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S and even killers Jack became one of the few FBI agents dedicated solely to undercover workUsing a series of carefully created aliases Jack insinuated himself in the criminal world from the Badlands of Philadelphia where he was a gregarious money launderer to the streets of Miami where an undercover Garcia moved stolen and illicit goods and brought down dirty cops Jack jumped at the opportunity to infiltrate the shadowy world of La Cosa Nostra but how would the Cuban American convince wiseguys that he was one of their own a Sicilian capable of earning his button getting made in the Mafia? For the first time the FBI created a special mob school for Jack teaching Jack's story is very interesting but the writing is terrible I wish he had hired a ghost writer to write the book

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Making Jack Falcone An Undercover FBI Agent Takes Down a Mafia FamilyHim how to eat talk and think like a wiseguy And it wasn't long before the freshly minted Jack Falcone found himself under the wing of one of the Gambinos' old school capos Greg DePalma DePalma who cared for an ailing John Gotti in prison introduced Falcone to his world of shakedowns beatings and envelopes of cash never suspecting that one of his trusted crew members was a federal agentA page turning account of the struggle between law enforcement and organized crime that will rank with such classic stories as Donnie Brasco Serpico and Wiseguy Making Jack Falcone is an unforgettable trip into America's underworld through the eyes of a highly decorated FBI veteran I really enjoyed this book It was a uick read and super interesting What a world to have infiltrated and to put one’s life on the line like that Wow

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EPUB Õ MOBI Making Jack Falcone ô An Undercover FBI Agent Takes Down a Mafia Family FREE Î JOAQUIN "JACK" GARCIA ´ Petey Chops wasn't kicking up And if he didn't start soon he was going to get whacked So begins Making Jack FalPetey Chops wasn't kicking up And if he didn't start soon he was going to get whacked So begins Making Jack Falcone the extraordinary true story of an undercover FBI agent's years long investigation of the Gambinos which resulted in a string of arrests that crippled the organized crime familyBut long before Joauin Jack Garcia found himself wearing a wire with some of the Mafia's top capos he was one of the FBI's unlikeliest recruits A Cuban born American Jack graduated from uantico standing six foot four and weighing 300 pounds not your typical G man Jack's stature soon proved an asset as the FBI looked to place agents undercover with drug smugglers counterfeiter Part of me wants to be a mobster Part of me wants to be an undercover agent Most of me is scared shitless to do either so I'm happy to live vicariously through the exciting life of Joauin Jack Falcone Garcia FBI Agent Garcia spent two and a half years undercover infiltrating the Gambino crime family specifically targeting capo Greg DePalma an old school mobster newly out of prison and on the rise within the regimeGarcia relates his exploits in a conversational fashion that is jovial and engaging You almost forget he's working alongside ruthless violent criminals who would likely end him if they discovered the wire he wore to record their every word However the tension is often high and as a reader looking for a thrill I was happy to find my nerves rattled than a few timesThe life of a mobster sounds not entirely unappealing at times if you believe what Garcia has to say about it He seemed to fit right in as if he was made for the role In fact though it's never stated one gets the sense that DePalma saw in Jack the son he wished he'd had as witnessed by DePalma's desire to have Jack made That is flat out amazing to have an FBI agent not only be able to work incognito with the mob but to fool them so thoroughly that they wish to make the agent one of themGarcia was clearly unhappy with the FBI For its part the FBI may have jerked Garcia around a bit because they felt he was enjoying his assignment a little too much Whoever was in the right the fact is that some readers may be turned off by the amount of sour grapes vented through out the bookFor me that hardly dampened my enjoyment I got the chance to learn about the modern day mob and it felt like I was getting to be a good fella for a couple hundred pages and that to me is a good read I can't refuse