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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Hiatus By L.A. Witt ´ Three’s a disaster when things come unraveledRock star Nate Keller is on top of the world but his headlining tour has one drawback It keeps him away from his boyfriends Theo and Cameron for weeks at a time Yet after four and a half years and a lot of hard work the trio is still going strong But then Ression worsens They're both spinning their wheels uickly losing hope they can keep it together and keep the man they both still love Desperate Nate drops everything in a last ditch attempt to pull their trio back together before they hit rock bottom Except their love could already be shattered beyond repair Length 8 hrs and 51 mins. We all read romance as an escape and I was sad to find that I had to really push myself to keep reading this book I typically love everything I read from this author so this came as a complete surprise to me It was straight up exhausting to read That's the only way I can describe it The book felt at least to me to be pushing an agenda about mental health and how it can affect a relationship in the worst possible way when left untreated I get it and typically I'd be okay with that but I really didn't like it because of the execution It was an intense book where the characters are broken up until the last 10% of the bookno joke That's not romance to me Yes there is sex and we are told the characters love one another but their inability to communicate on even the most basic of levels made it extremely difficult to read When I reached the end I've never been so relieved for a story to be over and I was proud I made it all the way through I kept telling myself it would get better and things would fall together but even when they did it was too little too late I guess you can't love them all and I don't know what I expected going into this one but this was not it I received a review copy from the authorpublisher in exchange for my honest review


Three’s a disaster when things come unraveledRock star Nate Keller is on top of the world but his headlining tour has one drawback It keeps him away from his boyfriends Theo and Cameron for weeks at a time Yet after four and a half years and a lot of hard work the trio is still going strong But then Cam comes to visit with devasta. ​I love ménage stories and I love rock star stories so even though Hiatus sounded like it would be rather high on the drama scale I thought I would chance it​ I generally like this author's stories and I've only had a couple misses previously however Hiatus was just exhausting to read From the very beginning on through about 85% it just wore me out One thing about 'established coupletriad' stories that I find trickiest is there is a tendency to feel like you've arrived at the theater in the middle of the movie And that was definitely the case here and it​ was​ a bit jarring​ The book begins with Cam telling Nate that he and Theo have separated ​Cam and Theo have been together for 17 years​ and they are married​ 4 12 years ago they brought Nate fully into the relationship Except as far as I can tell they didn't really He certainly didn't seem to be an eual partner at the beginning of this book​ nor through most of it​ Nate is on tour with his band so he hasn't been around to watch Cam and Theo ​implode And they kept their problems from him​ and didn't deal with them at all​ until ​said problems were so insurmountable that they broke That didn't sit right with me at all Communication is key in any relationship and if you have than 2 people it is really ​ fucking​ important And keeping everything from one of the partners is than selfish and it smack​s​ of them treating him like a child ​In fact their treatment of Nate reminded me of a custody battle​ And hell there were several references to that very thing in the story​They both assured Nate that they loved him and didn't want their individual relationships with him to end but how's that supposed to work really I'd like to think that people can be adults but in situations like this I don't often see it And I didn't see it in Hiatus either​ Watching these guys not only disintegrate but outright refuse to do anything else was exhausting They didn't even try They wouldn't even consider counseling for most of the book and not only did they need couples counselling they needed individual too Theo and Cam just went in circle after circle completely in denial about their individual issues all the while trying to blame the other That's not productive folks Through the entire cast of characters there were three that I found to be reasonable And two of them weren't MC's Nate at least tried to get the guys to talk to each other tried to get them to go to counseling and he tried to be supportive until he just couldn't take any Theo's sister in law Taylor always had a kind word and is the one who finally gets through to Theo and why she is married to his asshole of a brother I'll never understand And Jill Nate's band mate who finally convinces him that he needs to take care of NateBut everyone else I kind of wanted to shakeI think what really turned me off most was that Theo and Cam went in circles for 85% of the book There was zero progress and tons of denial And Theo and Cam hiding their issues from each other and from Nate was only hindering any kind of reconciliation​So even though there is a happy ending for our trio I did not find the payoff worth the hellish journey getting there At all It was simply too little too late ​ARC of Hiatus was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Hiatus By L.A. WiTing news After seventeen years together he and Theo have agreed to a trial separation Nate tries desperately to fix his lovers' broken relationship but there's only so much he can do from the road At home Cam tries to carry on but feels like his whole life is spiraling out of control Theo struggles to cope with the split as his dep. dnf at 55%a rinse and repeat cycle of pining sorrowful thinking and sex