and surprisingly not as heavy as I expected to be Nicola Haken delivered a well written story that deals with tough subjects like mental illness suicide attempts and depression Now to be honest I was a little reluctant to read this one Not only because I’ve never read this author before but also because I know not every author can handle very well this subject matter I’m glad to say Mrs Haken handled everything in a very caring respectful way which I truly appreciate it Theodore ‘Theo’ is twenty six out and proud and he has recently started working as an office junior at a big publishing house This new position is not exactly his dream job but he loves words to read and write One night he meets a sexy man with whom he has a very sexy encounter Theo is not exactly proud of his actions since he’s not 'that type' of guy but he can’t say he regrets it either Theo meets again the man who rocked his world at work since it seems he's the big boss “It’s amazing how powerful a smile can be even a forced one It’s all it takes to fool people into believing you’re not falling apart inside” Looks are very deceiving and James knows that better than anyone At first sight he’s an arrogant cocky pretentious ahole but he is than that James doesn’t have friends and he doesn’t have a close relationship with his family He’s not looking for a relationship so he fcks around a lot but he can’t deny the attraction he feels towards Theo If at first Theo tries to stay away and to avoid the man who is still in his thoughts James is ready to do anything to make the other man warm up to him As time passes what starts as a hesitant friendship slowly becomes but James has a secret secret that eventually reveals even if there’s a big possibility Theo will run for the hills “He makes me feel again andand I like it I like the flickers of hope in my chest when he smiles the bubbles of excitement in my stomach when he laughs even the guilt I feel when I piss him off They’re emotions I haven’t felt in such a long time and I crave of them crave him crave life” I really enjoyed this one It was well written eually heartbreaking and heartwarming and had so much depth Both main characters were well portrayed felt real and their story felt believable form start to finish While James at the beginning is an a he was a likeable character Yes he was kind of annoying to say the least put there were times when he actually put a smile on my face His cockiness and his persistence were truly endearing to me My heart broke for him I guarantee you will feel deeply for him from the moment you find out about his illness His voice was powerful honest and so gut wrenching I admit I would have liked this aspect of the story – James’s illness to be a little developed I felt the author focused a little too much on James and Theo relationship development Don’t get me wrong this is definitely not a bad thing but I would have liked to find out about this illness that almost destroyed James “This is the side of him no one else sees He looks so fun Carefree Young The positive energy radiating from him is addictive and I want Need ” Theo was a fantastic character He was pure and simply perfect Not only as an individual but also with James The way he cared for the other man melt my heart It was beautiful He was scared of course but he was also strong and his dedication and unconditional love were wonderful I admired him so much for not giving up when everything got ugly “Maybe I don’t need to be alone Maybe I should trust someone enough to share my problems with Maybemaybe that’s the key to being happy Being better” James and Theo’s relationship progressed naturally At first they were strangers after a while some kind of friends and later as the story unfolded something much I liked the fact that nothing was rushed and their beautiful relationship was portrayed in such a realistic way I also loved the connection between these two Their chemistry was palpable from the beginning so their sexy scenes were fantastically written What I didn’t like too much was the ending which IMO was way too rushed However I enjoyed the epilogue – very sweet and hopeful All in all 'Broken' was a fantastic powerful read that will make you feel fall in love with these two wonderful men and also open your eyes “When your boat is drifting from the shore it’s okay to use an anchor for support We all need an anchor Without people to love us we’d just drift further and further away”